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Cobra Regenerated

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Crisis of Limited Xanders". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Cobra. A Ruthless Terrorist Organization determined to rule the world. Buffy Summers. The Vampire Slayer. You just know something bad's going down in this fic.

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Nighttime Activities

This world is older then recorded history would have you believe. Contrary to popular mythology, it did not begin as a paradise. For untold eons demons walked the Earth. They made it their home, their… Their Hell. But in time they lost their purchase on this reality. The way was made for mortal animals, for, for man.
All that remains of the old ones are vestiges, certain magicks, certain creatures and vampires.
The books tell the last demon to leave this reality fed off a human, mixed their blood. He was a human form possessed, infected by the demon’s soul.
He bit another, and another, and so they walk the Earth, feeding… Killing some, mixing their blood with others to make more of their kind. Waiting for the animals to die out, and the old ones to return.
Fortunately, in every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is… The Slayer.

November First; Zero Hundred Hours Fifty-Nine Minutes
Castle Destro; Trans-Carpathia, Scotland the Laird Destro’s Bed Chambers…

Ethan Rayne’s spell had caused hundreds to be possessed by fictional beings, but in the case of three particular individuals their souls were displaced and the dead walked again in their bodies. Save for one Willow Rosenberg who was mistakenly soul-swapped with the soul of a living woman using the name Anastasia DeCobray, as such one moment Willow was watching children trick-or-treat in Sunnydale, California. And the next she was experiencing something almost completely foreign to her in an alien body, at least alien to her soul as the euphoric sensations slowly began to fade away brought on by the orgasm The Baroness had been in the middle of.

“Oh my God what happened, where are the kids, where am I, who are you, what are we doing?” Willow babbled her voice completely foreign to her ears. The man beside her eyed her completely surprised and placed a hand on her thigh as he pulled out of her vagina making her uncomfortable, Willow jerked back slightly.

“My dear Anastasia I do not pretend to know where you learn some of these kinky ideas or why you persist in them at times, but I have exhausted myself for tonight you are well aware that five times is my limit.” The man informed with a smile, Willow was still confused and a little terrified at feeling this vulnerable. Glancing down at herself she was shocked to find proportions that were at odds with what she remembered, her bust was at least twice as large as she was accustomed to and her hips never looked this good. “Come let us rest, tomorrow shall be trying as it stands thanks to our dubious ally and his constant demands.”

“Ally?” Willow questioned confused.

“Anastasia what is the matter with you?” The man demanded. “This goes beyond pleasant diversion; I do not enjoy this game.” Willow squirmed under the intense gaze her eyes lowered, cupping her chin the man forced her to look at him, what he saw hardened his gaze and in the blink of an eye a gun was pressed into Willows’ face.

“Oh no please don’t kill me.” She begged.

“You are not the Baroness, but considering I just spent the last four hours with my love I can only assume that you are also not G. I. Joe.” The mysterious man informed. “I think it is time we had a talk.” He added coldly.

“Sure, sure, but could you put the gun down?” Willow asked softly, the man nodded and lowered his firearm. “Who has sex with a gun under the pillow anyway?”

October Thirty-First; Seventeen Twenty-Two Hours
1630 Revello Drive; Sunnydale, California…

Lady Destro found the key in her purse to this body’s home and had entered, the phone was easy to find, but pictures around the home distracted her from trying the number ingrained into memory. Specifically the image of the teenagers’ father hanging almost forgotten behind a tall plant, it was an image that almost mirrored one she’d seen many times of her husband back home.
Despite some features not matching one hundred percent the aristocratic glare in those cold blue orbs was one accustomed to having his way, and the mark of a Destro. With crystal clarity she realized who this was, it could only be one person and the irony that her spirit would possess this form was not lost on her.

“My Granddaughter.” Lady Destro made her way into the bathroom and examined herself in the mirror, the body was lithe yet petite and the blonde streaks in her hair told a story of obvious colorings. “Such a shame she tries to pass herself off as a vapid blonde, her noble heritage speaks of so much more.” She commented. The dress was one familiar to her though it had been hemmed for a much shorter stature. “How on Earth did she get a hold of this? If James has been selling off my clothes I shall certainly see to it he learns the error of his ways.” A sudden knock at the door brought her up short, turning she wondered if she should answer it.

“Buffy are you home?” A man’s voice called from outside, Lady Destro stared at herself in the mirror somehow accessing the memories of her Granddaughter she became stunned.

“Buffy.” She repeated. “That will never do for an heir of M.A.R.S. Corporation.” She decided.

“Buffy why are you talking to yourself?” A tall dark haired pale skinned man in a long coat was suddenly standing in the doorway to the bathroom.

“How dare you barge into my home uninvited, who do you think you are sir and how did you get in?” She demanded angrily, the young man stared completely at a loss.

“I just came in the back door; I thought you might be in trouble. Have you seen the chaos going on out there?” He asked his tone one of uncertainty, Lady Destro glared at him coolly.

“You presume much of my Granddaughter sir and I… See no reflection! Back, back you undead thing!” She exclaimed holding up her crucifix and forcing the vampire to back up recoiling from the holy symbol, the vampire tried to say something, but a scream from outside and a crash from the rear entrance served to distract the both of them.

“Someone’s in trouble.” The vampire said. “We’ve got to help.”

“A vampire who shows concern for others. Now I have seen everything.” Lady Destro remarked.

