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Family is where the Heart is

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Summary: When Tim Speedle is injured, a family that made itself rush to his side from all over the country.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralcathrineroseFR1593,85405115,04419 Feb 089 May 08No


"Ryan, its Danny. I just got a message. Tim's hurt. He's in Miami General. I'm on my way."

Ryan stared at the answering machine in shock. He ran into his room and took his overnight bag from the closet floor. He turned back into the hallway and grabbed his wallet and phone from the counter where he had dropped them when he came in. He was dialling even as he got into the car and sped through the streets of Salem to the freeway that would take him the airport.

"Greg, Ryan here. Tim got hurt. He's in Miami General. Danny's coming."
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