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The Slayer and the WarShip: Andromeda

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Summary: The Neitzien Wolf Pride invade the Andromeda with a petite blonde, who kicks ass

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The Slayer and the WarShip: Andromeda

Title: The Slayer and the WarShip: Andromeda

Author: WhiteWolf

Disclaimer: The usual stuff

Time frame: After Season 7 Buffy and from Adromeda Season 2,maybe even 3.

Summery: The Neitzien Wolf Pride invade the Andromeda with a petite blonde, who kicks ass.

The Slayer and the WarShip: Andromeda


The warship Andromeda Ascendent came out of slipstream and before anything else happened
she was shaken as if being hit by something by several objects.

"Andromeda. What hit us?" Captain Hunt asked his ship.

"They look like asteroids, but they are clinging at my hull." An alarm went through the ship.
"They breached the outer hull. Intruders alert."

"Are they Magog?" Captain Hunt asked.

"Please, not the Magogs." Harper was trembling from fear.

The ship's Avatar Rommie looked worried at Harper, but ignored him, when a hologram of
herself answered the questions. "No, they are Neitziens."

"Oh, that is slightly better." Harper quibbled sarcastic.

"Tyr." Captain Hunt was contacting his Neitzien Weapons Tactical Officer over the comlink.
"We are boarded by Neitziens. Prepare to repel them from our ship."

"Repel was just, what I was planning to do. Hope you don't might if they are a little dead
when I have repelled them?" Tyr said calm.

"No, be my guested." Dylan turned to his ship avatar. "Rommie, how many?"

"138. Hmm, that is strange." Rommie was frowning.

"What?" Dylan asked impatiently.

"Their weapons I detect are all on stun and they have a female human fighting amongst them."

"Stun? Human? Female?" Three words he wouldn't associate with a Neitzien raid patry.

"And she is very effectively going through my defenses." Rommie raised her eyebrows.

"What is a human doing in a Neitzien raid party? And why are their weapons on stun?
Andromeda, put the defenses on incapitation and direct Tyr to the human. I want her alive if
possible." Dylan was looking at some screen on his console.

"Maybe they aren't here to harm us." Rev the Magog stated a possibility.

"Oh, yeah. They just came here for a tea party." Harper said sarcastic.

"What I was meaning to say." Rev folded his hands. "We might talk to them and find out what
they want and come to a compromise to benefit both parties."

Dylan hated to be in this position. First somebody boarding or shooting at his ship and now he
had to be talk to them 'nicely'. But nevertheless he pushed a button to open an open channel
through out his ship. "This is Highguard Dylan Hunt of the Common Wealth. Sees your
hostility, we might ... ."

Before Dylan could say anything more the holographic projection of Andromeda was knocked
out by another holographic projection of a redhead. Andromeda was lying unconscious on the
floor. The redhead put her hands in the air and hopped a victory dance.

"Oh, Yeah. Knock out in the first round. The Mighty Willow wins with a sucker punch. And
the crowd goes wild. Yeeeeah."

She stopped her hopping and turns to Dylan. She waved to him. "Hi, I'm Willow."

Dylan was shocked and he wasn't the only one. With the exception of Rommie and Trans.

"She has knocked me in sleep mode. It will take me a few hours before I have full control
back." Rommie stated.

"Hi, I'm Trans." Trans waved back to the redhead.

The redhead gave Trans a wave back before turning to Dylan and she saluted in military style.
"I advice you to surrender, sir."

Dylan didn't respond to Willow and turned to Harper. "Harper, I want her purged from the
system before she harms Andromda."

Before Harper could put his hands on the consoles, sparks were flying from the consoles and
almost exploded in his face. Harper looked apologetic to Dylan.

"Sorry boss, but she fried the consoles. I need another connection to the mainframe." Harper
walked toward the door, but was stopped by an android pointing a forcelance at him. And the
other androids were pointing forcelances at the others crew members.

"Maybe you should listen." Holographic Willow was distracted for a second and made a hurt
face. "Your Neitzien friend didn't listen either. Oh yeah. He is going to feel that in the

"Tyr! Tyr answer!" Dylan tried frantically to reach Tyr.

"I think he is busy at the moment getting his ass kicked ... no scratch that, he is probably taking
his afternoon nap."

Dylan turned toward the voice to level his weapon at the person. But what he found was five
Neitzien aiming weapons at him and five more at his crew. The leader was an impressive
example of a Neitzien man. His eyes were dark eyes with an amused sparkle in them.

