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The Slayer and the WarShip: Andromeda

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Summary: The Neitzien Wolf Pride invade the Andromeda with a petite blonde, who kicks ass

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Television > AndromedaWhiteWolfFR1336,19044113,2953 Aug 0331 May 04No

Chapter 1

Title: The Slayer and the WarShip: Andromeda

Author: WhiteWolf

Disclaimer: The usual stuff

Time frame: After Season 7 Buffy and from Adromeda Season 2,maybe even 3.

Summery: The Neitzien Wolf Pride invade the Andromeda with a petite blonde, who kicks ass.

A/N: not beta-ed

The Slayer and the WarShip: Andromeda

Chapter 1:

"It seemed you have heard of me." An impish smile showed on Buffy's face.

Rev was gaining some of his self-control back, when he spoke back. "Yes, I have heard the
rumours about you.

Dylan didn't know what was going on, but he had never seen these two crew members ever
scared not for their own life. Trance was still clinching at the ceiling of the command center.
How the heck did she get up there? He turned to the Magog. "Rev, who is she?"

"Ah yes." He seemed more relaxer, now that Buffy didn't seem to want to kill him. "She is
how should I put is, ah the boogeyman of the Magog."

"The Magog fear nothing and nobody, they don't have a boogeyman. They are the
boogeymen." Dylan was stating something, what sounded very obvious.

"Yes, that was true until about two decades ago on Hu'jano."

"Cleaned up house on planetary side. You know the only decent sleep I had on that planet was
when I have killed every Magog in a 10 mile radius. After awhile the smell of rotten Magogs
don't bother you anymore."

"Ho, are you saying that you killed a planet full of Magogs?" Harper interrupted her, this was
something he couldn't have dreamed up in his wildest dreams.

"No, only half, the rest I scared away." Buffy shrugged her shoulders.

"Hu'jano was 'liberated' by the Neitzien." Tyr said.

"Which Pride?" Deacon asked.

"Some insignificant pirate pride." Tyr answered.

Deacon gave Tyr a knowing grin and realization showed on Tyr's face. "My Pride came to
loot after the Magog left. That's how we met Lady Buffy."

"You guys were lucky that I thought you guys were human." Buffy smirked at her husband

"Do you always have to insult me, Wife?"

"Yes." Buffy gave him a mischievous smile, before turning back to Rev. There was a hard
glare and a probing look in her eyes. Rev stepped back. Buffy stepped forward her eyes still
focusing on his eyes. Buffy's eyes softened up a little and she placed a hand on the Rev's
retreating cheek. She looked him in the eyes and gave him a warm smile.

"Where did you get a soul? Pissed off some gipsies and they cursed you with one?"

"I have a soul? Gipsies? Cursed?" Rev didn't sound coherent, after his account with the Spirit
of the Abys, he was doubting the existence of his own soul and Buffy giggled. This made Rev
take back his control over his speech. He didn't understand the gipsy or curse part. "You are
telling me I have a soul? That I'm of the Divine?"

"About the Divine I don't know. I and the Divine aren't on speaking terms lately." Buffy
looked up. "Bastards."

Buffy looked back at Rev and saw him confused. "I have some unresolved issues with
him/her/them whatever."

Rev gave her a hearty chuckle. "Yes, the Divine can be 'frustrating' with her silence, especially
if you don't understand her path."

"It is worse if she speaks. It is all cryptic and all." Rev looked shocked. He wanted to say
something but Buffy continued. "About you having a soul. Definitely. I have seen soulless and
evil creatures and you aren't one of them."

Buffy still had her hand on his cheek. Rev leant into it. "Thank you."

"You are welcome." Buffy smiled, but it turned into a frown. "And where do you think you are
going, Demon Girl. Sit!"

There was so much authority in Buffy's voice that Trance immediately sat down on the spot on
the floor. Nobody had noticed, that Trance was about to sneak out of the Command Room.
Buffy was about to walk to Trance, when Dylan stepped in front of her. He wasn't going to let
her hurt Trance. Harper and Bekka did the same thing. None of the Neitzien moved in a
defense position to protect Buffy. Rev was still behind her and he didn't dare to pass her in
fear to escalate matters more.

Dylan really didn't like Buffy call Trance Demon Girl. "I'm not going to let you harm her."

Dylan sounded more confident than he felt, but nothing was shown in his demeanor. How do
you fight against a person who had scared off a Magog invasion from a planet.

Buffy looked serious in Dylan's eyes. "You have no idea what she is."