“Buffy, or whoever you are, trust me I’m not evil.” The vampire pleaded, a second of the undead creatures appeared then hissing and without a word the first vampire tackled him and knocked him out cold.

“Trust is earned vampire and this day you have proven your intentions, come let us aid that person.” Lady Destro commanded; trained by her husband in the art of defense she easily paced the vampire as they rushed out the front door, not an easy feat in her current attire. A woman dressed as a cat-person was being chased by a hideous canine faced beast, the vampire made to attack it only for another monstrosity of equal repulsiveness to beat him to the punch.
The cat-person, Lady Destro and the vampire returned to Buffy’s house together, as they did so the cat-person kept shooting her Granddaughters’ body with a curious look.

“Cordelia are you alright?” The vampire questioned as they settled in the living room eyeing the massive bloodbath going on outside warily.

“No! I was just attacked by Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy. Look at my costume! Do you really think Party Town’s gonna give me my deposit back?” She demanded the vampire rolled his eyes unseen; Lady Destro had to share the sentiment. Not all vapid teenage girls were blonde unfortunately.

“She’s not like you.” The vampire observed. Lady Destro eyed him curiously for a moment before recalling her predicament.

“Thank heaven for that.” She retorted with a sneer.

“Hey. What’s your damage Summers?”

“Silence. You have the privileged honor of addressing Lady Margarite O’Shaunnesy Destro young lady and you will show me the respect my station deserves.” She commanded with haughty airs, Angel took a step back at the revelation, he knew of the Destro Clan. “I believe our Vampiric ally was referencing the fact that unlike myself you have not become possessed by whatever magic was used to turn ‘Jo-Jo’ into that beast.”


“Of course.” The vampire spoke up. “Someone’s cast a spell to turn people into their costumes they wore for Halloween.” He explained.

“Then why didn’t I become a reject from Cats?” Cordelia asked.

“Party Town.” The vampire said as though it should be obvious. “You’re not affected because you got your costume from Party Town.”

“Then where did Buffy get the evil step-sister gown?”

“I have no idea; the memories of my Granddaughter are not as pronounced any longer.” Lady Destro informed.

“Maybe Giles can help us figure it out.” The vampire mused.

“Did you say Giles?” Lady Destro queried.

“Duh Buffy or whoever you are. Giles is your watcher remember.” Cordelia rolled her eyes.

“Watcher.” Lady Destro repeated intrigued. “That would explain the energy I have been feeling, so my Granddaughter became the Slayer James would be proud.” The others were eyeing her as if she’d just grown a second head. “Well then why are we standing around, lead us to this Mister Giles vampire.” She ordered imperiously.

“It’s Angel.”

“I care nothing about your name creature, I may trust you, but if you don’t take us to Mister Giles immediately I will stake you.”

“God she’s worse then mom.” Cordelia muttered as the trio once again vacated the Summers home.

Private Landing Field, Sunnydale Airport; Seventeen Fifty Hours
Sunnydale, California…

The familiar and welcome sight of the Tomahawk made the man currently trapped within Alexander Harris’ body smile; the operatives of G. I. Joe had been working with standard military equipment since Cobras’ supposed defeat the custom military helicopter brought back memories of happier times when the team was still active, it was good to see it again. Snake-Eyes knew he could always count on his comrades in arms, and since Wild Bill hadn’t taken off yet he could only surmise Cover Girl wasn’t here yet.
Which presented somewhat of a problem to be honest, Wild Bill wasn’t the trusting sort and quite frankly many of G. I. Joes’ members would be hard pressed to believe in the supernatural.
A fact they’d need to alter if they hoped to stand up against Cobra now and their corrupted Initiative replacements.

“Perhaps I should have contacted my sword brother first.” He mused, thoughtful gaze studying the parked Tomahawk. Standing next to it was the familiar figure of Wild Bill, native born Texan and G. I. Joe cowboy. The pepper red hair and mustache were dead giveaways even at this distance, but how to approach him? “Hi Wild Bill it’s me Snake-Eyes… Doubt that would fly especially since I’m in a teenager’s body, but perhaps if I snuck aboard the troop transport area. I’m small enough for that, but still the trouble is convincing Hawk I am who I claim to be it was difficult enough the last time I ‘came back from the dead’.” Snake-Eyes stopped talking to himself and smirked. He’d spent so long in silence where his thoughts went unheard he would have to train himself not to be so vocal again, or Alexander would need to train himself. Snake-Eyes was no fool, magic did not last indefinitely and he had only desired to alert G. I. Joe, once accomplished his soul would return to death while Alex would retain the knowledge and the skills.
Possessions of this sort were well known to Snake-Eyes, his long studies in Japan had led to his spiritual awakening on a scale that young Alexander had yet to face. “Although he does have some small experience with possession, the Hyena is a powerful totem and properly trained Xander could tap into those primal instincts to enhance his natural gifts, without the attempted rape.” Snake-Eyes thought aloud, movement near the Tomahawk forced him to return to the moment as Cover Girl began walking towards her ride. Stealthily he crept through the night using the shadows for cover, as he neared his former body’s old friends however movement of a different sort caught his attention.
A host of vampires were circling the Tomahawk, that they could spoke little of the designers of this private airfield, Snake-Eyes suspected that Spike had decided to kidnap who he perceived was the Slayers’ mother. Sliding the once plastic katana silently from its sheath Snake-Eyes stalked the stalkers, part of him wishing he had his commando uniform rather then the old ‘Nam fatigues.