"I would consider surrendering at this point, if I were you."

Dylan was interrupted by the foreign hologram. "Auw, that is going to leave a black eye in the
morning. Not very attractive on a woman."

Woman? Bekka? "If you harmed her ..."

"Chill out Mon Captain. It is only a black eye." The Willow holograph interrupted any threat
that Dylan might wanted to utter. "Be a good boy and surrender."

Dylan looked around and saw that he was out of options for the moment. Andromeda's
mainframe was highjacked and his crew was incapitated. He deactivated his forcelance and
dropped it on the floor and kicked it to the person in charge of the Neitziens. He carefully
picked it up and placed it on a console to not activate it and getting shocked.

"What do you want from my ship?" Dylan asked probable knowing the answer already.

"You probably won't believe it, when he is going to tell you."

Dylan turned to the doorway and saw a petite, blonde woman in her forties, carrying Tyr on
one shoulder and Bekka on the other one. She carried them without effort. She dropped Tyr
very unceremonial on the ground. But with Bekka she was more carefully and gently put her
down against a console to make her as comfortable as possible. Dylan wanted to approach
them but a Neitzien stopped him. Harper had the same idea, but thought better of it.

"Let him go, Kilan." The blonde told the Neitzien.

The Neitzien let him pass and Dylan kneeled next to Bekka on the other side of the blonde.
Dylan looked her over for any serious injuries.

"Don't worry. She'll be fine. I only tapped her a little."

Dylan looked confused at the blonde, who turned back to the leader. "Deacon, Why don't you
tell him why you have invaded his ship."

This confused Dylan even more. A human who was commanding a Neitzien and he didn't seem
to mind. Maybe she wasn't totally human after all for she had carried Tyr and Bekka at the
same time, without breaking a sweat.

"I'm Deacon Lupa of the Wolf pride. I'm here to offer my pride as your new crew and form an
alliance with the Common Wealth."

Dylan looked shocked and confused and he looked toward the blonde, somehow thinking there
were the answers to be found.

"Told you, you wouldn't believe it." The blonde stood up and put her hands on her hips and
looked exasperating at Deacon. "Oh, no. Mister High and Mighty Macho Neitzien couldn't do
it the normal way by sending you his résumé and apply for a position on your ship."

"Since when do Neitzien have any good résumé." Harper added, but clammed up, when he
remembered that he was surrounded by Neitzien.

But Deacon wasn't offended, he even laughed. "See Honey. That's why I didn't use the
normal channel to apply."

The blonde stood in front of Deacon, she was at least one and half foot smaller. "As if he
wants to hire you now."

"He either hires us or loses his ship." Deacon said matter-of-fact.

Before the blonde could respond, Dylan interfered. "You want to be a member of my crew?

"We want to fight the Worldship." Deacon answered in the same voice he used toward the

The blonde rolled her eyes. "And 'now' tell him the 'real' reason. He isn't going to believe,
that you are one of the White Hats out of the goodness of your heart."

Deacon glared at the blonde. "Wife." There was an annoying and an warning in his voice.

"Husband." The blonde mimicked his tone perfectly.

They had a staring contest. Dylan couldn't believe a Neitzien married a human. He put it away
to break his head over later and he broke their staring contest. "So, what is the real reason for
his generous offer?" Dylan directed his question to the blonde thinking, that he might get a
straight answer from her before one from the Neitzien.

Deacon gave a warning look to the blonde, but she ignored him. "It is the corpse."

"Draco Musafiti's remains." Dylan whispered. Tyr moved a little. It would have gone
unnoticed by most.

"I know you are awake Kodiak." The blonde didn't even look at Tyr.

Tyr didn't move for a moment and then he opened his eyes and stood up. His eyes were
looking hostile around.

"Chill, Jamaica. They aren't here to steal you precious corpse, I forbid them. I still can't
believe why somebody wants a corpse especially if they say god is dead." The blonde gave
Dylan a weary smile and Harry laughed silently in the back.

"So the 'corpse' isn't the payment, what is?" Dylan asked the blonde. He was getting
confused. Draco Musafiti's remains were one of the most sought out objects by the Neitzien.

"I'm sure there are a few opportunities along the way, that will compensate for our effort."
The blonde was keeping it vague.

