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The Chronicles of the Red Witch and Her Slayer

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Summary: Summery: Jean-Claude owes the near mythical duo known as The Red Witch and The Slayer one unconditional favor, and they are coming to St. Louis to collect on it.

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AN1: I’ve been a little sick, ok, ok, very sick, and I haven’t had much time to write because of that. Well, here’s the next chapter, and it’s short yet again, but hopefully next time it’ll be a decent size.

AN2: I’ve been told I need a beta, and I agree. Unfortunately, I am very, very bad with betas, never being able to keep them for long. I think I over work them with my output ratio. Or that they get pissed when I get sick and I can’t write for a period of time. Or maybe it’s because of my bouncing around all my fics like a demented ping-pong ball. Whatever it is, I have trouble keeping them. But, if you want to beta this for me, please, say so in your review. Thank you. I have a temporary beta for now though. Also, the last chapter was re-put up after being betaed. By the way, my temporary beta is not very familiar with either fandom I am writing in, having never read an Anita Blake book, and having only seen very few Buffy episodes. So, all characterization mistakes are all mine and mine alone.

AN3: I forgot to do this in the last chapter, pairings. Anita and her male harem, Willow/Buffy.

AN4: I also forgot to say this, damn I was bad, this will be Willow and Buffy centric, thus this is in the general category.

AN5: I portrayed Jean-Claude a little OOC in the last chapter by making him faint. Well, he still hasn’t recovered from that, so he’ll be a little OOC in the first scene of this chapter as well. Just some fair warning. I’ll get him back in character sooner or latter, I think.

AN6: And finally, in this fic, I am portraying Willow as the ‘Huge Bad Ass Super Powered Witch’ ™ with Buffy as her bodyguard so Willow can pull all those nukes out of her ass, as huge ass nukeage does takes time to set up properly don’t cha know.




St. Louis Missouri: July seventh, 2010 AD: inside the Circus of the Damned: A little while later

Richard and Anita had combined the power of their marks to shock Jean-Claude back in the land of the conscious once again. The idea was actually Richards, believe it or not. He was desperate to find out what was going on right now. Nobody, supernatural and natural alike liked the thought of The Red Witch and The Slayer coming to their town for any reason what so ever.

After Anita had yelled for what seemed to be forever at Jean-Claude for somehow getting them into yet another mess, and then after having Richard actually join her in the verbal tirade, Asher, who came to the reasonable conclusion that there would be no stop to their panicked yelling any time soon, calmly and forcibly asked a very simple question that caused all attention to be brought on to him, and thus finally allowed things to progress past the panicking yelling state that they had been trapped in.

“Jean-Claude, just why do you owe The Red Witch and The Slayer such a favor as this?” was all Asher asked in a very bland tone. All eyes turned to him, and then Anita turned back to Jean-Claude then spoke to him.

Asking in a much calmer tone of voice “Yes Jean-Claude, just why do you own them something like this? And why would they want Belle Morte dead anyways?”

Jean-Claude sighed heavily, as if the weight of the world was too much for him to bear any longer, or admitting what he would have to say was at the very least.

“As to why they want Belle Morte dead, I can not say. The letter said they would tell me in person. As to why I own them such a huge favor…,” Jean-Claude sighed yet again and then he looked at Asher with a look of raw pain extremity evident on his face. “Asher, I never was completely honest with you about the night I rescued you.” Asher stiffened and looked at Jean-Claude with a hash look. It was evident to all, that best friend or no, Master of the City or not, if Asher didn’t like what he was about to hear, he would attack Jean-Claude.

“I watched your and Julianna’s prison for many nights, but I knew I would be unable to rescue you alone. Then, I had heard that The Red Witch and The Slayer were in the country, fighting against the Church. So I put out a request to meet with them, and then I had been given my meeting. They were willing to make a huge distraction that was absolutely guaranteed to vastly lessen the guard upon you and Julianna, but by then it was too late to save her, and all I could get was you.” Jean Claude told Asher with tears in his eyes. “If not for them, I would never have been able to rescue even you.” Jean-Claude told Asher with his heavy feelings supremely evident in his voice, and not sounding at all like the normal Jean-Claude.

Asher blinked back tears of his own and quickly looked away, harshly voicing “It seems I too own them a debt.”

Richard then asked, after it seemed that the tension between the two vampires had lessened, “Um, why were they fighting against the church? I would have thought that they’d have joined in on that inquisition.”

Jean-Claude then looked up at Richard with a look of surprise on his face. A look that asked ‘Are you a complete idiot?’ His emotional state since his story to Asher must not have been fully healed for that to have happened.

Schooling himself and his expressions once again, Jean-Claude then calmly stated “No Richard they would never have. For while they might believe that they have the right to police the supernatural world, they also believe that they must therefore also protect it.” Jean-Claude then shook his head and said with a small amused chuckle “They are truly arrogant to assume such a thing, and yet they are powerful enough that they can make everyone else accept it as a fact.”

“Oh.” Was all Richard said, suddenly feeling just the weeist bit dumb.

“I suggest that we discuss what we will do about Belle Morte tomorrow night after my guests arrive, for we will have a better grasp on the situation then. Besides, I must prepare my people for my guests’ arrival. Not all of them will take this news very well.” Jean Claude said, effectively ending the meeting.

“That’s an understatement if I’ve ever heard one.” Anita whispered, yet all present had heard her.

South West Airlines Flight Three Fifty Seven from Los Angelus California to Saint Louis Missouri: First Class Cabin: Six Forty Five PM

“So, I wonder how Ol’ Jean-Claude is doing now?” A slightly hyper Buffy Summers was saying to her traveling companion. “I mean, he is kinda young to be the master of a city, and he’s been in a ton of trouble lately if all the reports I’ve read are right, and now, Miss prissy beautiful bitch has her eyes on raising literal Hell in his city. Can’t that guy get a break? I mean it’s not like he’s us or anything.”

Willow quietly sighed. While she did have the tendency to babble on and on while she was socially nervous, she had learned over the years that Buffy did the same, but only when she was board. ‘Well, over a thousand years can teach you a lot about someone I guess.’ Willow thought.

Willow then sighed and told Buffy “Buffy, I know that you’re board, but I’m trying to research just what Bella Morte will need in the way of ingredients for the spell she wishes to cast.”

Buffy shot Willow a death glare and then breathed a heavy “Hmmph.” A moment after doing that though, she said “Fine, hand me a book and tell me what I should look for.” After seeing the look of doubt on her red headed companion’s face, Buffy said “Hey, I’m not all brawn, I just hate the research thing. But right now I’m board, so I’m willing to do it.”

Willow sighed and handed Buffy a book and said “I know one, or one group, of ingredients that will be needed is the blood Saint Louis Triumvirate, but I’m not exactly sure why she needs their blood. So find that out if you can, while I look for the other things she’ll need.”

Buffy took the book and said “Yeah, sure.” And began thumbing through it while thinking ‘I hate research. But I hate being board more. Why can’t it always be a simple sick’em job?’

EAN1: Well, in the next chapter, they finally meet! Sorry all, but I wanted that to be in another chapter. Hopefully I’ll get that out soon, and it will be of a decent size. I hate these mini chapters of mine.

EAN2: Well, now you know why Jean-Claude owes them that favor. Sorta obvious wasn’t it? But, what is Bella Morte planning? That may not be what you think.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Chronicles of the Red Witch and Her Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Feb 08.

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