Courtney’s thoughts were on her niece and not the mission ahead of her, whatever it would be; she wished that she could understand all of the strange events surrounding Buffy. Something was going on, but despite Snyder’s beliefs Courtney knew it had nothing to do with gangs, no it was something more.

“Hello little lady, it’s good ta see you again.” Wild Bill greeted tipping his cowboy hat in greeting, Courtney smiled. She’d missed talking to adults her own age to be honest, as Joyce she’d practically had to lead a sheltered life considering the rest of her family and Joyce’s friends refused to play the charade even for Buffy’s sake.

“The same goes to you Wild Bill.” She returned passing one of her suitcases to him. “It must be really serious if they got the old Tomahawk out of moth balls.” She added.

“You should have seen Wet Suit when he saw the SHARC.” He returned. “Ornerier then a polecat.”

“I’ll bet.” Courtney frowned as she turned to give one last look at Sunnydale part of her still with Buffy. “Well, I guess it’s time to.” An unearthly roar startled both adults and together they turned to the hangar close by, a bleach blonde man charged them while two others and a swaying brunette woman followed him.
Courtney didn’t know what to make of them; they almost seemed to have disfigured faces with pronounced brow ridges and glowing eyes.

“Holy.” Wild Bill pulled out his twin six-shooters and started firing while Courtney dove for cover, the blonde snarled at the gun fire, but kept coming. Without warning another figure appeared, he was holding a katana and the way he moved, his style reminded Courtney of someone else.
The blade lashed out almost to fast to track, as the two figures passed by one another the blonde came to an abrupt stop a fury clear in his eyes even at this distance. Courtney couldn’t believe her eyes as the blonde man literally turned to dust before them, the brunette woman howled in agony and the other two disfigured men turned and fled.

“Kitten has slain my Spikey.” The woman stated clawing at her eyes as if to tear them out. “Death, ashes, bones. Kitten must kill me too.”

“I do not kill defenseless women.” The figure in shadows called in a frighteningly familiar voice.

“Mrs. Edith has told me what to expect, ropes and chains and all those nasty things. I am to be punished in bondage.” The woman shot back swaying almost drunkenly on her feet a small smile crossing her lips. “The one who sees and the serpents’ eyes must bring me along, I promise to be a good little girl, I shall eat all of my cookies and drink my tea and won’t need to be whipped. I shall become a demonstration model for the red, white and blue before joining my poor Spikey.”

“You are insane, but you can read the stars. Swear on the dust of your undead lover that you shall not harm another living soul and I shall bring you.” The katana wielder ordered, the woman approached him and collapsed to her knees before the dust that had once been a man.

“I swear, cross my heart and hope to dust.” She giggled head bowed, the katana wielder nodded and turned to face the two members of G. I. Joe still staring in confusion, fear and awe at the events playing out before them. Remarkably Courtney recognized the katana wielding teenager.

“Xander?” She questioned trying to grasp at some sense of normalcy.

“Actually Cover Girl I’m afraid he is currently displaced at the moment.” Alex replied bowing apologetically. “Wild Bill, Cover Girl. It’s me, ah, Snake-Eyes.” He added with a sheepish smile, Wild Bill holstered his guns and took his hat off in utter confusion.

“I’ll be a son of a cattle rustler.” He proclaimed.

“Snake-Eyes.” Cover Girl repeated staring at the boy as if he’d lost his mind, fingering the knife tucked in his pants nervously he bowed his head slightly.

“It’s a long story Courtney, I’d really rather only have to explain it once with Conrad and Clay present.” Xander said in a soft barely perceptible tone, approaching him Courtney was still in shock, but she placed a hand on the young mans’ shoulder more to steady her own nerves then show any kind of support at this junction.

“You’ve got a lot of explaining to do.” She said smirking slightly to hide her growing unease and fears, Xander nodded and pointed at the unnamed woman. Obediently she climbed up into the Tomahawk looking almost meek in comparison to the attacking creatures of before.

“We’ve got to hurry.” Xander said rushing to the helicopter. “It… I mean I haven’t much time.”

“This is goin’ to be one hell of a debriefing.” Wild Bill remarked tugging his hat back on and hopping back into the pilot’s seat.

November First; Oh One Fifty Hours
Castle Destro; Trans-Carpathia, Scotland Laird Destro’s Bed Chambers…

The Destro clan was well aware of the world of demons and magic, their M.A.R.S. Corporation once supplied weapons to bloody demonic clan wars that lasted decades, but James Destro the Twenty-Fourth had long since been educated in the disasters deals with demons could lead to.
So it was that discovering his beloved had become possessed by a fifteen year old girl from Sunnydale, California was not that much of a surprise. The fact that the possessor was still alive and had no idea how it had happened was.

“You said you were dressed as Anasta… The Baroness for Halloween?” Destro sought clarification, Willow nodded as she struggled to get back into Anastasias black PVC-like suit. “How did you come to choose this costume?”

“Well it was really Buffy. She kind of insisted I get dressed as someone else.”

“And this Buffy chose a known Terrorist.” Destro smirked bemused at that, climbing out of the bed he started to get dressed himself noting the flush of Anastasia’s cheeks. He had believed Willow, but he felt a test was in order and even had she been play acting, Anastasia would never blush at witnessing his nudity.

“I told her it was king of wiggy, but she can be. Ah, persuasive.”

