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The Lottery

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Summary: Minerva convinces Albus that the muggles aren't good for baby Harry, great right?! She wishes she didn't because Albus comes up with a crazy idea to get Harry protected by blood wards!A lottery, with magical golden tickets.Xander finds one?Slash&Mpreg

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Harry Potter > Xander-CenteredMerKatFR15714,0821416936,19317 Feb 089 May 12No


Title: Tickets

Author: MerKat
Fandom: Harry Potter/BTVS
Pairing: ?
Summary: What if McGonagall managed to convince Albus that the muggles were no good for Harry. That’s good right?! Well she wished she didn’t when she found out how Dumbledore planed to get Harry protected by blood wards . . . A Lottery, a magical lottery for all the good witches and wizards to have a chance to be Harry Potter’s parent. Golden tickets would be given to those of good heart and pure intentions toward Harry, and the winner would become pregnant with the famous baby. What if Xander somehow got a ticket? SLASH and other. M/M
Author notes & Warnings: might have Female/Female or Male/Male. I have No Beta. Be afraid, I’m a moody scatter brained nut of a girl. ^_- My mood affects my writing. I warn you it could get scary . . .And maybe a little out of order.


Standing in-front of the muggles home Minerva scowled deeply as she watched Albus place little Harry on the steps with nothing but a letter and the blanket he came in. By her side Hagrid let out a bellowing cry as he wiped at his eyes, a cry that almost made her jump out of her pointed boots. Albus started walking back toward them with sad eyes, even HE knew that the rotten muggles were all wrong for sweet little Harry. She didn’t listen to what Albus said, or Hagrid’s leaving, her eyes were focused on the baby left on the stoop like so much rubbish. She was going to leave . . . SHE WAS!!! . . . But then the baby woke up and he started crying. Not even the coldest of hearts could leave an infant in the dark outside to cry his little heart out, especially not her!

With a scowl directed at Albus’ slowly retreating figure Minera marched up the stone path and picked up the baby. He cried for a second then calmed and snuggled into her embrace. Minera’s heart melted. “Shhh. Don’t cry Harry, nothing to be afraid of. All is well.”

“Minerva! What are you doing?!” Said Albus as he jogged toward the witch, his white hair rumpled and his glass’ tilted to the side.

Minerva gave Dumbledore the vilest glare she could manage and stomped her foot for good measure. “I can’t do it, Albus! I just can’t! We would be no better then Vol- He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named! To leave a young child with such depraved people, I can tell you know he would suffer some sort of abuse at their hands!!!”

Albus sighed. “We do not know this Minerva . . . besides they are Harry’s only blood relatives. Harry needs the protection of the blood wards. He needs them.”

Minerva McGonagall sighed then hugged the dozing baby to her. “We have magic on our side, Albus . . . Can’t we do something? We could hide him, move him out of the country, change his name and looks? Or we could make someone his blood with a spell or potion? Mass memory charms if need be!”

Dumbledore’s eyes twitched and then started to sparkle brightly. “Yes. Yes we do have magic at our disposal and I know just what to do!” Dumbledore started walking briskly toward the end of the block. “Come along Minerva and bring little Harry with you! We simple must return to Hogwarts at once!!!”

Minerva McGonagall did follow with little baby Harry in her arm but she did so with a look of confusion and concern. Just what kind of box of chocolate frogs had she opened? With a worried huff of air Minerva disappeared.


“A-are they g-gone Vernon?” A pale horse faced Petunia asked her husband as she held her squalling butterball of a son to her chest. The boy bounced and thrashed his head slamming his wide forehead against his too skinny mother’s shoulder.

Vernon looked out the window, he was so scared his pale cheeks were jiggling. He looked out the window just in time to see the older woman disappear into thin air. His eyes bugged out and he whimpered.


Minerva jaw snapped open then shut with a loud click. “Albus you can’t be serious!! This is lunacy!!!” She yelled as she followed the Headmaster around his office.

“I thought you would say that my fine lady, but it’s a good plan. It will insure Harry gets the blood ward protection and give him a good loving family! It’s brilliant!!” Dumbledore said as he pulled a large round roll of golden tickets from his pile of knickknacks.

