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Summary: Buffy is a part of SG-1 and is captured by the Ori

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Cameron MitchellChrisFR1821,1851114,83918 Feb 0820 Feb 08No


Second chapter!

Again, I own nothing! Rub it in my face why don't ya...

Got my first review, thanx to SlayerandWereLeopard. You read my mind, cause here it is what you asked for! :D


By the way, takes place a couple of years after season 7. It's not really important what Buffy did between this and season 7. If at 1 point it did, I'll work it into the story line :P

He was frowning as he walked towards the Generals office. Maybe some time-pressure on the forming off SG-1. He was working on it, that's all he could say. He figured he could get Jackson to stay on SG-1 now that he had missed the Daedalus. Plus, they had Vala right now too.

Probably not a plus he thought.

They thought they had gotten rid off her when they took off the bracelets, but when Jackson collapsed and regained consciousness when Vala returned, it was obvious this was not the case. Dr. Lam figured the connection remained, because of the Ancient device they used. As Daniel used some pressure Vala remembered where she had gotten the bracelets. From some guy named Arlos. She probably ripped him off, so Mitchell suspected they would stumble upon a mighty pissed Arlos.

The team of 3 was about to head off to him, when General Landry had asked to delay the mission for about an hour and had asked for him immediately.

Arriving in front of the General's door he knocked three times.

"Come in." a friendly voice said. Upbeat.

"Sir, you asked to see me?" Mitchell asked, as he opened the door and walked into the office.

"Yes, yes, Colonel. That I did." General Landry said, still upbeat, with an actual twinkle in his eyes. Smiling, but not saying anything for a few moments.

Savoring the moment? shot through Mitchell's head.

"I noticed that you still haven't reconfigured SG-1 yet." the General said, still smiling secretively.

"Yes sure. I am working on it, but we've been a bit busy. I'm sure that I can get Jackson to stay on and that opens the way to Colonel Carter..."

"I think you will be able to convince Colonel Carter," the General intervened, "and then you have three. I'd say you would need a bit more... muscle."

"Although we would manage with the 3 of us sir, I won't stop trying to convince Teal'c."

"That would be great, but Teal'c can only be there if the Council will allow it. It might become... difficult. So I took it upon myself to find you a member."

Mitchell opened his mouth to object, not in a direct way, but in a subtle thank you, but no thank you. He stopped as he saw the amused eyes turn strict.

"I have to say Colonel, that by I took it upon myself, that I mean the president. This is a direct order from above, Mitchell. No rejection." The eyes turned amused again. "Congratulations on your newest team member. She's waiting for you right there." He motioned the conference room.

"She, sir?"

No reaction, just a bigger smile. Mitchell looked through the window in the conference room, expecting to see a very big, muscular, manly woman, waiting on him in uniform, ready to be debriefed. Instead he sees a blond girl, dressed in designer clothes, sitting in one of the office chairs, looking at her nails. Looking bored. He looks at the General confused.

He must be joking. The General just smiles.

"No, it is not a joke Colonel. This is miss Buffy Summers. Treat her with respect, from what I have heard, she deserves it."

Mitchell looked at the blond again. She was tapping her foot She's wearing heels?!, and was still looking utterly bored.

"Go make nice, colonel. She's going on this mission with you, Jackson and Vala. Afterwards we'll debrief you about her, if she hasn't told you anything herself. Dismissed."

Mitchell nodded, saluted and walked into the conference, ready to meet his new team member. As he entered the blond was already standing up and walking towards him, smiling. She's about 5'3", eliminating the hight of the heels, blond, green eyes and doesn't look older than 25.

"Colonel Mitchell, I'm Buffy Summers, your new teammate!" she says, still smiling, extending her hand to greet him.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Captured" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Feb 08.

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