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Summary: Jonathan's ruminations on life in Sunnydale, life in Pittsburgh, Andrew, his mother, and realities. Slash, (no duh) of the Andrew/Jonathan variety. Warren will be visible in this story. Choice on how.

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Television > QAF (UK and US versions)optimouseFR1563,528181,76121 Feb 0817 Sep 08No

Sunnyhell Calling

“Jonathan?” The voice on the phone was irritable, masculine, and cultured; British, if Michael wasn’t mistaken.

“Err, Michael, actually. Jonathan’s my brother. He’s in the kitchen. I’ll call him. And you are?”

“Ethan Rayne. Tell him that it’s about Andrew.”

“There’s an Ethan Rayne on the phone for you.” Michael looked in on his little brother, pen to paper, books open for class the next day. “He says that it’s about Andrew.”

He looked down at his hand. He didn’t remember his brother snatching the phone, but the phone was in Jonathan’s hand, the other hand propelling him backward and closing the door into the bedroom.

“Hey Michael!” Debbie’s voice echoed up from downstairs. “Brian’s here for dinner, come down and say hello!”

“So where’s Jonathan?” Brian asked.

“He got a phone call from an Ethan Rayne, about his Andrew.” Michael explained. “He’s closed his door, and I couldn’t hear the conversation that they were having; they weren’t loud enough.”

“Ethan Rayne?” Vic’s smile looked strained. “British voice, kind of posh?” he asked.

“The description works.” Michael watched his beloved uncle, knowing that expression, one of distress and apprehension.

“Ethan was in New York.” His eyes were darkening. “A bit of an odd duck, and he ran with this crowd, deep into magick.”

“Ethan is considered to be a Warlock, an Oath-Breaker, Waerloga.” Jonathan stated. “My father’s family has a link to Ethan’s family. He has grown up some, Uncle Vic.”

“So what was the call for?” Brian asked. “Your Andrew? How is he?”

“Ethan offered Andrew an apprenticeship about three months ago; they’ve entered into the period of negotiation, in which both parties are contractually bound to each other while they decide the terms of apprenticeship.” Jonathan paused, wiping a bit of tear away from reddened eyes. “But since before I left Sunnydale, Andrew has been in foster care. And he was placed with Lorie Mears, Warren Mears’ mother. He was told to share Warren’s basement, and Warren, we went to high school together.” Jonathan winced. “Warren was violent. Very violent. And has remained so.”

“What’s wrong with Andrew?” Brian insisted.

“He’s in hospital.” Warren was dead. Jonathan swore so. “Warren pissed off the wrong people.”

“What are his injuries?” Debbie asked.

“The new injuries involved a knife; repeated stab wounds to the chest. These were on top of previous injuries that ended in the removal of Andrew from the care of the Mears’ family.”

“Who brought him to the hospital?” Vic asked.

“Ethan says that there’s definitive proof that Warren brought him into Triage in the middle of the night, last night.”

“If he injured him, then why bring him into the hospital?” Jonathan watched Debbie, considering her question. “Could he not have caused those particular particular injuries?”

“There is a likelyhood that Andrew could have been attacked by another source, yes.” Jonathan acknowledged. “Sunnydale is not exactly safe.”

Vic snickered. He’d heard stories of Sunnydale in NY.

“So are you going back to La Boca del Infierno to pick up your Andrew?” Jonathan shook his head. “Why not?”

“Ethan has arranged for a hospital transfer here for Andrew. Andrew will arrive at Pittsburgh General tomorrow, and Ethan will accompany him. An old friend of his will ship their possessions to the house here.”

“Ethan needs a place to stay, doesn’t he?” Vic stated. “And he wants to sleep on the couch while he looks for an

“Yup.” Jonathan already had the classifieds in his hands. “I’ve got a map, am going to pin down the relevant stores
that Ethan will want to know of, and extrapolate positions of apartments from there.” Vic grinned. “I want to have a list done by the time that Ethan gets here, along with the relevant information on schooling for Andrew. His apprenticeship should not be the whole of his education.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Ruminations" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Sep 08.

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