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The Chronicles of the Red Witch and Her Slayer

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Summary: Summery: Jean-Claude owes the near mythical duo known as The Red Witch and The Slayer one unconditional favor, and they are coming to St. Louis to collect on it.

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Chapter One

AN1: Well gee, this is the first thing I’ve ever NOT put on Fan Fiction DOT Net, and it’s due to it being an Anita Blake Crossover. Stingy Laurell K. Hamilton won’t let us fan fic authors put our fics up there. Boo-Hoo-Hoo.

AN2: Well this was my third idea for doing a Buffy Fan Fic after deciding I wanted to do one, and the first one that I’m releasing. I really do need a break from all of the Anime stuff I was writing, especially the Ranma One Half stuff, so, after reading a ton of Buffy fics on Fan Fiction DOT Net and here on Twisting the Hellmouth, and a lot of the Buffy/Anita crossovers, I decided to write one.

AN3: This prologue is fairly short, but then again, it is only the prologue. I should have Chapter One up sometime within a week, I hope.

AN4: After some, persuasion, I managed to get a temporary beta. If any wish for the job on a more, permanent basis, please let me know in a review. This is a re-release of the first chapter, now that it has been betaed. By the way, my temporary beta is not very familiar with either fandom I am writing in, having never read an Anita Blake book, and having only seen very few Buffy episodes. So, all characterization mistakes are all mine and mine alone.

Summery: Jean-Claude owes the near mythical duo known as The Red Witch and The Slayer one unconditional favor, and they are coming to St. Louis to collect on it.

Disclaimer: I do not own the intellectual property that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of its associated characters, locations, items, ideas, or anything else that may be associated with it. Those belong to each of their respective copyright owners. I do not own the intellectual property that is Anita Blake Vampire Hunter or any of its associated characters, locations, items, ideas, or anything else that may be associated with it. Those belong to each of their respective copyright owners. I do not own any of the intellectual properties that are any other fictional persons, places or things. Those belong to each of their own copyright owners. I do not own any real person, place or thing. Those belong to either themselves, in the case of a person, or their real life current true owners in case of a place or object. What I do own is any and every original person, place or thing used in here as well as the story its self. Those very few things are mine. And that’s all that ever will be mine.




France: 800 AD: In the middle of a battlefield

The news that Charlemagne had been made the ‘Emperor of the West’ in exchange for protecting the Church’s interests had not gone over well with the Vampire Council. So, they had sent out some of their followers to show exactly how displeased they truly were. Unfortunately for them, Charlemagne actually took the protection of his people very seriously, thus he had sent a good portion of his army to find and destroy the Vampire Council. And now, well now things were developing into an absolute blood bath, with the Knights of Charlemagne getting the worst of it.

Suddenly, a globe of magical light filled the middle of the battlefield, blinding man and vampire alike. And when the magical light dimmed, it revealed two young women, dressed in strange vestments. As the two strangers gazed upon the field of carnage, one said to the other in English with a voice that held a strange accent, “Will, what the HELL have you gotten us into this time?” And with that, the woman who had spoken kicked the ground and a sword flew up and into the air and landed after many flips into her awaiting hand. Then she was moving with a speed that could not be believed, and decapitated three vampires in one stroke and was now currently working on her seventh.

The other woman shrugged, and lifted up her hands to waist level and then suddenly a group of closing vampires were suddenly engulfed in flames. Then looking around herself and seeing the sheer number of vampires present, she called out “Buffy, keep them off me for a bit!”

“Sure thing Wills!” was the reply. And then, any vampire that tried to make its way to the red haired young woman was mercilessly cut down by the blond haired young woman with her sword. After five minutes of this, the entire battlefield was engulfed in the brightest of sunlight.

St. Louis Missouri: July seventh, 2010 AD: inside the Circus of the Damned

Anita Blake was not prone to panicking lightly, and, as this was not a light time, panic was a fine response for the situation.