“A lottery Albus!! A lottery, Harry isn’t some prize they can win!! He’s a living breathing baby!!”

Dumbledore patted the distraught woman on her shoulder. “I know that Minerva, that’s why I’m doing this. I thought it was too extreme a step but you convinced me, Harry should have a good home!” Albus walked back to his desk where a purple flowery smelling potion was brewing. He hummed as he dipped the golden tickets in the brew.

Minerva stuttered. When she had thought of finding Harry a new home, she had thought about just changing the baby’s hair color or moving him to Australia! Nothing like what Albus was cooking up! Rebirth spells are powerful complex magic that few if any mess with! Minerva hugged the sleeping baby to her, a spell like that could have a bad effect if not done right. “Are you sure you know what you are doing Albus?”

“Of course! Now I need a few hairs from Harry’s head and a drop of blood.” Gently running his fingers through the baby’s hair Dumbledore collected the loose ones and using a small spell at the tip of his wand he gathered a drop or two from Harry’s finger. Harry whimpered and stirred in his sleep. “Sorry lad, all done now.”

Dumbledore used his wand to stir his potion making it change to the color of Harry’s eyes. “Ah! Already now!” Said Dumbledore as he pulled the golden tickets from the potion. “Save the rest for later. It makes a good fertilizer.”

Minerva snatched the tickets from Dumbledore before he could say anything. “These are interesting Albus. I’m guessing there is a spell on them to tell who is good for Harry and who isn’t?” Each ticket had a picture of Harry on them, a happy animated picture of Harry, and where Minerva touched the ticket it would change colors. Like a mood ring or a rememberall would.

“Yes they are Minerva. They will find Harry’s new mother, they will search for the right individual and make that person the winner. When I activate them that is. Very useful tools, these tickets. A gift from a wood elf.”

“Then why not activate them now? Why go through the mockery that will be this lottery?” The Deputy Headmistress asked.

Albus’ eyes twinkled as he looked at his fellow teacher over the rims of his half moon glass’. “Don’t tell anyone Minerva . . . But not only will these lovely tickets find Harry safely to his new family but they will take and store energy needed for the spell. They are slightly sentient.”

“So you ‘need’ these tickets given out? Why not have it more low key?”

Dumbledore’s eyes just twinkled.

The next day

Owls all over Great Britain delivered the Daily Profit to wizarding households like usual but today’s title caught everyone by surprise.~BOY-WHO-LIVED NEEDS A HOME!! BUY A TICKET AND BECOME HIS MOMMY!!~ Currently Ms.Weasley was holding her paper with disbelief and awe shining in her eyes. She remembered meeting Lily Potter’s sweet boy, those bright and happy green eyes, that gummy smile, and the famous unruly Potter hair. Harry was a dear and she was saddened greatly by the loss’ he suffered. But now the paper in her hand said that maybe she could give back a little of what the poor gumdrop lost.

Molly smiled at her own little dears. Her twins fighting over the last drumstick, Percy reading a book, little Ronald smiling and throwing his mashed sweet potatoes around. Her other boys were outside with their father getting rid of the garden gnomes. One more boy would not hurt anything, in-fact more the merrier! Gathering up her money and Arthur, Molly left straight to Hogwarts.

Noon at Hogwarts

Outside of Hogwarts a line of people could be seen. Many carrying signs saying ‘pick me’ or ‘I want Harry Potter!’. The lines of witches and wizards could be seen disappearing into the fog and from the tower of the castle the sight was a bit overwhelming. “Albus I still think this is crazy.”

“Oh? Come now Minerva it will all work out.” With that said Dumbledore made his way to the doors. Stepping out in front of the crowd Dumbledore looked at the people with a measuring look over his moon glass’. “All of you that are here must know the rules . . .”

A murmur went through the crowd.

Dumbledore held up the large roll of golden tickets. “All who wish for a chance to be Harry Potter’s parents must buy a ticket. The winning ticket will be picked on a new moon, which is three days from today. The winner of the lottery will be informed while the other tickets will just vanish. I also must inform you all that those of ill intent or dark of soul will be rejected by the tickets. Now, please those who wish to try their luck please make a line in front of me.”