“Yes I know the type.” Destro observed wryly recalling his brief encounter with Zarana when her brother Zandar was captured. “What concerns me though is how this Ethan character got hold of one of Anastasia’s uniforms. We of Cobra are not so careless.”

“Cobra.” Willow squeaked Destro eyed her suspiciously. “M-Maybe someone stole it; I mean how can you trust everybody who, ah, works for you?”

“Those under my personal employ would never seek such petty acts of vengeance or personal enrichment.” Destro informed poignantly. “However this Ethan sounds, familiar. A pity you do not know his last name.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Willow stammered. “Why couldn’t Buffy have been the one to get body swapped? I don’t trust this Destro guy and at least all her Slayer-ness might help her get out of here in one piece.” She complained to herself, but she did not go unheard. Destro was quite adept at hearing half-muttered remarks. Whirling to face her suddenly Willow had little time to react as her face was grabbed in one iron-gripped grasp.

“You know of the Slayer?” Destro demanded, Willow trembled fearfully, she shouldn’t have said that out loud. “Tell me her name child.” He ordered all warmth gone from his tone.

“It’s, it’s B-Buffy.” Willow complied not realizing that Destro wouldn’t kill her while she was in Baronesses body. “My friend Buffy Summers, and if, if you hurt me she’ll so kick your ass.” The expression on Destro’s face made Willow want to crawl back into the bed and hide under the covers, it was an expression of cool calculation.

“Come with me and do not address anyone.” Destro commanded moving to the door, following obediently after him Willow was led from the bedroom through numerous halls. Men in strange suits stood guard at practically every interval and Willow was clearly nervous, but also surprised to discover she was in a castle.
Peeking into some of the other rooms she found many interesting pieces of art, eventually Destro led her into an ornate office with an old looking desk covered by a red tapestry. Marching straight to the filing cabinet he reached in and removed a black folder with a big red X across it. Willow watched confused as he leafed through the pages and pulled out a birth certificate, brow furrowed he eyed Willow and then the paper.

“Is, is something wrong?”

“Tell me, this Buffy. Does she speak of her parents?”

“Yes, her mothers name is Joyce and her fathers name is Hank. They’re, ah, divorced.” Destro closed the distance between them and grabbed her face again staring into her eyes.

“You wouldn’t lie to me… No, you are to naïve for such a foolish and dangerous ploy.” Destro glanced back to the folder, inside was information on the mother and of course his bastard brother, but the information on his dead sister-in-law was woefully incomplete as was the niece. His own fault for failing to keep abreast of everything, but with the fall of Cobra and his being asked to head the Initiative plan he had let thins lax. “Have you seen pictures of this Buffy as a child?”

“Oh yes, she wanted to share everything and we got to talking one day and I got curious so she pulled out the family albums to compare and.” Destro moved his hand to cover her mouth and was amazed that she continued to talk, it was a miracle she didn’t run out of breath, hyperventilate or shut up knowing of her danger.

“Is this the girl you know?” Destro held up a school photograph, one he’d been sent by Hank himself apparently the bastard had at least been proud of his daughter, or more then likely of the fact that he had a legitimate heir to M.A.R.S. while Destro had yet to father any children of his own. Willow answered his question without words, the look in her eyes told all he needed to know. “Coincidental beyond all belief, that she would become the Slayer of all potential candidates. A being of her strength and skill. If the Commander found out about this it could destroy everything I have worked for.” Willow didn’t like the look Destro gave her as he trailed off, it was a look that spoke of wheels turning, she really hadn’t meant to get Buffy in trouble. “You must bring the Slayer to me.”

“But, I can’t she’s needed to guard the Hellmouth.” Willow returned at last able to speak.

“If Willow Rosenberg will not then I shall have to create someone who can.” Destro smiled and Willow backed away from him in fear, but as she did she felt a presence behind her and spun around to find one of the guards standing there with a strange device in his hand.

“When did you?” She started to ask and then the device was placed onto her head, pain spiked through her mind and she screamed before everything went dark.

October Thirty-First; Seventeen Fifty Hours
Unspecified Location, possibly Rosenberg House; Sunnydale, California…

Anastasia DeCobray was temporarily seeking shelter from the chaos around her in a house she’d discovered the key to in one of her pockets when something happened and she felt a strange spasm through her entire body. Screaming she collapsed and images seemed to flood her mind, at first they sped by to quickly for her to make any sense out of them. Gradually they became more manageable until at last she no longer saw anything except a young red headed teenager huddled in the corner of her mind, which was curious and a little unsettling.

“No, Destro don’t I promise I won’t tell anyone. I’ll bring Buffy to you, I swear it no more pain.”

“Child, what are you speaking of?” Anastasia demanded as gently as she could, in response the child jerked up and looked around in fear. Her gaze met the Baronesses and another series of images flashed between the two of them, the girl jerked back in shock and Anastasia recoiled suddenly aware of things that she hadn’t been before.

“You.” The girl gasped. “How is this possible?”

“The spell must have caused a connection to be formed between us child, when Destro placed the brainwave scanner on my head it created. What I presume to be a feedback loop, your soul is now back where it belongs.” The girl trembled backing away from her.

“Then you go back.” She ordered, but her voice was weak and the fear tangible, Baroness laughed in mocking only to stop as a stray memory of the girl’s childhood struck a chord with her.

“Your parents, have they ever spoken to you in love?”

“What? No, not that I can recall, but why should you care?” Baroness smiled and suddenly she was beside Willow a hand gently pressed against her shoulder.

