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Drabble Me This; Drabble Me That

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Summary: Collection of Drabbles I posted on the LJ community tthdrabbles

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralPhoenixRaeFR13102,088011,93520 Feb 0810 Mar 08Yes

I. Lie to Me

Title: Lie to Me
Word Count: 200
Fandom: Practical Magic
Challenge: #71: a truth and a lie
Disclaimer: Characters aren’t mine, just borrowing them.
Summary: She finally told him what she’d been keeping from him since they first met, but it was too late and he doesn’t believe her anymore…
Rating: I think it’s safe to say this is a PG rating
Author’s Note: I had to tweak Wesley’s final scene in Never Fade Away and instead of having Illyria there with him during his final moments (although she still made a cameo here), of course I have to insert Gillian in the picture. For those of you reading my Practical Journey series on TtH, consider this scene a ‘foreshadow’ of what is to come in future installments to the series.

SHE SAW HIS MISTAKE before he realized he’d made one.

The demon found the opening he needed and stabbed him with the ancient knife, cackling as he stepped back to admire his handy-work, belittling the fallen human.

Wesley!” Gillian cried out and ran to the fallen Englishman, catching him before his limp body hit the ground. She blasted the demon, sending him flying across the room and left him in Illyria’s capable hands. “Oh Wesley,” she cooed and cradled his head on her lap, running her fingers gently through his thick, dark hair.

“I thought…I told you…to leave,” he wheezed in-between breaths.

“And you thought I’d listen to you?”

Wesley winced. “You have no reason to stay.”

“Are you crazy? I love you, dammit! That’s reason to stay,” she confessed.

Wesley gave her a weak smile, his eyelids feeling heavier by the second. “You don’t…you don’t…love…me,” he gasped. “B-but thanks for saying it anyway,” he smiled.

Of course he wouldn’t believe her. She finally told him her true feelings for him and he rejected her.


“It doesn’t matter. I love you anyway,” he confessed, a smile on his ruggedly handsome face before the life went out of him.
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