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Family is where the Heart is

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Summary: When Tim Speedle is injured, a family that made itself rush to his side from all over the country.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralcathrineroseFR1593,85405115,04319 Feb 089 May 08No

Meet the Family

A/N: I don't like author's notes but I have to say a few things. I am officially apologizing to everyone for the huge hiatus. I lost my only copy of the story when my computer crashed. I had to re-write this from scratch and I ended up changing a lot of the story. I didn't want to post this just yet because everything else is all up in the air but I'm out of review feed for my plot bunnies. So please review and help me figure out how to fix a giant plot hole in the middle of what should be the next chapter. Even if I do get it fixed exam start next week so don't expect anything for a while. Sincerest Apologies Cathrine Rose

They had found the missing boy, but Speed was in a coma after being shot. The team had gathered round the hospital bed. Callaigh was red eyed, Eric was pale and in shock, Horatio hadn’t stopped pacing and Alexx hadn’t been able to work up the courage to even set foot in the hospital. Suddenly the door burst open and a tall dark haired man with an eyepatch ran into the room. “What the hell happened? What’s wrong with him?” he asked, running his fingers over Speed’s hair.

“Who are you?” Horatio snarled.

“Back off Caine. Tim’s my cousin. I’ve known him my whole life. Now what happened?”

“His gun was dirty and it didn’t fire. He was in a shoot out.”

“It wasn’t. You’re Callaigh, right?”

“How do you know that? Did you see him clean it?”

“Me and eight others last Saturday.”

“Speed was here last Saturday and he didn’t have anyone staying with him.” Eric said.

“I said I saw him clean it not that I was in Miami. There’s been this little invention known as the web-cam. Conference calls every Saturday. We used to just do it by phone but when Gibbs found out that Tim here had been skipping his cleaning, he insisted we all buy web cams, which for him is a bloody miracle, and actually watches us clean our guns.” He smiled fondly.

“He made me buy it for him and help him set it all up. He said it was worth it if it kept us safe.” They turned round to see another man. He was nearly as tall as Eyepatch, but skinny and gangly. His old clothes, awkward stance and forlorn expression made him look like a lost child.

Tall and dark turned round and pulled the fair skinny boy into his arms. “Spence. How are you?” The two of them stood there hugging each other and holding Speed’s hand.

“I don’t mean to sound rude, but who are you? Speed never mentioned you.”

“You’re Eric, right? Good nickname by the way, it suits him. I prefer to use Tim though, can’t break a habit.” He said as he smiled self-depreciatingly. “Xander Harris, my mom was Speed’s dad’s sister. This is Spencer Reid, his mom was my dad’s sister.”

“If you’re not related to Speed, how come you’re here?” Horatio asked fixing Spencer with a steely glare.

“You guys of all people should know that you don’t have to be related to be family. A bunch of us with crap families were taken in by a really great guy and we made our own family. You know his bike? We gave that to him for his 21st. He loves that stupid thing.”

“And he is going to get himself killed on it one day. Oh god! He was riding that stupid thing and crashed didn’t he? He killed himself on that idiot machine, just like I said he would!”

The CSIs turned to see a stocky man with light brown hair. Xander and Spencer turned and hugged him. “You are absolutely wrong, Rodney.” Xander said as if he was trying to convince himself. “Tim is going to survive and you are going to be yelling at him for going too fast when we are all in wheelchairs.”

“Of course he is, because I have brought Carson with me.” Rodney said smugly. “Carson, get your sheep loving ass in here and tell me he’s going to be ok.”

Two men waked in at that. One, Rodney’s height with black hair and blue eyes picked up the chart and started looking over it. Another, shorter with bleach blonde spiked hair went to Xander and kissed him on the cheek. “I got rooms for us all in the Marriott. I’ll handle the other stuff you just be here for Tim when he wakes up.”

“I love you, you know that?”

“Purely selfish on my part. Tim owes me his Spicy Sausage Pasta recipe.”

“Rodney, there’s no reason to worry. Your cousin was shot and hit his head. They put him in a coma to control the brain swelling but he will be alright when he wakes up.” Carson said as he put down the chart. His accent was a soft Scottish brogue and he smiled at the waiting people.

“How did he get shot in the first place?” asked a soft voice from the door. They turned to see a tall man with silver grey hair who moved with an air of authority standing in the doorway. Andrew and Carson left the room quietly.

“Gunny!” the three men turned and were gathered into his arms. He turned towards the bed and slowly ran his fingers through Speed’s hair, as if to reassure himself that he was alive.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I examined his gun and it was dirty. We thought that was it but now, you saying he had cleaned his gun…” Calleigh trailed off not able to finish the thought.

“Who’d wanna hurt Tim?” The others turned to another man with a strong New York accent, standing in the doorway. He was short and slim with dirty blonde hair and glasses.

“Danny.” Gibbs murmured as the latest arrival was gathered into the rapidly growing huddle by Speed’s side. They stood in silence for a while; the older man’s arrival seemed to have allowed something to burst within each of the younger men. Before they had to be strong for each other, now he could be strong for all of them. None of the Miami team wanted to be the one to break that.

“How is he?” Two men, both slim, one tall with close cropped brown hair and hazel eyes, the other was shorter with brown eyes and spiked brown hair with multicoloured highlights walked into room and almost ran into the huddle. “He’ll be ok. He’ll be ok.”

“Of course he’s gonna be ok. Tim’s survived the most of all of us. He’ll pull through.” This was said by one of the two men who walked in at this point. They were tall, both had brown hair, the speaker was older, slightly shorter with green eyes his hair was darker and cut short, the other noticeably younger with brown eyes and floppy light brown hair. For the first time the Miami team could see a vague familial resemblance between them, but it was hard to imagine a family with less physical resemblance than this one.

“Hey, Timmy. We’re all here now. You gonna wake up soon? ’cause you’ve given us all a big scare. You better wake up brat, ’cause Sammy’s been eyeing the Ducati something awful.”

The older man, Gunny? slapped the speaker on the back of his head. “There will be no-one taking Tim's bike.” He growled. “It’s going to be right here when he wakes up.”

At this point a nurse came in and looked around. “Your friend is going to survive. You don’t have to crowd around him like this. And you definitely don’t need to block up the whole corridor. Not that I mind.” She said to Calleigh. “I haven’t seen this much eye-candy in one room since a male model twisted his ankle and all his friends came to visit.”

“What do you mean blocking up the corridor?” Eric asked.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Family is where the Heart is" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 May 08.

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