“You have had the unique privilege of being Anastasia DeCobray for one night, we are connected child, Willow you have such potential.” Willow shook her head in denial. “You are intelligent beyond what you show to others, and you are beautiful, yet you refuse to see this. Willow I am ashamed, ashamed that you do not live up to what you could be, you could be as great as myself some day. Our backgrounds could almost be mirror images of the other.”

“I could never be a Terrorist.” Willow said in shock. The Baroness chuckled.

“Cobras goal may be radical to the extreme, but so was Julius Caesar’s in his day.”

“What’s a brainwave scanner?” Willow asked determined to change subjects, yet curious.

“It is a device to brainwash those not loyal to Cobra into mindless obedience.” The Baroness replied bluntly. “Destro and I never agreed with the Commander concerning his policy in using it, he must truly be desperate for this Buffy to be brought to him to have even attempted to use it.”

“But why? And why does he have a picture of her in that file?” Willow looked pitifully lost and part of her could sympathize with the girl’s emotions on the matter, it wasn’t like James at all.

“If we are to discover the answers to that my dear then we shall have to get Buffy to Destro.” She eyed the girl thoughtfully a plan beginning to form.

“B-B-But I can’t, I mean the Hellmouth, we can’t leave it undefended.”

“You must, if you do not Destro will send the Iron Grenadiers and that will only serve to attract the attention of Cobra Commander. Trust me you do not want to attract his attention.”

“I know.” Willow agreed her voice catching with fear as imagined threats and perceived danger filled her mind. “What can I do, I don’t want to betray my best friend. We’re supposed to be fighting demons and vampires, not, not running from terrorists.”

“Then we shall do what Destro planned, only instead of replacing Willow Rosenberg we shall mask her behind a new personality.” Baroness decided with a shake of her head. “It is she who will betray your friend and you shall have the perfect alibi, I’m certain Buffy shall not hold you accountable. Better for her to be angry with myself and Destro.”

“A new personality.” Willow repeated slowly. “How would it work?” Baroness smiled and ran a hand through Willow’s hair; perhaps because their souls were touching each others she felt remarkable kinship with this child. She wished to help her and it would be the closest she would ever have to having a real daughter, children were a luxury she could never hope to afford, it would be unfair and dangerous for the child.

“I shall explain.” She began and sat down beside Willow with a small smile on her lips, if the girl agreed to this the mystery of Buffy Summers would be open to her and if it was one thing Anastasia DeCobray could never turn down it was the promise of more knowledge.

Sunnydale High Library; Eighteen Oh One Hours
Sunnydale, California…

Rupert Giles was not pleased; currently Snyder had for all intents and purposes forced him to remain here until the students got back while he had run off to some faculty gathering, obviously a party to which Giles had not been invited for whatever reason. Although it was possible Snyder really had pressing matters to attend to. Considering the man had been dressed as a Ferengi at the time, Giles seriously doubted it. Still no sense in wasting perfectly good time, removing a large stack of cards from the card catalogue and leafing through them he sorted two to one side for further perusal.
An explosion and suppressive gunfire distracted him briefly, but he paid precious little attention to it until the far wall of the Library imploded raining books and shelves down on the lower floor. Stunned Giles could only watch as a large man with half his face torn away revealing a metallic skeleton grabbed a strange looking demon by the tail and spun it around.

“Hasta La Vista Baby.” The half-man said hurling the creature clear across the parking lot.

“Seriously ewwww, who dressed up as the Alien?” The familiar voice of Cordelia Chase asked as she, Angel and Buffy entered the library through the gaping hole in the wall.

“So cool, Terminator versus Xenomorph.” A fourth person commented as a short young dark haired boy in a homemade Captain Kirk outfit joined the trio.

“Tell me again why the Dork had to come along?” Cordelia asked of no one in particular, Buffy eyed her with an air of aloofness that Giles couldn’t believe to ever see on his Slayer’s face.

“Because he has knowledge we do not as well as that.” Buffy pointed to the phaser in the boys’ left hand, Cordelia rolled her eyes before noticing the damage all around her.

“I still don’t understand why only Jonathan’s phaser became real.” Angel commented utterly mystified, Jonathan made to speak only to be interrupted by the sound of Giles clearing his throat. The Watcher was pinching the bridge of his nose attempting to stave off a headache.

“Would someone care to explain what is going on and why you are blowing holes in school property walls?” He asked patiently.

“That wasn’t my fault.” Jonathan defended. “He messed up my aim; I was trying to kill the Xenomorph.”

“One of your friends trapped in a Halloween costume by the spell.” Angel shot back.

“Andrew would have understood. Better dead then Trans-Gendered into a Queen Xenomorph.” Jonathan muttered under his breath, Giles had to clear his throat again to get back on track. Buffy approached him with a warm smile on her lips a large contrast to the cold and silent glare she’d been sporting previously.

“Rupert, all grown up and following in Lady Edna’s footsteps I see.” She greeted surprising the older man by offering a hug, not to mention knowing his grandmother’s name.

“Someone mojoed the costumes of the students, but as far as we can tell only those who bought them at that new Ethan’s place are affected.” Cordelia explained bluntly. “And for the record, I’m not cleaning this up, his phaser, his mess.” Jonathan looked upset at that and muttered something under his breath; Angel smirked at the comment only he could hear.

“Ethan.” Giles repeated a dark shadow passing briefly in his eyes.