"She is a member of my crew." Dylan said in a mater-of-fact tone.

Buffy crooked her head. "I know you have visit Inisi. Do you know that one of her kind
started the civil war 50 years ago, which decimated the planet?"


Buffy had no doubt that Dylan knew more than enough to be suspicious, but still he gave her
the benefit of the doubt. She found that very admirable about him. "About 15 years back I have
heard rumours about Inisi. I investigated it and found out about our little blue friend with the
tail. It took me over a year to track him down. We had a little chitchat." Buffy grinned and it
made Dylan uncomfortable. "I don't know how much was truth, half-truth or lies, but
nevertheless I got the picture of what he was, before I killed him."

A shudder when through Trance, but she kept quiet.

"I bet he was hard to kill." Tyr stated, if the other creature was anything like Trance, he had no
doubt about the difficulty of the act of killing him.

"Yeah, it messed up my favoured shirt." Buffy was pouting.

"Life shouldn't be extinguished lightly." Rev preached.

"Who said it was lightly? I took me almost two days to kill him." Buffy turned back to Dylan.
"You have no idea how dangerous she is."

It was the first time since Buffy entered the Command Room, that Trance spoke. "I'm not
more dangerous, than you are."

Buffy looked down and saw Trance look up with big innocent eyes. Those eyes didn't fool her.
"Nobody and nothing is more dangerous than I am." Buffy didn't brag it was a simple
statement. Buffy still had to find somebody to defeat her.

Several different emotions were sequencing each other on Trance's face. The last one was
recognition. "You are the Golden Slayer, who had fallen in love with the fallen Angel?"

This shocked Buffy. The blue male demon didn't know her or maybe he didn't recognized her.
The communication was mainly one-sided.

"You aren't here to slay me?" Trance didn't sound very convincing, that she would like the
answer Buffy would give in return. She had her shoulders shrugged in and looked up with big
innocent fearful eyes.

"Do you need to be slayed?" Buffy asked serious.

Trance was thinking about it, turning toward Buffy but still sitting in the same spot with her
legs crossed. Her eyes were frantically moving around without focusing on anything special.
After a few second which seemed minutes, her eyes rested on the Slayer. "I don't think so."

"Good answer." Buffy smiled. "Don't make me regret it." There was a warning tone in Buffy's
last sentence. Trance ignored it and hopped up from the ground and gave Buffy a big hug.

"You won't and we are so going to have a lot of fun. I'm so going to be the envy of
everybody." Trance turned her head to Dylan while still holding Buffy in her arms. "You have
to hire her. You are not going to regret it and she will keep the Neitzien in check. Even better
then you do with Tyr."

Deacon leant into Tyr whispering. "I think one of us is being insulted maybe even both." Tyr
only raised his eyebrows.

Dylan didn't look happy with what transpired between Rev, Trance and Buffy. And there was
another thing he didn't like. "Why are you called the Slayer?"

"My Watcher gave it to me and destiny slapped it in my face."

Dylan looked confused and irritated. Trance skipped in with the info. "The title of the Slayer is
given to a mystical Warrior, who keeps the Abys at bay. Always a girl. And the Watcher is her
mentor." Trance added as an afterthought.

"Mystical like magic?" Harper asked. Being a mechanic he didn't believe in magic, but it was
nevertheless an interesting subject.

"Yep, call me magical girl." The petite woman turned to Harper with a bright smile.

"Cool, know any magic tricks."

"I know a card trick and a disappearing act with a stake." Buffy winked at him.

"The disappearing act won't work anymore. Vampires are extinct." Trance interrupted.

"Are you sure? I haven't been to earth, but Vampires have been at the beginning of time and I
expected them to be at the end of time." Buffy asked the Blue Demon Girl.

Talking about Vampires confused the crew of the Andromeda at least those who knew about
Vampires. But none interfered in the conversation to find more about the woman.

"Yep, the Fallen Angel had performed some kind of blood ritual and wiped them all out."

"How about Angel?" Buffy didn't want to ask, but she had to.

"They turned him human." Trance was smiling cheerful at Buffy.

"Really?" Buffy's voice was weak and her eyes were teary.

Trance nodded and Buffy engulfed her in a big spine crushing hug and cried into Trance
shoulder. It were happy tears. Trance groaned in pain from the hug, Buffy loosened the hug
but didn't let go. She was afraid that if she let her go, it wouldn't make it anymore true; Angel
human. He deserved it. She missed her friends even after 20 years.

