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Egyptian Legacy

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Egyptian Legacy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Revamped. Sequel to "Interference." Xander has to meet his destiny as the Protector of Man with Imhotep by his side. But to do so, he must forget his past and begin again.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredAlmadynisFR1546,18046620,19916 Feb 0829 Sep 08No


Egyptian Legacy

Alex stepped through the Stargate for the first time. He had studied the alien artifact for almost four years but in the last week had spent more time physically with it than ever before. Now he was actually traveling through it. A stable wormhole artificially made to easily travel from one end of the galaxy to the other. And he was going through it!

It wasn’t what he expected. He had read the report of the Abydos mission so many times he could quote it verbatim, but they had inadequately described the feeling of Gate-travel.

The faux liquid of the event horizon clung to his skin, hair, gear, and clothing. It felt as though it were caressing him, like a lover finally coming home after a long trip. The gentle speeding across the known universe was made all the more wonderful by the beauty of the passing Gates and stars and the rolling stream of white light that made up the wormhole itself. Sooner than he would have liked, the ride came to an end and the caressing feeling became a reluctant push out a Gate twinkle and he stepped out onto Abydos.

Alex turned around to look at the Stargate as Carter and O’Neill followed him and the Gate shutdown. He knew his face was one of wondrous delight and that his petting of the Stargate was getting him odd looks before they decided to ignore him, but he didn’t care. He murmured gently to it as if he were a mother soothing a frightened child. Yes, he would be back and soon. It would be alright. He’d be back.

When he did eventually turn he was able to catch sight of O’Neill hugging a boy with dreadlocks piled high on his head. Alex couldn’t help but smile. This must be Skaara. He leaned against the wall, one hand still on the Stargate as he watched the greetings and subsequent Carter-babble. The overflow of words made him yearn for something…or someone. Someone he had forgotten?

The presence was back. This time though it almost felt like he was two different people and the other was standing next to him; watching with him. Yearning with him.

Alex took the food that was offered gratefully but didn’t eat much, more interested in the interactions of the people before him. He thought that he might like Daniel Jackson, once he got to know him. He was a lot like himself, really. Daniel had just gotten the chance to live what he loved and was smart enough to take it. It was obvious the archaeologist was at home in his new environment, especially given the intense kissing going on.

The more he saw, the more the presence by his side yearned. It was able to draw connections he couldn’t or didn’t see. He tried only once to see what it saw, but only succeeded in giving himself a migraine. Or was that the moonshine?

Alex heard the sandstorm outside die down and then saw a boy run to tell Daniel exactly that. He saw Daniel say something to O’Neill and Carter and then saw Kowalski look up at him, “Hey Harris! Want to come along?”

Alex grinned at the man, touched by the offer (not to mention the fact that it was nice to be remembered), but he shook his head and patted the side of the Gate with one hand in answer. He had plenty to do.

Officially, he was on this mission as a Stargate expert and linguist. But Carter knew tons more about physics and Daniel knew more than a dozen languages. Unofficially, and thus only a handful of people all with ranks above general knew about it, he was here as a witness. He knew enough about so many subjects that he had been laughingly called the General Expert. One of his professors had even given to calling him the One Who Sees All. Basically, he was there to ensure a repeat of the last mission didn’t occur. And he could do that from right here.

Or not.

The Stargate began to activate and since he knew it wasn’t Earth (they weren’t scheduled to check in for another three hours), it was more than likely hostile. “Get ready! Aim towards the Gate!” he yelled. Something must have been in his voice because he was instantly obeyed.

Alex ran to a more defensible position behind a pillar and drew his gun, aiming it at the event horizon. When he saw the first soldier, identical to the ones that had come through the Earth Gate, he called out, “Fire!” and let loose himself.

It didn’t last long. They were overpowered easily. They just didn’t have the technology that Apophis did. Alex had no choice but to announce a laying-down-of-arms.

He did stand in front the Abydosians, his chin held high as he faced the golden-armored man once again.

Apophis narrowed his eyes, “You.” He looked at his second, a large man with the same symbol on his forehead as the others except it was set in gold, and ordered, “Bring this one.”

Alex was grabbed roughly, but not enough to bruise, and hauled away, along with Skaara and Shau’re.

O’Neill was going to kill him.

What’cha think?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Egyptian Legacy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Sep 08.

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