“Yes little Ethan Rayne, I was just as surprised as you Rupert.” Buffy stated matter of factly.

“Uh, not to sound rude Buffy, but you aren’t exactly yourself.” Giles observed trying not to ask the obvious question.

“Lady Margarite O’Shaunnesy Destro, I doubt you’d remember me my clan had little to do with your Watcher’s Council and I was an old woman by the time you reached age ten.” She revealed Angel once again grew paler then usual. He was old enough to remember the Destro clan when they had actively aided the demonic clans. The Master had, had the misfortune of siring one of their offspring once, the only case where a vampire staked their own childe only twenty-four hours after siring them.

“Good Lord.” Giles proclaimed before gathering his coat. “Stay here I will handle this.”

“But Rupert.” Buffy Destro protested, Giles spun back to face her a touch of darkness in his gaze.

“Stay here.” He repeated firmly, his tone filled with such command Angel actually sat down before realizing he was sitting. Giles left and the others gathered around Buffy Destro, Jonathan setting his phaser back to stun in the process.

“Suits me just fine my feet are killing me, why couldn’t you have gotten an Enterprise instead of that useless gun?” Cordelia blurted pulling out a file and beginning to do her nails with a bored expression, Jonathan opened his mouth to say something only to have a hand clamped over it by Angel.

“Don’t antagonize her.” The vampire whispered.

G. I. Joe Flagship U.S.S. Flagg; Eighteen Fifteen Hours
Anchored somewhere off the coast of Santa Barbera…

The Tomahawk landed and the quartet climbed out, standing to meet them were General Hawk, Duke, Flint, Lady Jaye, Scarlett and Beachhead, having radioed a brief explanation ahead everyone was both ready and a little on edge. Courtney had no idea what to do, but she’d be damned if she sat this one out.
Words were not exchanged, but she could tell tensions were mounting; together the entire group of ten left the deck of the aircraft carrier and made their way down a few flights to the central mission debriefing room. Xander kept eyeing the mysterious brunette with a look of uncertainty, Courtney for her part couldn’t believe this was the same boy she’d come to know, his mannerisms so like Snake-Eyes as to almost be indistinguishable from the ninja commando.

“Before we get into the how’s and why’s of the matter how can we be sure you are who you claim to be?” Hawk demanded as the group settled into their seats the brunette giggled, but a look from Xander shut her up.

“I doubt reciting my clearance codes would work they’ve most likely been decommissioned, considering you’ve mobilized I have to assume you had more then one team active.” Xander noted casually. “But how could any possible Cobra infiltrator know my real name?” He asked producing pen and paper from somewhere on his person. “Only my C.O., Storm Shadow, Scarlett and other close friends some here in this room know it. Cobra Commander himself knows the name I gave at enlisting, but my full birth name has remained classified since my family died in that accident.” He continued writing even as he spoke, turning the paper around he slid it over to Hawk. A few others glanced at it over his shoulder, Scarlett visibly reacted, but Hawk didn’t bat an eye.

“Snake-Eyes.” Scarlett started.

“How the hell is this possible?” Duke demanded, the brunette giggled again placing a hand on Xander’s shoulder making him jerk back in disgust.

“Kitten is all jumbled together with the one who killed my poor Spikey. The souls share the body, I saw it in the stars I did. The Great Snake rules all, plots nasty little things he does, but shhhhh, shhhhh mustn’t tell or Mrs. Edith will be cross.” She said laughing, Courtney had no idea what the woman was talking about and judging by half the faces in the room neither did anybody else.

“Drusilla.” Xander stated tonelessly, the woman bowed her head as though physically struck. “You’ll have to forgive her General; according to the memories of the boy I am cohabitating with she’s completely insane, but quite necessary to help explain certain things. Seeing is believing.”

“Cohabitating.” Courtney repeated. “You mean somehow you and Xander are sharing that body?”

“Yes Cover Girl for all intents and purposes that is exactly what happened, is happening.”

“But, how? Why?” Flint questioned impatiently.

“When Interrogator shot me I prayed to God that I could be given the chance to warn you. I don’t know if God granted my prayer, but someone saw fit to do so, it wasn’t pure chance that Alexander Harris found my old ‘Nam fatigues in his uncles’ attic and chose to wear them for Halloween.” Snake-Eyes explained.

“Interrogator shot you.” Hawk repeated. Snake-Eyes nodded a haunted look passing over his eyes.

“No one should remember their own death.” He stated sagely. “What you all have to understand is I’m not simply possessing the boy, it may have started out that way, but a powerful spell triggered our essences to become one.”

“Spell, as in magic?” Beachhead demanded skeptically, Snake-Eyes nodded.

“Magic is very real and comes in many forms; a similar skill is practiced by the ninja.” Snake-Eyes pointed out. “You will recall the technique I used to fake my death once before, that was what could be considered a type of magic utilizing the chi energy of the human soul. Other types exist, Wicca the magic of the Earth, sorcery the magic most commonly practiced by the majority of mystics and then there is chaos magic. It is the most dangerous and the most unpredictable, I am not as familiar in detecting magic as the Hard Master was, not all of the Arashikage secrets can be taught, but I am certain that this magic is what was unleashed on Sunnydale.”

“Buffy.” Courtney gasped not even questioning what she was being told; some innate part of her just knew Snake-Eyes spoke the truth.

“Magic is real?” Lady Jaye repeated.

“Bullshit.” Beachhead denied with a snort.

