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Golden Future

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Summary: Another ending of the parting of ways.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Non-BtVS/Ats StoriesKaliaFR1512,537131,22917 Feb 0817 Feb 08Yes
Disclaimer: It’s not mine and I make no money with this.

She had saved the Doctor, she had resurrected Jack and now…

Rose Tyler was dying. The power from the time vortex was killing her inside out, but she had to tell the Doctor… So many things still to be said.

„I can see everything.“

Not much more time, she wouldn’t be able to finish.

“All that is… All that was… All that ever could be.”

The Doctor stood, such wonder in his eyes.

“That’s what I see. All the time. And doesn’t it drive you mad?”

Rose hurt, but she could see it. What she had to do. So much knowledge, so many possibilities, only one way for her. Only one.

But it hurt and the consequences… No more time, but still so much she wanted to say.

The Doctor tried to take it from her, the vortex, but the power had already destroyed most of her organs, she’d had it too long for her body to survive. She pushed him away from her.

“No Doctor. It’s too late.”

She smiled at him, at peace, but he was so very desperate. Desperate to save what he could not save. Her.

“No Rose, there is still time…”

But as he looked at her he knew. He knew without a doubt, that it was too late, the incredible power of the time vortex, his companion had held it too long. Human bodies, such fragile things, but how could he survive this? How could he survive loosing Rose Tyler?

“There is no more time, my Doctor. So many things to say still…”

She shuddered and stumbled in pain and the anguish was nearly too much to take.


And she smiled at him, full of affection, understanding.

“Thank you.”

With this whispered words, the light of the vortex exploded out of her, streaming back into the TARDIS and the body of Rose fell forward.


He ran forward, catched her falling form and lowered her to the ground. He hoped beyond hope as he pulled out the sonic screwdriver and checked her. Most of her organs were destroyed, there was nothing left to save, nothing that could be healed. The beautiful girl he had known, the goddess that saved what he wasn't able to save was gone. His tears fell on her lifeless face.

That was how Jack found them.

The Doctor knelt before the TARDIS, Roses body tightly held against him, his head bowed in anguish.

“Doctor what… Rose?”

Jack stepped closer, searched the silent form of Rose, but her chest didn’t rise and fall and her eyes were open and empty. He stopped beside them and looked very shaken.

“The Daleks shot me and then I heard Rose… And I was alive again. What happened Doctor? Where are the Daleks? Why is Rose here? Why’s she dead?”

The blue eyes of the Doctor found Jacks, full of tears, bloodshot, anguished and so sad.

“She… She was too stubborn… This silly clever girl figured out a way to do what should not be possible. She returned the TARDIS here, against programming! To save… To save us all, she took the power of the time vortex, she was Bad Wolf. She annihilated the Dalek. It was … She was bloody brilliant. And she’s dead and it’s my fault!”

The Doctor cried then for earnest, silently. They remained like that in total silence for what could have been seconds or hours, even days. What did it matter? Like a man truly beaten the Doctor rose, holding his dear girl in his arms.

“We have to tell her mother… We have to take her home.”

Silently Jack followed.

Very careful the Doctor laid Roses body down beside the console and started the TARDIS, to take her home. Then he knelt down beside her still form again, absently and tenderly he stroked her face. She should have stayed in her time. Why couldn’t she have listened to him? He could have gladly died with the knowledge that Rose Tyler was save.

Jack in turn had sat down on the edge of the platform. She had resurrected him. He had meant it when he said she was worth fighting for. Even worth dying. He was a soldier, even the Doctor was more warrior than the girl from the past. So how came that Rose was dead and the both of them alive? How came she stopped the invasion, ended a war and died?

Both him and the Doctor remembered their adventures and the TARDIS was devoid of the happy atmosphere that had been so natural. He remembered how much fun they'd had, how they laughed, the Doctor, Jack and Rose. Sweet Rose.

Finally the TARDIS arrived at her destination and no sooner than a few minutes later the knocking started. But neither the Doctor nor Jack found the strength to open the doors.

Jackie and Mickey called out and the knocking got very urgent.

Finally Captain Jack Harkness rose from his spot to open the doors. As soon as he’d done it Jackie and Mickey forced their way around him, calling out for Rose and seeing her lifeless form they froze.

