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The Slayer and the WarShip: Andromeda

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Summary: The Neitzien Wolf Pride invade the Andromeda with a petite blonde, who kicks ass

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Television > AndromedaWhiteWolfFR1336,19044113,2963 Aug 0331 May 04No

Boarding Magogs

Title: The Slayer and the WarShip: Andromeda

Author: WhiteWolf

Disclaimer: The usual stuff

Time frame: After Season 7 Buffy and from Adromeda Season 2,maybe even 3.

Summery: The Neitzien Wolf Pride invade the Andromeda with a petite blonde, who kicks ass.

A/N: not beta-ed

The Slayer and the WarShip: Andromeda

Chapter 2:

"No, no, no." Harper was panicking.

"They have to be kidding." Dylan hit a consol hard with the flat of his hand. "Bekka. Get us
out of here."

Beka went behind the controls and tried to pilot them out of the solar system, with the use of
slipstream but nothing happened.

Hologram Willow looked apologetic. "Access to slipstream has been denied."

"Beka put distance between us and the Magog." Dylan didn't wait for any response from her
and turned to Harper. "Harper go to the slipstream room and activate the slipstream manual."

Harper ran out of the room mumbling something about the Magog and his death.

Buffy went on the internal com. "Magog attack. Team Beta, Delta and Epsilon to slipstream
room and protect at all cost. I want Gamma and Lambda around the control room. The rest
follow plan Coyote."

"Tyr." Who was already at his post. Dylan turned to the hologram Willow. "Do the
slipfighters work?"

"No. But defense missile still accessible."


"I know what I have to do, sir." Tyr wasn't even looking at Dylan, while working on the

"Willow, where is the SS Scooby?" Buffy asked.

Recognition came over Bekka's face hearing the familiar name.

"In the hangar next to The Eureka Maru." Willow answered.

"Trance lay a distress call to any ally we got in the area. That we're being attacked by the
Magog." Dylan gave instructions to Trance.

"Willow. Delay the same call to any Wolf pride ship." Buffy turned to Dylan. "So far we are
working good together."

"So far is the keyword." Bekka put in her two cent worth.

"Rommy how long before they breach the hull."

"2 minute." "3 minute." Rommy and hologram Willow said at the same time.

"2 and a half minute." Buffy helped.

Dylan went to the intercom. "Harper how long before slipstream is on."

"5 to 6 minute, boss." Harper said.

"How long before Andromeda is fully operation?"

Rommy is looking at hologram Willow, who looked back. They came to an understanding.
"I'll be back online within 10 minutes." Rommy answered.

"And I have the slipfighters launched and ready in 7 minutes." Willow gave her reply.

"I have contacted a Jaguar Pride Squadron Captain and he'll say he will be with 5 ship in 8
minutes." Trance said.

"Seven Wolves within 6 to 9 minutes distance." Hologram Willow. "And on the Scooby
Channel we have 2 within 10 minute distance and another 27 within 30 minutes."

A deep breath intake could be heard from Bekka. "Damn, what did you let on you ship now."
She said to Dylan.

Buffy smiled but didn't turn to Bekka. "You shouldn't believe all the rumours captain

"Still not liking it."

"What the Hell is going on?" Dylan wanted to know what Bekka knew about their 'new crew

"We talk later, when we aren't preparing for battle." Buffy ignored Dylan and turned to
hologram Willow. "How much do you think will get through?"


"About 200. We can handle 200 and when reinforcement come, they can shoot the rest out of
the sky."

"Milady seem to be very optimistic." Tyr said.

Deacon was stationing his men around the control center. "My wife was realistic. When it is a
1000 to 1 and she says we can handle it, then she is optimistic."

"Oh, I have to go. Rommie could you take over?" Trance was gone before Dylan could stop

"Where the hell is she going?" Dylan wanted to know.

"Do you trust her?" Buffy asked.

"Yes." Dylan didn't hesitate.

"Than you have nothing to worry." Buffy pointed at a Neitzien. "Nino, take Trance place.
Rommie is needed to restore Andromeda's systems back."

"Willow display all movement of the crew, while I inspect the troops and explain code Coyote
to him." Buffy was about to leave the command center when she picked the force lance up. "I
would love to have one of these. I'm a master with the quarterstaff."

Dylan took the forcelance from her and reprogrammed it. And gave it back to Buffy. "It is
now programmed to your DNA. Nobody but you can use it."

"Cool. I hate that about weapons. Once a Vampire staked me with my own stake. Not very
pretty and very embarrassing." Buffy left command center leaving a confused Dylan behind.

"She wasn't joking about the vampires?" Dylan asked to nobody specific.

"No." Deacon answered. "When she called Trance a Demon Girl. I'm sure she's a Demon."

Outside of the Command Center Buffy spoke to a consol. "Willow direct me to the most
concentrated of Magogs when they enter the ship."

Buffy was walking through the corridors. She was halfway through the ship before she heard
the first boarding of the Magog. Hologram Willow appeared next to her.

"Two levels down and then to the right." Hologram Willow pointed in the direction were
Buffy should go.

"Thanks, Will." Buffy raced to the pointed direction. She dropped herself and landed with a
tuck two levels down. She heard the Magog coming toward her. It seemed she was the first
one to cross their path. She activated her forcelance at full length. She pushed another button
and energy blade was extending from one side. The first Magog came around the corner.

"Come to Mama." Buffy grinned at the Magogs and charged them. It didn't take her long to
take half of them down, when a Magog got lucky and knocked her forcelance from her hand.
She wasn't worried. She had faced Magogs before without weapons, plus she still had a knife
and a dagger on her. But it was difficult to reach them, for the Magogs were to close to her,
without leaving herself vulnerable. But then.


Heads turned, which gave Buffy enough time to get her knife. It was Trance, who was holding

"Catch." Trance threw something to Buffy.

Buffy let her knife drop when she recognized the object soaring through the air. A wide grin
was placed on her face, when she caught it. The Magog looked at her frighted.

"Come to Mama."

Buffy didn't wait for them to attack her and went into the offensive. Trance closed her eyes,
while Buffy dispatched the Magog in 5 seconds flat. She walked toward Trance.

"You can open you eyes again. I'm finished. You know that it isn't smart to close you eyes
middle in a battle."

"Yeah, I know." Trance looked sheepish.

Buffy held the Scythe up in front of Trance. "Where the hell did you find my Scythe?"

"In a dump store on an asteroid. The owner wanted to get rid of it. He said it gave him the
wiggies and that it was cursed."

"It was only meant for a slayer to wield." Buffy looked to a consol. "Willow are there any
more Magogs on the ship?"

Buffy picked up the forcelance and put in her waistband. She held the Scythe and was very
happy about having her Scythe back. She was brought back to the present when she felt the
ship being assaulted by more swarm ships.

"Willow, code Follow-The-Light." After Buffy had spoken her last word a light ball smaller
than an inch. It was flying in front of Buffy and making saltos. It was flying forward and back.

"Oh how pretty." Trance was clapping with her hands.

Buffy smiled. "Let's follow it."

The light lead her right to the next batch of Magogs.

End Chapter 2.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Slayer and the WarShip: Andromeda" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 May 04.

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