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Slayer Of Light

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Summary: Challenge response. When Buffy jumped in The Gift, she gets offered a new life... will she take it?

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other LotR(Past Donor)RaghleFR1587,333125621,93517 Feb 0824 May 08No

Chapter One

Author’s Note: This is a work in progress. It may be a very long time to post and to be completed, so please bear with me whilst I try to wrestle this around a full time job. This is a response to Challenge 3100: Galadriel the slayer by Voldemort.

I’m going to try and keep this in accordance with Tolkien’s works, but it’s been a while since I read Unfinished Tales, so let me know if I slip up drastically.

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. Just my laptop and a very jumbled imagination. And my cat. Buffy and co belongs to Joss Whedon and respective parties, The Lord of the Rings belongs to Christopher Tolkien and his estate. In short, me no own, don’t sue. Please.

Now… Enjoy!!

The portal spanning below her, she looked at her sister, her blood, and uttered those final three words: “live, for me”. Without giving time for Dawn to stop her, she raced off the platform, executed a perfect swan dive, and fell… to be consumed by energy.

As the energy surged through her body, she knew she had done the right thing. She accepted her choice, and would soon be at peace.

“Now, kid, the Powers are very pleased with you” an annoying Bronx accent pierced her silent world. She opened her eyes. A vast expanse of white surrounded her, flooding her eyes with the brightness, except for a small blot of badly dressed demon.

Her mouth settled into a thin line as she growled out the name, “Whistler…”

The demon took a defensive step back. “Look kid, I know you haven’t had it easy, but please hear me out”. His hands sprawled out in front of him in the universal symbol of ‘please-don’t-slay-me-and-I’ve-grown-quite-fond-of-my-ribs-on-the-inside-whilst-we’re-at-it’.

Buffy couldn’t believe it. Or maybe she could. After all, the Powers always seem to screw her life up more and more, a little thing like death wouldn’t stop them from manipulating her life even further. “Talk. You’ve got five seconds to tell me why I’m stuck here and why my boot isn’t connecting with your face”.

Whistler sighed. Why were Slayers so violent? “Ok, here’s the deal. You did good. You figured it all out, and the Powers That Be are very grateful for all that you’ve done. But there is still more work to be done, if you are willing to take it. This is an offer, if you say no then you’ll get you’re reward, a ticket into Heaven, and be at peace. But there are those who need you. There is another world, perfect for a slayer, where you can be at peace as well, but eventually there will be baddies and evil to thwart. And lets face it, you won’t be able to slay in Heaven. Your role within this world is to be yourself. To kick evil’s butt when it needs it, but also to take a break when you can. As I said, it’s up to you.”

Buffy considered her options. Heaven sounded lovely after the recent trials, but she also knew that the smouldering slayer within her, the animalistic warrior, would love the chase and hunt of the big bads. “What’s the catch? The Powers are letting me go to some fantasy land and kick evil butt? And it’s my choice? Surely they would have just transferred me there without asking me first if there wasn’t a catch.”

“Smart thinking Slayer. But your help has been petitioned for by the Powers of this other world. And they are somewhat kinder to Free Will than the PTB. As you will be under their guidance, the Valar have demanded that it will be down to you to make the choice. Wouldn’t mind working for them myself, if you ask me”. Inwardly, Whistler was impressed at the Slayer’s cunning, but then the PTBs have been arrogant bastards over the years as well. What he wouldn’t give for a dental plan, or a break every now and then…

Buffy was convinced. “Ok, I’ll do it. Just one condition… Keep an eye on Dawn for me?” Her voice trailed off into an almost-whisper.

The sad smile on the demons face said it all. “Sure thing, Slayer. Enjoy your new life.”

Her vision began to blur again, the stark whiteness of the room disappearing, muddling up and blending together. Nausea made her head swim through a sea of fog as her eyelids shut together, and body relaxed, drawing out the tension from her limbs.
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