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Summary: Buffy is a part of SG-1 and is captured by the Ori

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Cameron MitchellChrisFR1821,1851114,83918 Feb 0820 Feb 08No


Well, this is my first story here. Have many in my head, but never really thought of putting them up. Until now! :D
Hope you like!
Pairing is Mitchell/Buffy.

Oh, and I don't own anything off course. If only the world would be that good... *sigh*
It's not that long, I know, but I have to break it up. Next chapter will be up in the next hour, or tomorrow. I have no spellings check on my laptop + I am dutch, so tiny mistakes are inevitable, but I hate spelling mistakes myself so I'll do my best!

Here we go!


She's been lost for 48 hours now. 48 hours of torment. 48 hours of not knowing where she is, what they are doing to her, what she is feeling, thinking. The Ori had her, and who knows what they will do to her.

"Will they kill her?" He'd asked no one in particular.

Jackson didn't think so, the rest agreeing with him, while looking at him with sad eyes. What the Ori were most likely to do is to convert her, Jackson explained, trying to teach her in the way of the Ori. He'd snorted at the image of her studying for anything. And to become an Ori? There was no way she'd do that. She probably exclaim something about the blue not being her taste in style... A little smile crept up his face, actually hearing her voice saying it in his head. Then another possibility had flashed through his mind, knocking the smile of his face. Looking straight into Jackson's eyes he had asked the question that had shot through his mind.

"Will they torture her?"

As soon as the words left his lips he knew the answer. The question wasn't neccesary. He knew. Jackson knew. Hell, everyone in the boardroom knew. Nearly a second ago he had smiled at the comments she would make. Now it was not so funny in his mind. She would mock the Ori as they would try to teach her anything. She would be as defiant as possible. And she would be punished. A lump had filled up his throat.

"Cameron..." Carter had started tentativily.
"We need to find her. Now." Cameron had said, interrupting Carter, not wanting to hear anything remotely comforting. He had gotten up from his chair and had walked out.

Now, 48 hours later, he was working off steam in the gym. He couldn't do anything, because there was an endless possibility of where they could have taken her. Even to the Ori galaxy, and going there was not an option. All the SGC could do is wait. Wait for the callbacks from the Jaffa, the Tok'ra and the Asgard. Maybe one of them knew of a planet were the Ori followers did their torturing.

There was nothing to do but wait...
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