McGonagall would take the gillons or sickles and Dumbledore would hand over the lottery ticket. Some would leave like Ms.Weasley joyfully clutching a handful of tickets and some like the Black’s and the Malfoy’s would leave clutching burnt and blistered hands. It went on like that till the roll of golden tickets were gone, though there were a lot of angry people left out demanding tickets that Albus didn’t have. With a smile on his withered face Albus waved his wand and activated the tickets, the tickets that slowly started to store the oblivious wizards and witches magic.

The Burrow

Molly shuffled along the house to gather everything she’ll need for her little trip to the states. “Molly are you sure you have to go now? Albus Dumbledore will draw the winning ticket tomorrow night! And if we win you’ll become pregnant again!”

Molly sighed then smiled at her overprotective husband. “I ‘ll only be gone to the states for a few hours! My dear cousin is a squib and the poor dear broke her leg. She needs magical aid and has asked me. I won’t be long.” With that said Molly apperated away leaving Arthur surrounded by sugar-high children.

Reappearing at the Ministry of Magic Molly went right to the international floo network, she paid her two nutz and stepped into the large fireplace. She took a deep calming breath and grabbed a pinch of floo powder. Long floo rides are horrible on the stomach. “California, Oxnard! Mary Prewett’s Den!”

Fabulous Ladies Nightclub, Oxnard

Griping the pole Xander twisted around it, sliding his oiled thigh across it as he removed the last of his clothing. Giving his sexiest smirk, Xander threw the loincloth at the redhead wearing the cast, after all that particular woman had stuffed a fifty in his g-string. She’s also his most frequent customer. The older woman squealed as she snatched up the thin cloth and hugged it to her person. Giving her a wink Xander thrust his hips, arched his back and swayed to the song. He crawled across the stage to take a twenty from a blond, he snatched it up with his mouth then danced in front of the grabby woman. At the end of the song Xander’s black g-string bulged with all the money he got. At the last note of his song the lights went out, gathering his clothes Xander got off stage.

After a shower Xander went to the bar for a drink. He patted the money bulge in his pocket. He had enough to get his car fixed and more. “Maybe I’ll just buy a new car.”

“Good set Lexxy! You had them screaming for more!” The bartender said as he placed a cold beer in front of Xander.

Xander smiled. “Thanks Brandy. Not bad for the fifth time around, huh?”

Brandy tossed her wash cloth at Xander. “Not bad for a professional! You're making the regular dancers nervous, boy!”

Moving off to a table Xander sat down by the redhead. “Hey, Mary! What happened?” Xander said as he gestured at the woman’s right leg.

She smiled and answered him as she pulled a cigaret out of her large red velvet bag. “Pruning my tree’s in my greenhouse. I’m not too graceful, unlike you Honey-lips.”

“Well I just came over to say good-bye. I’ll be hitting the road tonight. Have to get back home to the good old ‘Dale.”

Mary pouted. “Shame, shame, shame. Now my world is a little darker without you Hot-buns! My favorite Viking god abandoning me to go back to Valhalla!”

Xander grinned. “Well, you still have cowboy Kale and Arabian prince Gary! And I hear you go all octopus arms on Mat when he wears his native chief costume.”

Mary leered as she took a sip of her cognac. “Jealous?”

“Very.” Said Xander as he got up from his seat, it was time to get a move on.

“Bye Bright eyes!”

Xander turned around and waved only to bump into a flustered woman entering the Fabulous Ladies Nightclub. Red hair, short, kinda plump in that healthy kind of way, reminded Xander of Mary. This woman also wore odd clothing like Mary, the whole cloak and hat nanny type look. “Sorry. Wasn’t watching where I was going.”

The redhead smiled brightly. “That’s all right dear! Can you tell me where I could find Mary Prewett? Her note said she would be here at the um . . . Fabulous Ladies Nightclub, oh I hope she’s not drinking!”