"Thank you." She whispered in Trance ear.

"You are welcome." Trance said very perky.

Before Buffy could say something else, there was a holographic firework display around the
room. And hologram Willow was wearing a party hat and a whistler and a rattler in the other
hand and was making a lot of noise. Buffy was laughing at hologram Willow.

"This need to be celebrated." Hologram Willow was doing a little dance around herself. All the
festive attributes disappeared. "I have reserved the conference room after the business with the
Highguard had finished."

"Thanks, Will."

"Stop." Dylan waved with his arms as if he was separating two invisible persons in front of
him. "Enough. I have no idea what is going on. But you can forget it. I won't have a crew that
will betray me at any moment." The word Vampire freaked him out and he was ignoring it for
the moment. Neither did he want a crazy crew.

Buffy approached Dylan and looked sympathetic into his eyes. "They won't betray you." Dylan
wanted to retort, but Buffy stopped him. "My Husband would betray you in a second, if he
thought he could get away with it without getting stumped into the ground by me. But this
crew." Buffy gave Dylan a datasheet. "I have handpicked each of them. Each of them has their
own reason to be here, but all of them knows, that the survival of this ship means the survival
of an united front against the WorldShip, which means the survival of the known space, which
means the survival of their family and pride." Buffy pointed at the datasheet. "It is heavy
coded, Willow will give you the decryption codes. I really don't want Tyr to get his hands on
these. He'll use it against them or you."

Dylan looked perplexed at being ambushed by the petite blonde. This woman knew Neitzien
maybe better than the Neitzien themself.

"I vote for her to stay. Anybody who can scare Magog and can puppy train Neitzien we need
on our side. And who knows she might puppy train Tyr too." A lot of dead glares were
directed at Harper, which made him seek cover behind Dylan.

"I vote no. She boarded our ship and I don't trust her." Bekka touched her now black eye. She
didn't know who hit her, but she would vote for the petite blonde.

"Hey, it wasn't my plan. I just went along to keep the casualties to a minimum." Buffy
defended herself.

"I agree with Captain Valentine. She is dangerous." Tyr gave his opinion.

A laugh escaped Deacon. "An understatement of the year."

Bekka mumbled something under her breath. "Damn, Tyr agrees with me. I must be wrong."

"I vote for staying." Trance was almost jumping from joy. "She is going to bring a lot of fun
with her."

Buffy was happily smiling at Trance, who returned her smile.

"I vote with Trance. I'm not sure how much 'fun' she will be, but I feel that she is touched by
the Divine." Rev bowed his head slightly toward Buffy.

Rommy was next to give her opinion. "I have to agree with Tyr. She is too dangerous. If she
decide to turn against us. It would be hard to contain her maybe even impossible."

Dylan was listen to his crew in silence. He would be the tiebreaker. Even if he wasn't. It would
still be his decision. He glanced at the datasheet in his hand and saw that the data was
decrypted. He was only wondering about it for a second, before he randomly looked at five
profiles. After reading the profiles he made a decision.

"A month probation." Dylan looked at Buffy

"Year." Deacon counter acted and answered for Buffy.

"3 months." Dylan turned to Deacon.

"Half year."

"3 months."

"3 months and 3 days."

Dylan smiled. He knew that Deacon didn't cared about the 3 days. It was just to have the last
word. The evidence was when he saw Buffy roll her eyes. Dylan shook Deacon's hand. "Deal."

"Good. Now we have to get Willow back where she belongs." Buffy said.

"Maybe we should let her stay, where she is. She could be very useful were she is." Deacon
advised his wife.

"No, I want her out of Andromeda's system." Dylan was very adamant about it.

"I agree. We can't be his crew if we don't trust him or he us." Buffy knew that she couldn't let
Willow in Andromeda's system.

"But I like it here. Being a warship is so cool." Hologram Willow was pouting.

"Willow?" Buffy was warning Hologram Willow.

"But Buffy?" The Willow hologram was whining.

"No." There was finality in Buffy's words.

"Can I have an avatar then? " Hologram Willow pointed to Rommy.


"But." Hologram Willow was whining even more.

"No buts. Give control back to Andromeda." Buffy had a resolve face on she had learned from
Willow and both her hands on her hips.

"Yes, Lady Buffy." The hologram pouted. She rolled and closed her eyes to make
computations. "O ooh."

"What?" Buffy looked worried back.

"Incoming slipstream activity." Hologram Willow moves with her eyeballs. "Oh boy. Magog
swarm ships."

End chapter 1.
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