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What's New Pussycat?

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Summary: Silly, fluffy bit of fun featuring Cat!Spike and Cat!Dean, slash.

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Supernatural > Spike-Centered(Past Donor)CasFR1511,5920493617 Feb 0817 Feb 08Yes
(Co-written with Dean_The_Hunter)
(The characters are not ours, we're just playing with them)

“What do you mean you’re turning us into cats for a while so we can’t get in trouble?” Spike demanded, following Sam to the door. When the door slammed shut in his face, he reached for the handle but....

Blinded by a bright light, the vampire shouted out in confusion. Then he found himself staring at the door... the door handle and key hole were nowhere in sight. He looked up, and figured out he was at about ankle level. “Bloody hell... ever since he got hold of that spell book...” Afraid, he started to turn toward Dean.

Dean was lying on the bed, seeming to be pouting. Hs paws were on the edge of the bed and his head rested on them. "Bastard. I'm gonna get even with him." He muttered while his tail thrashed with irritation. Sam was just being mean. He knew Dean could behave. Really! He could trust him. Really! But it seemed not this time.

Spike started toward the bed, eyes widening at the sight of the big marmalade cat causing him to stumble over his own paws. PAWS! Not something any vampire worth his own salt ought to be worrying about.

“That you... in all that fluff?” He had to laugh, really did. The only part of Dean that looked like Dean was his eyes, so green and expressive. “No wonder you just want to get even and not kill.”

"Hey, I look good in any form." He sat up, looking Spike over. "You should see yourself." Though his own green eyes were watching as Spike thrashed his tail. He was getting this urge to attack it.

“Fluffy princess is how you look.” Right, no vamp would ever admit to thinking a cat was cute. “I’d use you as my poker bet in a heartbeat, yeah?” He crouched down, trying to think of a way out of this before Sam got back... wouldn’t want little brother to think he was that clever.

Dean licked his paw and ran it over his face, "Yeah, well, at least I don't look like a pansy." He then suddenly jumped off the bed and attacked Spike's tail, dropping over as he pawed it and was trying to bite it.

"What the..." Dean stopped as he realized what he had just done

Spike twirled around in a tight circle, fixing his piercing blue stare at the cat. “This is serious, mate... go to figure out how to get out of this. Not time to play a bloody game, yeah?” That was strange... how he couldn’t look away from Dean’s twitching whiskers. “Stop that,” he hissed. “No ... none of that whisker twitching...”

"You’re an old lazy fat cat while I'm young and vibrant and adorable!" He got up and was strutting around Spike. He rubbed against Spike. "I don't think we are gonna find a way out of this. Brother took the book with him. So just ... Hey, you realize you can now conform your body to actually lick yourself!"

“Am not a lazy... we can... right. You would think of that.” He sat back on his hind legs. “Go on then, do it. Try not to choke on a fur ball.” His mind took a minute to catch up with the words that left his mouth and he quickly stood on all fours again. “Wait... I don’t want to see a cat bring itself off... not ever, not even if it’s you in there. Under all that... fur.” Unwittingly, he nuzzled that same fur at Dean’s neck.

Dean pawed him then dropped to the floor, lying on his back and pawing at Spike. "Well why don't you lick me then. You liked doing it before."

“Because finding you under all that fur... not my idea of fun, yeah?” Despite his words, Spike was standing right over Dean. A supercilious look entered his eyes. “I’m taller than you... tail, to noggins.. I’m taller.” All those ‘short’ jokes, and now look who was short!

"But I'm younger. More energetic." He reached up with paws and wrapped them around Spike's neck and bit into his fur to get at his neck as cats usually do to one another before jumping up and dashing around the room and ending up under the bed. "Hey! I found your underwear!" He rolled upon it, stuck his head in it and then peeked his head out from under the bed with the underwear draped over it.

Having the air knocked out of you wasn’t Spike’s idea of fun. He gave chase, stopping right in front of Dean, and staring him in the eyes, then looking at the other cat’s prize. “Course you did, you’re the one who put it there, or don’t you remember pulling it down off me with your teeth? Then taking...”