Xander pointed inside. “She’s sitting at the front table by the bar and stage.”

“Stage?” The redhead walked in. “My word!! Mary what are you doing in a strip bar!?”

“Shhh! Your ruining the mood Molly!! Stop being a prude and have a seat! Shake that my way baby!! I have a twenty with your name on it!!!”

Xander chuckled as the woman rushed past him but as he was leaving something shiny fluttered by his feet. He picked it up. A ticket, a golden ticket, a blank golden ticket. Real gold. Rushing back into the club Xander looked around for Mary and the other red head. Not finding them at the table or around the club Xander asked the bartender. “Hey! Brandy have you seen Mary? Do you know where she went off to? I think her friend dropped something.”

“Sorry Lex. Didn’t see them leave. One minute she was here talking up her friend, yelling and shit about proper behavior, the next they were gone. Poof! Gone!”

Xander nodded. Weird. How did they leave without getting past him? Pocketing the golden ticket Xander left the club. He needed to get back to Sunnydale, he could just mail it to Mary and she could give it back to the other redhead.

While he was walking Xander felt a weird tingle in his belly, a warmth that seemed to come from his pocket. It didn’t hurt and was gone within seconds so Xander thought nothing of it.


“I cannot believe this is going on.” Said Severus with a glare.

“Neither can I.” Said Minerva as she adjusted Harry’s blanket. “To think that Albus would put little Harry through this sham? He’s a baby! Not a broom or a new set of robes!”

Severus shook his head. “Not that. I can’t believe anyone would buy a ticket for a chance to raise him!” The potion master said as he pointed as the cooing baby. Harry gurgled and reached for Severus’ finger, the potion master pulled it back as if burned.

Minerva rolled her eyes.

The crowd was silent all looking at Dumbledore with hopeful eyes and as the old wizard picked a ticket out of the large glass bowl, some even fainted. Everyone gasped as Harry disappeared from McGonagall’s lap in a shower of purple light. “The winning ticket is number 17783. May inner strength be found.” Those words at the end seamed to make everyone still, the teachers and crowd seemed to stand in a daze. All the tickets seemed to inflate like balloons then pop, as each one popped it released purple dust into the air. Clapping his hands Albus called a house elf to him.

“Yes, master Dumbly, sir?”

“Ah! Inky! Please bring in the tables and food. The party is about to start.”

The house elf nodded and with a snap of her fingers a feast appeared around the crowd. And just in time the crowd of people started to stir and look around in confusion.

“What’s going on?”

“Why am I here?!”

“Hogwarts?! Why I haven’t been here since I graduated!”

“Is this some sort of prank?”

“Arthur what are we doing here?! Where are the children?!!”

Albus waved his wand letting bright red and gold sparks fly. “Everyone I would like to thank you for coming to this celebration! Please everyone enjoy your food and thank you for the donations to the school! Welcome to the schools Harry Potter day!!” With that said Dumbledore sat down by Minerva and Severus.

Severus sneered, why would he come to an outdoor feast for his enemy’s child? Something had to be wrong! Maybe he was sick? Perhaps a memory curse?

Minerva glared at Albus over the rim of her tea cup. “How dare you, Albus! Plan a party at the school without informing me! I am the deputy headmistress!”

Dumbledore raised his bushy brows. “I’m sorry Professor McGonagall, I was sure I had informed you . . . I was sure I told you yesterday at least!”

Minerva huffed. “I need to be informed of things like this, Albus! I hope this type of thing doesn’t happen during school!”


Sitting up in bed Xander gasped. His belly tingled. Rubbing it Xander could feel a type of electricity over his skin, he could feel muscles shift and quiver. Looking in the mirror Xander watched his stomach muscles dance and clinch and for the life of him he couldn’t stop the movement. Blinking his eyes Xander could swear he saw purple light inside his belly. “ I need to drink some tea or something. Bet my stomach is just upset from that Meat lovers and jalapeno pizza I ordered.”

Xander frowned. He could feel a solid and new weight inside, and for a spilt second Xander felt a flutter.

I might rewrite this but review anyways! ^_^
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