“Magic is real.” Snake-Eyes shot back angrily the expression looking almost comical on young Xander’s face. “Demons are real, hell is real, werewolves, creatures of nightmare it is all real. G. I. Joe just hasn’t had need or call to face them; that is the task of others more suited for the job. If you fail to take my word for it allow Drusilla to demonstrate.” The brunette smiled as she eyed each of the adults present, right before their eyes her face changed, grew deformed and her teeth became fangs. Her eyes shone yellow and she laughed at the sight of the others trying to come to terms with what their eyes were telling them.

“What is she?” Scarlett asked finally venturing to speak.

“The most common of demon, a vampire.” Snake-Eyes replied casually. “Soulless corpses possessed by the demon, retaining all the memories of those they have killed. Drinkers of blood, despoilers of land, the walking undead and all that.” He added a part of Xander peeking through in that instant as he smirked in a decidedly un-Snake-Eyes-like manner.

“If all that you’re saying is true why tell us at all?” Duke wondered. Snake-Eyes visibly paled and Courtney felt a brush of cold air run up her spine.

“Cobra is not just coming back with the same old plans; they have completely corrupted the Initiative and are using them to study the demons. Cobra Commander’s goal is to create an army of unstoppable killing machines blending man and demon together in an unnatural process; they’ve already managed to create one such creature. They call it Nemesis Enforcer.” Snake-Eyes shuddered at the memory of seeing that thing, man was not meant to fly like that, the others were silent, fearful of what Cobra might be messing with. “If we are to stop Cobra we will need the aid of those gifted with the task of killing the demons, we will need the Slayer.”

“The what?” Lady Jaye questioned.

“The Slayer is the one girl in all the world chosen to stand against the forces of darkness, the Japanese considers it a great honor when one of their daughters is appointed this task.”

“A girl, as in a child.” Duke said what most were feeling, to think that a mere child would be forced into fighting that kind of a war. No one doubted Snake-Eyes now, Alexander sighed.

“It has always been a teenaged girl. When wishing to lure your enemies in with a false sense of easy prey what better tool is there then the innocent and seemingly weak image of a young girl?” Snake-Eyes questioned.

“That’s just sick.” Courtney spat, Snake-Eyes turned to look directly at her and a jolt passed up her spine once again. Before she could voice the horrifying thought that gripped her Snake-Eyes seemed to grow very afraid, and then his entire body spasmed almost out of control.

“Snake-Eyes!” Scarlett cried in desperation, Duke physically had to hold her back. Blinking in sudden fear and confusion the teenager looked around almost dazed.

“Mrs. S. Courtney. What? How’d I get here, what’s going on, where’s the kids I was chaperoning and. Willow, Buffy!” Xander exclaimed leaping to his feet and pulling out his katana completely out of some reflexive action that was so much like Snake-Eyes though less refined. “Oh my God, I was shot.” And much to the surprise of the members of G. I. Joe Xander started to cry, Courtney, unable to repress the instincts born after taking over as Buffy’s mother rushed to his side to comfort him.

“It’s ok Xander, you’re ok. We’re going to help you.” She whispered soothingly, Xander shook his head denying her words and a bitter expression clouded his features.

“No Mrs. S or whoever you are. It’s not.” He said. “It’s happening all over again, first when I discovered about the nightlife and now, the memories, they’re in here.” He explained pointing to his head the katana still gripped in his left hand so tightly that his knuckle was turned white. “His parents, his sister, they loved him. My parents. My parents are dirt compared to them, hell they’re dirt compared to Snake-Eyes. And now. Cobra.” Xanders’ resolve grew hard and he pulled away from her turning to face Drusilla his blade now level with her chest. “Give me one damn reason I shouldn’t dust you like I did Spike.” He commanded something passing in those eyes that Courtney could never recall seeing before, this was a Xander completely alien to her, he looked almost like he was willing to die to take the vampire in their midst down with him.

“The stars sang to me Kitten and oh what lovely words they used, blood and destruction, the Great Snake rules all.” Drusilla laughed and danced about the room. “They told me so much, so much that I broke Mrs. Edith. And they told me a name, such a glorious name. Itty bitty Slayer can’t hurt him, not alone, red, white and blue will rise up to destroy him and oh the blood, my head swam with it.”

“Spit it out.” Xander growled, Drusilla pouted.

“Little kitten not like Spike, my Spikey loved me he did. The name they sang, Over Kill.” She said. Xander lowered his blade a haunted look suddenly on his face.

“What is it Xander, what’s wrong?” Courtney asked. Xander was lost in a memory not his own, Snake-Eyes had seen something with that name on Cobra Island it had been incomplete at the time, but it had been something he had little to go on because he didn’t know what Xander knew about a certain blonde.

“Hank Summers.” He whispered recalling the name on the file he’d read and his gaze fell on Courtney’s a sense of foreboding entering him. “Buffy.”

Sunnydale High Library; Approximately Exact Same Moment of Xander’s Return.
Sunnydale, California…

Buffy blinked suddenly very confused and just a little bit unnerved, she remembered being Lady Destro, she remembered a lot of things chief among them the fact that Lady Destro called her Granddaughter.

“What just happened?” She asked for the sake of covering up her insight.

“You weren’t yourself.” Cordelia replied. “I guess Giles fixed it then, good I’m exhausted and would like to get out of this cat suit.” She stated moving towards the library entrance.