"Oh, could you repeat that, when Bekka is awake?" Harper asked. Who had taken over
Dylan's place next to Bekka.

"Why?" The blonde looked confused at Harper.

"Because whenever Bekka asked our Lord and Master here, to make a profitable, but small
detour. He refuses." Harper answered.

Buffy looked angry at Dylan. "Don't tell me you are making them work for free. What are you
a slave driver?"

Harper was nudging Bekka to wake her up. He knew she wouldn't want to miss this. While
Dylan was driven back by Buffy fury and tried to stamper a good response back. Bekka woke
gradual up in the blonde's tantrum, Harper tells her to be silence and listen.

"... that is no reason for them not to make some money now and then. They need the
satisfaction that their life isn't only the-safe-the-universe gig. They need something that
resembles normal life and for a freighter captain that means making money now and then."

"What's going on?" Bekka asked Harper wincing when she touched her blacking eye. Last
thing Bekka could remember was a small fist flying her way.

"The attack was a Neitzien way to apply for a job and the petite blonde is negotiate the
contract. And if you are lucky she is going to renegotiate a better contract for us too." Harper
answered, but had half of his attention on the blonde (drooling) and Dylan.

"Job? They want to be part of Andromeda's crew?" That didn't sound right and didn't make


Bekka was stunned and sat back and listen to the conversation. Okay, this is weird even for
Andromeda's standard. The blonde woman was reprimanding Dylan, how he treated his crew.
Bekka almost laughed, if it wasn't for those Neitzien guards. The height difference alone was

Tyr stood closer to Deacon looking at the exchange between the petite blonde, who effectively
kicked his ass, and Captain Hunt.

"She fights very well." Tyr heard the comment about husband and wife, between Deacon and
the petite blonde. He also noticed the wedding bands around their upper arms.

"You haven't seen her dance yet." Deacon watched Tyr like a hawk for any threatening move.
He understood where Tyr was going with that 'statement'. He had heard it before.

"Dance?" Tyr raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah, especially with a few Magogs."

Tyr raised his eyebrow again. "She is genetically enhanced?" Tyr tried to find out why a
Neitzien would marry a human, nevertheless a strong and fast human.

"No, she is human to a fault." There was a lot of amusements in Deacon's voice as if he was
laughing at an inside joke.

"And still you married her?" Tyr was surprised by it even thou the evidence was right in front
of him.

Deacon grinned at Tyr. "You haven't seen her dance. Plus she made the Wolf Pride one of the
strongest Pride around this sector."

"Strongest? Ha, the Wolf Pride was almost destroyed a century before the Kodia Pride." Tyr
said bitterly.

"Yes and because of her, we are now back at the top."

"And why didn't I hear any victories lets say in the last 2 decades of the Wolf pride?" Tyr
asked skeptical.

"Because we're keeping a low profile and trying to avoid any conflict with the exception of the
Magog. And we don't show off with our victory."

Deacon could see the disbelief in Tyr's eyes and laughed.

"What is so funny Husband?" It attracted the blonde's attention.

"'Jamaica' here." Deacon nodded his head toward Tyr. "Doesn't believe in our Pride

The blonde puffed. "We could crush the Dragons in a heartbeat and have the Jaguars as
leftovers" And she snipped her finger. There was pride in her voice.

There was a glitter in Tyr's eyes. "And why didn't you do it?"

"Because I forbid them and it would have only weaken the Pride unnecessary. And I don't like
unnecessary destruction. I have seen enough in my life." There was a sadness in her voice that
even touched Tyr.

"That is a very admirable stand point."

The blonde turned to the Magog, who spoke up. There was a glance of danger in her eyes. "I
still can't believe, that a soulless creature can be a priest." Her voice was neutral, without any

"Ah, yes." The Magog folded his hands again. "Soulless, might be a good way to describe my
people. But nevertheless I trust in the Devine. I'm Rev Bem and who might you be, milady?"
Rev bowed his head in respect.

The blonde grinned, what only could be described as wolfish. "I'm Buffy Summers." There
was a dramatic pause. "The Slayer."

Two things happened at the same time. One an unearthly and unhuman sound came from the
Magog and he stumbled back as quickly as possible and he hit the Wall with a hard tuck. Fear
was showing in his eyes.

Second was an eerie squeal from Trans, who jumped in the air and was hanging and gripping at
some extension at the ceiling for dear life.

End Prologue.
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