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Favorite Things

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Summary: Glimpses of the moments that help to form Buffy and Daniel’s budding relationship. A series of drabbles.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Daniel Jackson(Moderator)AvaFR1332,9083257,83917 Feb 089 Mar 10Yes

Silver White Winters

Title :: Silver White Winters

Note :: For jedibuttercup because she rocks so hard.

Title :: The Perfect Dress
Word Count :: 200

The a-line cut of the Audrey Hepburn inspired dress hugged her upper body in all the right places and Buffy smoothed her shaking hands down her satin covered silhouette as she continue to turn back and forth in front of the mirror. Green eyes flicked towards the window and the light covering of clouds outside and her brows drew downward as she once again turned to her reflection to glare at her bare arms.

“Sleeveless in February?” her brow arched, “In Colorado?” she shook her head, “what was I thinking?”

“Well I think you look lovely.” Buffy’s head lifted, eyes widening when she caught sight of Giles in the mirror making his way quietly into the room with a plastic dressing bag draped over his arm. “An early gift.”

“Prezzies!” A smile lit up her face as she accepted the gift, unzipping it before pausing to gasp, “Giles!”

He extracted the white shall from her hands and turned her gently back towards the mirror, wrapping her in its warmth before leaning forward to tie the blue sash at the front. “Perfection.”

Her smile widened before she met his gaze in the mirror and asked, “Ready to give me away?”


Title :: Snowfall and Kisses
Word Count :: 200

She watched as the rings slid over the knuckle of her ring finger to settle where they’d stay, for now to eternity if she had any say in the matter, and Buffy blinked away her tears. Drawing her watering gaze away from the cold shimmer of the diamonds Buffy attempted to focus on Willow’s words, repeat them as her best friend led them through their ceremony and she slid Daniel’s wedding band on before glancing up.

Smiled at the fact that snow had begun to gather in his lashes before the look in his blue eyes stopped her from hearing anything else until those eyes gathered in the most attractive way and he leaned forward to whisper, “You’re supposed to kiss me now.”

A glossed mouth stretched into a wide smile. “Oh goody.”

His arm snuck around her back and she laughed as he dragged her forward, through the heavying snowfall to press a warm mouth against her own. She caught the back of his neck with her left hand, nails lightly scratching the back of his head as he slowly sipped at her mouth before pulling back. Pressing his forehead to hers he smiled and she smiled right back.

Title :: Father Daughter Dance
Word Count :: 200

A violin accompanied their slow movements as Giles lead her through the last few steps of a waltz as their father and daughter dance drew to a close. At the last moment he spun her outward before drawing her back in with a slight tug on her wrist that left her gasping with laughter before he brushed a soft kiss across the bridge of her nose.

She looked up at him and lightly ran her fingers across one of his temples, the silver hair that had begun to gather there putting his age closer to winter then spring and felt that all familiar tugging in her chest at the thought of losing him at any point in her life. Pushing back thoughts of tomorrow she smiled up at him. “I love you.”

His head inclined, brows drawing low a moment before he pulled her close again and whispered again the crown of her head, “I have no plans to leave anytime in the near future.”

She stiffened, startled by his easy and correct assumption before hugging him closer as another song began and Buffy kept her head pressed to his chest, the beat of his heart and requested, “One more.”

Title :: Favorite Things
Word Count :: 100

Their honeymoon had not gone to according to plan—why this had surprised her she wasn’t sure—but after run-ins with crazed dogs and stinging bees she and Daniel had given up on their tropical surroundings and secluded themselves to their room.

This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing Buffy mussed as she traced her nails over Daniel’s forearm and that arm tightened, dragging her bare back tighter to his bare chest. She snuggled closer as she sighed, “You’re my favorite thing.”

She felt him smile against the back of her neck and lay a kiss there. “I know the feeling.”

The end.

The End

You have reached the end of "Favorite Things". This story is complete.

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