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Family is where the Heart is

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Summary: When Tim Speedle is injured, a family that made itself rush to his side from all over the country.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralcathrineroseFR1593,85405115,04519 Feb 089 May 08No

CSI: New York

I do not own any of the characters who are going to appear. they belong to their respective creators. this is simply writen for fun not profit.

"Mr Messer? I'm calling on behalf of Miami-Dade PD. Timothy Speedle was injured in the line of duty. You're listed as his next of kin. He's currently in Miami General, in a stable condition…"

Danny paled when the recording clicked off. God, in hospital, he knew Tim often got injured, but for a stranger to be calling about is hospitalisation, it would have to be pretty serious.

First things first, he had to get time off work. "Mac, its Danny… I need time off ASAP... It's a family thing… No on my mom's side actually… Look Mac the one of the only two people biologically related to me who didn't turn out all wrong, I need to go be with him. I'm taking the time off… the only thing you get a say in is whether I take those family days you've been nagging me about or do I leave and never look back." He snapped slamming down the phone. He turned round to see Don standing in the doorway. "What?"

"Well, I was going to suggest going for a few beers, but some how I don't think you're in the mood."

"I don't have time for this." Danny snarled, storming into his room. He grabbed his clothes from the drawers and pushed them into the duffel on the bed.

"Look, Danny, I've got an over night bag in my car. If you want I'll come with you, make sure you don't get yourself killed before Mac can do it for you." Don said resting his hand on his friend's shoulder. Danny leaned into the touch for a minute, breathing slowly. He nodded, zipped up the duffel and grabbed his cell.

"You're driving." He said as the two walked out of the apartment.

When they started driving Danny opened his cell.

"Ryan, its Danny. I just got a message. Tim's hurt. He's in Miami General. I'm on my way."
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking