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Starting Over

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Summary: When Jack was asked to take custody of his newly discovered daughter, Buffy, he had no idea he was going home with four teens instead of one.

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Stargate > General > Characters: Jack O'NeillStarfataFR1552,390411040,16520 Feb 082 Dec 08No

The Beginning

Hey, first story on this site, and it's a combo of a 'proper' fic and drabbles making up a story. It's in response to a challenge, and I hope you enjoy reading it. I didn't want to kill off so many characters, but I couldn't really have them showing up later. Or at all.

Stargate/Buffy Starting Over Challenge by scifigirl

Premise: Joyce, Willow's parents and Xander's parents die in the same "accident" and Buffy finds out that her father isn't who she thinks he is.

And, the story will be out of sequence, because I received several reviews pointing out that I was a bit too eager to get the boring stuff out of the way.

DISCLAIMER- I own nothing relating to this story. And I appreciate all constructive criticism.

It was the middle of Junior year when it happened. Two whole years of their lives had been devoted to fighting the forces of darkness, even the now twelve year old Dawn had helped with her newly discovered gift for languages (especially dead ones). So much had happened in that time.

The Summers family had moved to Sunnydale, Xander and Willow had found out about the nightlife, and Dawn had found out shortly afterwards. Jesse McNally, Xander and Willow’s brother in all but blood, had been turned, and Xander had been the one to stake him. The world had nearly ended twice, first at the hands of the entity that called itself The Master, then at the hands of a Hell Goddess called Glorificus, AKA Glory, who had shared a body with the friendly Medic Intern’s body, whom Giles had smothered after he chose to help Glory in exchange for his life.

Dawn had been discovered to be made of Buffy’s blood shortly after Buffy had been Called, by The Order of Dagon. She had been a ‘glowing green ball of energy, capable of destroying the barriers between dimensions’ beforehand. She had been, understandably, upset knowing that most of her memories weren’t real, but had calmed down after Xander convinced her that most of her important memories (AKA all the ones in Sunnydale, which had made her into the sarcastic, intelligent trainee Watcher/Hacker she was) were real.

Willow had discovered a talent for magic, and despite Giles’ initial misgivings, after Dawn pointed out Willow was going to learn either way and it might as well be from him, he taught her all he knew, making sure she knew of all the back stories and morals of the spells.

Buffy had obviously developed her slaying skills, become involved with and broken up with the-vampire-with-a-soul, Angel/Angelus. She had drowned, and the time between her death and Xander’s use of CPR had been enough to call the next Slayer, Kendra, who she had been suspected of killing. She had run away to LA after that, coming back after the Summer. She had also found that she could be a pretty decent teacher, and was teaching Xander all about weapons, in exchange for a regular supply of the X-man comic books that they’d all become addicted to somehow.

Xander had blossomed under her tutelage, and once he got over his crush on her, had become fairly formidable with an axe. He had taken up whittling as a hobby, and switched from French to Spanish after finding out that Dawn could help him in the latter. The two could often be found conversing in the language, since Dawn had pointed out the practical applications of learning Spanish (Mexico and various other holiday destinations, help in research of the early days of the Hellmouth, Jesse’s mother was Hispanic, so it was part of his heritage).

Kendra’s death had called the newest Slayer, Faith. She would be watching the Hellmouth with Giles as her Watcher, now that Buffy couldn’t. Faith hadn’t been welcomed with open arms, but she’d saved Dawn from a few upperclassmen bullies, so had immediately gained favor with the group. Giles and the ‘new’ watcher, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, had disagreed on so many things, that the inexperienced Wesley had been forced to watch Giles method of training with Buffy and Faith, as well as a raid on a vampire nest before anyone had even considered letting him train ‘his’ slayer.

He wasn’t that awful, once he’d gotten past the fact that the Slayer Handbook was only good for burning. He’d given it to Buffy as a gag gift at the goodbye party. Her real gift was the supernatural version of a tourist’s guide of Colorado. The others had gotten things (like a guide to Wicca, a book in Arabic, and a whittling knife) to help them in their respective ‘trades’.

The goodbye party was necessary, because the four ‘Scoobies’ were off to live with Buffy’s biological father, a Colonel Jack O’Neill. Sadly, the three Harris’s (Rory Harris, Jessica Harris, and Tony Harris) had been invited to a wine tasting event, the Rosenberg's, Ira and Sheila were at a book signing and Joyce Summers had volunteered to give blood. All these events were at Sunnydale Town Hall. When the vampires had attacked for the blood (it was a cloudy day), they hadn’t taken any chances. They had shut down every exit and entrance before they went in, and in the ensuing panic, someone had spilled the whiskey that Tony Harris had snuck in on the curtains.

One vampire with a cigarette, Spike, had ignored his ‘princesses’ distress and through his cigarette to the side. No one had escaped the burning building, alive or undead.

At the reading of Joyce’s Will (Buffy and Dawn had inherited everything except a painting and a few books, which had gone to Xander and Willow), she had admitted that Buffy’s father was not Hank Summers, but rather a man she’d gone to when she had discovered Hank’s first of many affairs. Jack O’Neill was given custody of his (previously unknown) daughter.

FLASHBACK (Jack's partially imagining it, to make it simple)

“So.” Jack greeted, awkwardly. “You’re my daughter?”
Buffy looked up from her magazine. “I’m Buffy Summers.” She smiled, before frowning. “Or, Buffy O’Neill. Can I use my mom’s name?”

Jack nodded, bemused. Buffy smiled, and held out her hand. “Hi, my name’s Buffy Anne Sullivan.”

“Colonel Jonathan O’Neill. But I prefer Jack.” Jack grinned, shaking her hand. “You okay with all this?”

Buffy’s smile slipped. “I guess. I’ve never been to Colorado before. I’m a bit worried about my family to be honest. Willow and Xander don’t have any other relatives, and we can’t find Hank anywhere so Dawn doesn’t have anywhere to go either.”

She turned her brown eyes, (so much like his) on him. “I don’t suppose they can come with us?”


Jack O’Neill, Colonel or not, never stood a chance.

And so, Xander Harris, Willow Rosenberg and the newly rechristened Sullivan sisters were off to Colorado Springs.
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