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The Lottery

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Summary: Minerva convinces Albus that the muggles aren't good for baby Harry, great right?! She wishes she didn't because Albus comes up with a crazy idea to get Harry protected by blood wards!A lottery, with magical golden tickets.Xander finds one?Slash&Mpreg

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Harry Potter > Xander-CenteredMerKatFR15714,0821416936,19317 Feb 089 May 12No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

The call


Sitting alone in his room Xander gently rested his hand over his expanding stomach. He closed his eyes and rested his head back against the wall behind him and just let himself rest for a moment. He could feel his kid gently pushing against his hand, little feet pushing as if saying ‘Hey, what’s up?’ Everything was just so crazy and piling up on top of him like a snow storm. The accelerated pregnancy, the mood swings, food cravings, vomiting, swelling, and having absolutely no control over his body, all centered around a goal that should’ve been impossible. It was his body if anyone should have control shouldn’t it be him? It was all so nerve racking and having to suffer all on his own . . . Ooooo, donuts!

“Xander did you eat all the chocolate donuts? There were eight of them!” Cordy huffed.

Xander put the last bite of cake donut in his mouth and smiled at the irritated woman. “No I ate six of them. And they’re cake donuts, half the size of a regular donut so technically I ate two in and half donuts maybe three.”

Doyle smiled as he munched at his donut. “You should have got one before missy. Ya know Xander’s eatin fur two.”

Cordelia watched the donut in Doyle’s hand with narrowed eyes. “More like five people with how he’s been eating.”

“Ya can have a nibble o mine. Xander wanted them so Angel got him the good ones from that tiny bakery down the road. Fresh made today.” Doyle held it out for Cordelia with a shy look on his face. Cordy shrugged and swiped her finger through the fudgy frosting and sucked on her finger. Doyle blushed.

The phone rang and Cordy answered it. “Angel’s Investigations we help the hopeless. How may I help you with your unusual and strange situation?” She said with an upbeat lit to her voice that wasn’t there a minute before and a small smile on her lips. The next minute her face paled and she looked towards Xander with worry in her eyes. “Buffy? You want to bother Angel? Uh sure at least now I know who to blame for his sit in the shadows caveman brooding later today. Did you just call to hear his voice like a star-crossed Juliet reject or do you actually have slayer business to talk about while you’re shopping for more tacky clothing?”

The voice on the other line grew sharper and Xander could just make out his name being said. Cordelia frowned and let out a gusty sigh. “And why should WE care that you lost your droopy puppy?” Cordy pulled her ear away from the phone. “No need for name calling just a moment and I’ll get Romeo for you.” Taking a deep breath Cordy yelled for Angel and didn’t even bother covering the receiver. “ANGEL! PHONE! DUFFY THE STUPPER SLAYER WANTS TO TALK TO YOU AND SPOIL MY NIGHT!”

A pale Xander looked at the phone as if it was a monster. Quietly he got off the sofa he was sitting on and shuffled out of the room and went down the stairs to the bedroom. Angel sent a worried glance at the retreating figure’s back as he picked up the phone. “Buffy? Angel here.”


Dumbledore walked down to the dungeon with purposeful strides and entered Severus Snape’s potions classroom without a knock or a hello. He loomed over Severus’ desk and for a moment didn’t seem to care or know where he was. Severus narrowed his dark eyes and didn’t let his nerves show as he looked up at the powerful wizard he owed his life to. “Can I help you, Headmaster?” Severus had potions he wanted to get to and didn’t want anything but impending danger and possible death to interfere with his schedule.

Dumbledore blinked making his eyes clear and focus their twinkling intensity on the brooding new potions teacher and reformed ex-deatheater. “Ah, Severus, my boy I need your help with a little project of mine. It seems I’ve misplaced something of great importance and need this potion to find it. I’m quiet competent with potions myself but would feel more at ease with a Master brewing.” Dumbledore hands over a slip of paper he pulled from his volumous twilight sunset robes.

Severus took it warily and opened the worn yellowing paper that crackled with each shift and movement. He raised a brow at the list of exotic ingredients, red head scales of a firesnout rainbow winged salamander, wing dust from a queen fairy, powdered bone from a snow dragon, tears of a phoenix, green buds from a giggle tree, witches milk, the eye teeth of a young sphinx, and thorns of a take-an-hide bush. “This lost and found potion is illegal in most countries, Albus. The danger in its brewing and drinking has caused the deaths of half the users of this potion. Why use such a potion when there is charm spells that can do much the same with safer result?”

The twinkle in Dumbledore’s eyes lessened with his worry. “Those spells do not work globally. Can you brew this potion for me, Severus?”


“How much time would you need for the brewing, my boy?” Dumbledore asked a bit too casually.

Severus looked at the list of ingredients and tried to remember if he had any of them in storage. “I will have it for you in twelve days, Albus. It will take me time to gather the necessary ingredients. I’ll have to travel to the Galapagos for the salamander scales, Egypt for the sphinx teeth, and search the Forbidden Forest for a giggle tree, and contact an associate for the powdered snow dragon bones. It will not be ready in time for the full moon even if I cut corners and you drink it on a half moon. It would be best if the ritual and drinking of the potion are done next month on the height of the full moon.”

Dumbledore sighed. “Very well, Severus.”

“I will also need a piece of what you’re looking for, a picture or a cutting of the object in question. It is needed for the third day of brewing.” Severus drawled. The old man nodded and pulled out a round clear glass bottle the size of a peach pit. He held the bottle for a moment then gently handed it to Severus. Severus took the bottle and looked at it suspiciously filling the bottle from bottom to cork curly locks the color of a raven’s wing. Who could be so important and how could they hide from Albus Dumbledore?


Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore Headmaster of the best magical school in all the world, defeater of Grinwaldin, and most powerful wizard of today was very worried. ‘Where are you, young Harry?’ He thought as he left Severus to his potions and went off to find other ways to find young Harry, hopefully quicker ways. ‘Perhaps I should give the Order of the Phoenix one last mission?’


Xander grabbed what little he had and started stuffing it all in one of Angel’s spendy leather travel bags. He needed to go. He shouldn’t have stayed with Angel. What was he thinking staying with the vampire? Of course Buffy would call him for help. Angel would be her first call for help! He needs to think worst case scenario most likely they know he’s here and are coming to ‘save him’ with Willow’s spell. Willow’s probably tracking him right now!

Xander’s heart thumped hard and he felt a little faint as he pulled on his jacket. Fast and as quiet as his changing body could go Xander snuck out of Angel Inc. building for a bus stop or a plane or something that wasn’t here. That same ‘Need to flee’ feeling coursed through him and with a loud POP and a staggered step Xander found himself outside Angel’s building. Xander swayed and almost did a face plant as the feeling of being forced through and out a straw like a spitball left him. Leaning against the brick wall of the building he swallowed down his nausea and willed the ground to stop rocking.

The baby kicked excitedly and Xander took strength in the reminder of who he was running for. Still shaky from poofing Xander stepped away from the wall’s support and started walking. He had no idea how much alone time the others would give him before they would start checking up on him. He could have minutes to an hour before they know he’s gone. “Don’t worry, baby. Nothing bad will happen to you as long as I’m breathing.”


In the shadows of a nearby ally bright eyes watched Xander run for the bus. Spike took a long drag of his fag before flicking it away. “Your full of surprises aren’t you, pet?” With a last look at the poof’s home Spike followed the boy.

MerKat: I had to beat this muse to get this chapter out of her but now thatshe's beaten into submission the words are coming out easier. Wish me luck and hope there's a chapter next month. *Cross fingers*

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Lottery" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 May 12.

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