It had stated off yesterday with a notice from The Council saying that Belle Morte would be arriving in two months to celebrate All Hollows Eve with them. They had all, understandably, been very worried, and they had met up today again to start their planning.

Then Jean-Claude had gotten another letter that night, and after having read it, he fainted.

That started Anita’s worrying. Jean-Claude just does not faint. It’s too…, too…, un-Jean-Claude. Then, as she tried to awaken him, Asher knelt down and picked up the dropped letter. He read it and then swore. A lot. In French.

Even after all this time, Anita still does not speak fluent French, but she can understand it fairly well, well as long as they speak slow enough for her that is. Which is why Anita was having such a hard time understanding Asher at the moment, for he was cursing up a storm very quickly, but over and over again she heard the words ‘why’ ‘them’ and ‘deal’. Anita suddenly got the sinking feeling that sometime in the past, Jean-Claude had made a deal that was about to bite them all in the ass. She had no idea how right, yet at the same time, how utterly wrong, she was.

After Asher gave up and the ranting and raving and sat down, she gave up on the awakening of Jean-Claude plan, and picked up the letter that Asher had now discarded so that he could put his head in his hands and moan. Taking a quick glance at it, she was surprised to find it written in English. Pleasantly surprised, she then read the letter.

Dear Jean-Claude,

It’s been a while eh? It’s me, Buffy Summers, you know, The Slayer? Well, I hear that Belle Morte is going to be coming down your way soon, and she’s been a bad little vampire, and she is going to be really bad in your town. So I’m calling in my favor that you owe me and Willow, and I’m going to be in St. Louis tomorrow night. I want you to meet us at the airport, and have full access in your territory because we’re going to kill little miss ‘I’m too beautiful’ before she really fucks things up.

See you soon, and hope this won’t cause TOO much of a problem. GRINS.

P.S. I hear you and Asher finally made up. I’m glad that all our work was now finally not in vain.

P.P.S. I can’t wait to meet this Anita Blake woman I keep hearing about. She sounds like my kinda girl.

Buffy Summers

Dear Jean-Claude:

This is Willow Rosenberg, AKA The Red Witch. As The Master of the City of St. Louis, it is our duty to inform you that we will be entering your territory for an undetermined amount of time, depending on how long it takes to reach our goals. Luckily, our goals should coincide with yours, that being the death of the Sire of your line, Belle Morte. But if it doesn’t, then we will have to call in the unconditional favor that you owe us. Belle Morte must die for the sake of the world, and she will, even if we have to go through you to do it. More explanations will be forthcoming when we arrive in St. Louis on why she must die. We will arrive at the airport at seven fifty eight P.M. on flight three fifty seven on Southwest Airlines. Please be there to meet us. We can do this the easy way or the hard way Jean-Claude, please take the easy way, for we are old friends and you do owe us, remember? Besides, when you hear just what Belle Morte is truly up to, I doubt you will even hesitate to help us kill her.

P.S. I am truly glad for you and Asher. Hearing that you have finally made up was wonderful news.


Willow Rosenberg, The Red Witch

Anita stared at the letter in disbelief. ‘The Red Witch and the Slayer?’ She thought. ‘Coming here? To kill Belle Morte?’ in Anita’s opinion, things had now gone beyond bad, and into the realm of ‘OH SHIT’.

Now all Anita had to do was to wait for Jean-Claude to awaken so she could beat him half to death for this.

EAN: I said it was short, right? And if you think I’m going to make Buffy and Willow uber in this fic or something, well you’re right, and you’re wrong at the same time.

‘But how can I be right and wrong at the same time you ask?’

Well they might, that’s might mind you, seem uber at first, well compared to the St. Louis crew that is, but when we get past Bella, well they’re definitely are not uber at all. You’ll see what I mean.

Hope you will enjoy my little ficy, see you all soon, I hope.

And a cyber cookie to anyone who guesses exactly why Willow and Buffy want Belle Morte dead. And I’ll give you a glass of cyber milk if you can guess what they did to get that favor off Jean-Claude. I was not subtle with that one. Not at all.
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