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Summary: Mothers meddle, it's what they do. Things are slightly more difficult when your children are out fighting the forces of darkness everyday... oh, and you're dead.

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Supernatural > Joyce-CenteredWillowFireheartFR71280021,41816 Feb 0816 Feb 08Yes

Spoilers- Buffy- general stuff
Supernatural- S2
Disclaimer- None of the characters belong to me.
Note- hasn’t been beta’d yet, all mistakes my own.

Joyce tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for her usual watching partners.

She crossed her arms and huffed. “Where the heck are they? Mary? John?”

“Hold your horses, Joyce,” a gravelly voice called out. “We got a little caught up.”

John and Mary Winchester walked up, hand in hand and large smiles on their faces.

Joyce smirked at them. Now that John was here, they were acting like teenagers. “Did you speak to Cordelia about sending a vision?”

Mary nodded happily. “She and Doyle are doing it as we speak.”

Joyce shook her head. “I hope it works this time. I was getting a headache trying to push Dean in the right direction.”

Mary laughed. “I love my boys, but Dean can be incredibly stubborn.”

“The boy’s too busy trying to throw his life away to look for a solution,” John scowled.

Mary nudged him in the ribs. “You’re one to talk, John Winchester.”

Joyce cleared her throat pointedly.

Mary blushed lightly. “Sorry, Joyce. So, is Willow ready to go?”

“She’s been researching crossroad demons, but Willow’s a smart girl. She knows when she’s being manipulated.”

Mary tensed.

“So Cordelia and Doyle are sending Buffy a ‘slayer dream’ to make sure everything goes smoothly,” Joyce continued.

“But she’ll do it? She can do it?”

Joyce patted Mary’s shoulder reassuringly. “Willow is the smartest person I have ever known, as well as the kindest. And she is the most powerful witch in the Western hemisphere. If anyone can break the bargain, it’s Willow.”



The End

You have reached the end of "Meddling". This story is complete.

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