Mickey fell down unable to believe his eyes. He’d helped Rose to get back to… death. He’d never really believed she’d die. Rose wasn’t supposed to die.

Jackie broke her trance.


Jack just barely got her before she threw herself in the Doctors direction.

“I entrusted her to you and you got her killed!”

Every word was like a punch in the gut to the Doctor, claws ripping his hearts apart and for once he remained silent, caught up in his pain, arms hanging limp at his sides.

Don’t be so sad Doctor.

It felt like someone was holding his hand. Irritated the Doctor stood up and looked about, spinning around, but there was none to see.

“You killed my daughter! You promised to keep her safe, you liar!”

Jackie was still ranting and raving, Jack was having trouble holding on to the grief ridden women.

Suddenly Mickey sprung to his feet, strode in direction of the Doctor, murder in his eyes.

“Gonna kill you. You worthless Alien scum!”

He came about three steps far.

Mickey NO!

Bright golden light burst into existence, took shape and form and standing between the Body of Rose, the confused Doctor and the hateful Mickey stood… Rose. A translucent, golden glowing Rose.

Mickey stumbled back, Jackie froze again, which was a good thing, because Jack took his arms off her and stared. Even the Doctor couldn’t help it, he stared.

"You will not harm the Doctor, human!"

The voice that came out of Ghost-Rose was one the Doctor well knew. He heard it in his head all the time.

“The TARDIS, Rose…”

The being in shape of his dead companion turned to face the Doctor.

“We are TARDIS and we are ROSE.”

While speaking the voice of the TARDIS drained out of Roses.

“I’m here Doctor. There was no time to explain. I live. Sort of anyway.”

She turned looking at the others.

“It’s okay Mum, I’m alright.” She smiled warmly. “ Hey Jack, glad to see you living.”

The Doctor stepped over to the console and franticly checked the machine. And right there it was. The TARDIS had somehow changed. He couldn’t pinpoint it out.

“This is impossible. The time vortex… It killed you. I couldn’t take it out of you.”

He looked at Rose, anguish still in his eyes and voice.

“Most of your organs are gone, but what have you done to yourself?”

It was like Rose was looking at all of them at the same time.

“I tried to tell you Doctor. I looked into the TARDIS and she, in turn, looked into me. To save you we merged. I am part of her now, but also…”

The glowing being stepped to her former body and melted into said body and suddenly Rose Tyler’s eyes glowed like they had before as Bad Wolf and she stood up like she had never been dead.

When she spoke her voice was normal, except she still spoke without accent as she had as Bad Wolf.

“But I am also still me. I could not take the power and life, but the TARDIS gave me a choice. Save you and kill you at the same time, force you to give up a precious thing, yourself. Or I could still save you, die and become …”

The glowing faded from her eyes as she gestured down on herself.

Very hesitantly the Doctor touched her cheek and checked her with the screwdriver. He understood full well, what she said. He’d known that if he took the vortex he’d have had to regenerate.

“This can’t be. Your organs are still gone, some energy’s swirling where they should be taking on their form, but your brain works just fine. Your body is dead, yet living. It’s very similar to the…”

Rose smiled cheekily, the rest of the present people forgotten and completed his sentence.

“The Gelf. Yeah. We got the basic idea from them, the TARDIS and me. Otherwise I would have just been a whisper in your head for eternity and that’s just no fun. Hope you don’t mind, but you’re not getting rid of me just yet. Or ever, if you don’t mind.”

If he minded? She’d gone and killed herself for him. The sacrifices she’d made… She’d never have a family of her own, have a normal boring life, children, she gave that up. For him. To end his endless loneliness, for as many companions he might choose in the end they did not, could not stay. But she would. He hugged her then, finally.

“I don’t mind at all Rose Tyler, my brilliant, clever ape.”

His voice carried many emotions. Hope, affection, pride, happiness and much much more.

Suddenly Rose found herself in yet another pair of strong arms.

“Rose Tyler, you saved my life.”

Jack kissed her then again full on the lips, just a touch longer than before.