HA! Spike pounced, and slapped his clawed fist over the material, snagging it away from Dean. “Still think faster than you, yeah?”

Dean reeled from the smack but then immediately pounced, sending the two rolling with paws going every where before he darted off, ran around the room, bouncing off the dresser and the beds before landing on one, so he could swat down at Spike. He was pawing at Spike's ears.

"Ey... mind the hair, yeah?" Crouching lower, Spike eyed him. "You're taking to this a bit more than should be normal..."

Dean tipped his head to Spike before lowering down and resting his chin on his paws in a pout. "I can't help it. Something just comes over me and ..." He shook his head before pouting again. "Like the attraction to your tail."

Kitty Spike smirked, “you had that BEFORE you turned into a fru fru cat, yeah.” He was mesmerized again by Dean’s twitching whiskers. “Stop that! Almost as bad as when you’re sporting those cuts.” Odd that... the need to pounce was as strong as the craving for blood.

"Stop what?" Dean lifted his head, "I'm not doing anything." He sat up and started scratching behind his ears. "I better not have fleas." He laid back down, rolling to his side and stretching out.

That’s it... on more twitch and... Spike crawled backwards, eyes focused on Dean. As soon as he had enough distance, he ran forward and hurtled up through the air, landing on the other cat on the nightstand, and wrestling him. “Stop, means stop... not like I’m about to do anything about this itch you’re giving me. Not in cat form.”

Both of them crashed into the lamp, it fell over as did they. both kept rolling, biting, pawing and kicking at each other till they ran and jumped upon the bed doing the same thing. "Time-out, time-out!" Dean meowed. He laid on his back, looking up at Spike. Then he started purring.

Spike chuckled. “You’re pretty cute when you do that.” Laying down half on top of Dean, he started to lick his neck. The vibration from Dean and the sounds he was making were calming at first, but then other unwanted feeling started sweeping through him. He lifted his head. “Bloody hell, he couldn’t have locked us up in human form? If he had, I’d be....” He tried to give a strong rawr, but jumped back when a small mewl escaped his mouth.

Coughing, he tried again. If a cat could blanch, Spike did. “I hate him. I hate your brother.”

Dean's purring got even louder when Spike started licking him and paws started curling and uncurling. His eyes went half closed and whispers curled in when Spike jumped back and a small mew left him. He pushed up but still relaxed. He swatted him, "You do not. You are just, displeased with him. Just..." He looked about, "Leave a present in his shoes. I'll pee on his pillow."

That got a small laugh out of the ex-vampire and helped kick him out of his sudden state of depression. “Or lets...”

The sound of approaching footsteps had both cats looking at each other. “Come on, quick... get on his bed,” Spike shouted, bounding over to Sam’s bed. “I’ve got an idea...”
Dean jumped over, getting on his tummy and butt into the air. "God, you're big, get off my fur!" He yeowled.

Sam pushed open the door and stopped, blinking in disbelief before shouting, "HEY! Not on my bed!" He rushed over pulling them apart. "God, can't leave you two alone without you two going at each other. Stop it!" He pushed Spike away when he tried to get at Dean again. He then spoke a couple more words and Dean was lying upon the bed, human again and started coughing.

"You deserve ... *cough* ... deserved it. God. I think I have a hair ball." Dean made an ack sound.

Spike found himself on the ground but was more than pleased to find he had a manly voice again. “What did you think we were going to do? Well...” he smirked, “we did it on your pillow, in your bed... oh your duffel bag was fun... any idea what a cat can do with your sock. Think you’ve got a bit of laundry ahead, yeah.”

Dean rolled over, "Oh and we night have left a present in your shoes."

"You WHAT!?" Sam looked between the two who were just grinning.

(A/N: Don't know what got into us... but we thought it might be fun to write the boys as cats. Hope you enjoyed it as well)

The End

You have reached the end of "What's New Pussycat?". This story is complete.

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