“Glad you’re still with us. We’ll have a blast. So many things still to see, so many people still to seduce, so many lives to save. You, the Doctor and me.”

Jack stepped back, grinning like mad, practically bouncing with the energy he had regained.

Then Rose looked at her mother. Jackie was still standing frozen, but she didn’t back away as Rose came to her.

“Mum? It’s okay, really, I’m still me. I can still visit. If you want me to that is.”

Now Rose sounded uncertain. She’d known that maybe her mother wouldn’t be able to deal.

Very slowly and clearly more than hesitant her mother touched her face.

“You were dead. That Doctor got ya killed and now you’re still cool to touch… I… What are you?”

Jackie’s voice was uncertain.

“I’m Rose mum, still me, but if you can’t deal I’ll stay away. This was my choice, the Doctor had no say in this, it was all me.”

She was saddened by the doubt in her mothers eyes, but she meant it. She was a grown up, made her own choices. She created Bad Wolf, her, not the Doctor.

“Don’t listen to her Jackie! That’s not Rose! Rose is dead, you saw the body. This is some creepy alien thing!” Mickey had gotten up and stared at Rose like she was something nasty he found under his shoe.

“Don’t you talk to her like that!”

Three voices spoke and Mikey sneered.

“I’m outta here!”

And gone he was, running, because of the murderous looks he received.

"What we ever saw in him, we wonder…"

Jackie winced as both TARDIS and Rose spoke.

“I… Rose, I love you, don’t ever doubt that. But I can’t… Will you call me? In a few days? I have ta think. I love you sweetie, but right now I can’t.”

Rose managed a sad smile. Better than nothing she supposed as her mum walked out of TARDIS. Captain Jack looked at Rose and the Doctor and grinned trying to lighten the mood.

“This calls for champagne, be right back!”

Off he was, to leave the Doctor and Rose to a much needed private chat.

The Doctor closed the doors of the TARDIS. They stood there in silence. He drank in the sight of her. She still looked so full of live and she was, he realized. The partial death of her body had done nothing to dampen her bright spirit.

But why did his Rose look so sad?

“I killed them all. I killed a whole race. Even knowing, seeing in my mind what they’d have done… I feel sad. I didn’t mean it to go like this but…”

He took a few steps closer to her.

“Never you mind that Rose Tyler. You did what needed doing and you did a wonderful job. You ended a war that raged on too long, you saved millions. You were fantastic, absolutely fantastic and don’t you doubt it Rose.”

There was so much pride in his voice, meant to take her doubts and his manic smile to take away her sadness.

A tiny smile formed on her lips.

“I made Jack immortal. Kind of accidentally.”

Smiling the Doctor shrugged. Another companion not dying on him was always a good thing, he found.

“Well that means, it’s gotten a lot less dangerous and a lot more interesting, running for our lives, saving the world. ‘Cause you know, that’s what we do.”
He grinned then, an earnest happy grin.

After another moment of silence Rose spoke again.

”I can still see it. I can still see everything. If I concentrate on it.”

And again the Doctor stared in wonder. The last of his kind, last of the Time Lords and suddenly there was someone again to perceive the universe like he did. Or nearly as he did. And it became too much. Loosing her, finding her again just to watch her die and now trough some miracle he’d gotten her back again. All things he planned to bury deep inside of himself rose to the surface.

“Come here.”

She took his offered hands and he pulled her close to him.

“Why did you do it Rose?”

He needed her to say it, one final shove.

A tear escaped her eyes, but underneath her skin she glimmered golden just a bit.

“I love you, my Doctor.”

Three words that meant the world, explained all mad risks, all chances she ever took for him.

One of his hands cupped the side of her face, the other held her closer still.

He couldn’t find the words, for all words were lost to him that moment as he kissed her, pouring all his love, his loneliness, his passion in this one action.

The TARDIS bathed them in her hearts golden light and this was how Jack found them, embracing, kissing and he smiled a wicked little smile. Things had gotten just about perfect now. He just needed to find a way of joining the fun.

Another twist how The Parting of Ways may have ended. (I just like the ninth Doctor mor then the next one)

I'd love Reviews for my first published story ever. ^^

The End

You have reached the end of "Golden Future". This story is complete.

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