“Are you really back to normal?” Jonathan asked showing some concern for Buffy.

“As normal as I’ve ever been.” She lied.

“I wonder if this still works.” Jonathan mused pointing his phaser at Cordelia he pulled the trigger not expecting anything to happen, a beam lanced out and struck her down causing her to collapse stunned. “Whoops.” He said with a sheepish expression, Angel took the phaser out of his hand.

“We’ll keep that.”

“No fair.”

“We might need it to destroy any other weapons that remained after the spell was broken.” Buffy pointed out. Jonathan grew pensive.

“Oh. Oh right, don’t want a Skynet incident if Andrew’s brother remained a Terminator.” He acquiesced with a little nod; Angel rolled his eyes while Buffy eyed Cordelia.

“I suppose we have to get her home.” She sighed.

“I’ll carry her.” Angel volunteered, Buffy frowned as she realized that statement didn’t make her jealous anymore and Jonathan glanced outside the hole in the wall wondering if Andrew was still a Xenomorph.

“Wait a minute.” Buffy spoke up cutting into Jonathan’s thoughts as she realized two very important people were missing, had been all night in fact. “Where are Willow and Xander?”

Rosenberg House; Same Time
Sunnydale, California…

Willow sat up with a groan reaching up to her head as it throbbed fiercely, she could remember a lot of strange things even a naked man sharing a bed with her for some reason. Willow wanted to go find Xander or Buffy to tell them about her experiences, but the phone rang shattering the silence of the house.

“Rosenberg residence. Willow speaking.” She answered a conditioned response.

“Willow. Sheila is an embezzling adulteress.” Willow instantly stiffened, her eyes grew harsh and cold as she smiled a sultry smile her body shifting so that she threw out her hip in an almost sexual come hither pose and flashed her teeth as the smile widened.

“Hello mother.” She greeted her tone confident and stripped of all weakness.

“Raina my pet you know what must be done.” The Baroness reminded and the girl, formerly Willow Rosenberg now Raina DeCobray secret daughter of The Baroness and Destro smiled.

“Bring Buffy Summers to you and daddy Destro of course.” She stated with a laugh. “Don’t worry mother, you’ve trained me well, the Summers girl will soon be ours.”

Isle de Cobra; Twenty Fifteen Hours
Cobra Terror Drome Research & Development…

Cobra Commander, now wearing his less formal blue uniform, entered the room with a grin beneath his mask. Mindbender and his staff stood amongst the equipment working on the pet project, when Destro found out there might be a small upset, but he could handle Destro.
Mindbender tilted his glasses as the Commander approached having also changed into a less flamboyant lab coat and turned to greet him.

“Commander how good of you to join us.” He greeted.

“I came to see if the programming has been completed.” Cobra Commander informed. Mindbender nodded and turned to the prone form on the operating table.

“The grafts have taken, the implants work, but unfortunately the demon attachments refused to integrate with those of the human donors and our own mechanical additions.” Mindbender informed disappointed.

“What reason did they fail?” The Commander demanded.

“To incompatible, we just don’t understand enough about demon physiology to integrate them yet Commander. Cloning on the other hand is perfectly capable at this junction as evidenced by our combining the genes of the male specimen and the demonic beast which resulted in Nemesis Enforcer’s birth.”

“The mental reconditioning is also complete.” Crystal Ball spoke up with a slight smile. “All vestiges of Hank Summers have been removed; he is Over Kill now in body and mind.”

“Yes.” Mindbender agreed testily the two of them rarely got along. Professional differences. “Well as you can see our attempt at creating a line of super soldiers has met with dismal failure, but as leader of the Battle Android Troopers Over Kill will prove most efficient.” Cobra Commander circled the operating table and stared at the half a face remaining of the former Initiative head of operations, when Firefly revealed Destro’s connection to Summers the Commander just had to interfere in Destro’s assassination attempt even though it cost him a fair amount of cash to sway the mercenary to his side.

“Let us test Over Kill then, we require more information on demon physiology and the Initiative project is still somewhat lacking due to Summers’ failures.” The Commander began turning to a monitor beside the table with data on known demon hot spots around the globe. “So let us gather more knowledge.” He suggested with a laugh.

“Of course Cobra Commander a brilliant idea as always.” Crystal Ball concurred; Mindbender pushed the kiss-up out of the way.

“What are you thinking Commander?” He asked.

“We’re going to send Over Kill on a little intelligence gathering expedition to.” The Commander trailed off determined to make a decision and then stabbed at a random point on the map. “Sunnydale California, La Boca del Inferno according to our mystical informant.” He added with a smirk.

“Should we send him in alone or with a contingent of Battle Android Troopers?” Mindbender questioned an eager glint in his eyes.

“Send out the B.A.Ts Mindbender, Sunnydale’s demon community will be ours for the taking.” The Commander decided breaking into malicious laughter; Mindbender smiled sinisterly and activated Over Kill. Blinking the cyborg creature sat up the claw on his right hand opening and closing as his body seemed to jerk in spasms.

“Over Kill reporting for duty Cobra Commander, Commander. What are your orders, orders, orders?” The cyborg asked his claw spinning around a hundred and eighty degrees with electrical spurts and sparking noises.

Spike’s Former Mansion Home; Twenty-One Hundred Hours
Sunnydale, California…

The shadow melted out of the deeper shadows, Ethan Rayne coughed having suffered indignities thanks to Ripper who couldn’t exactly take a joke he wasn’t feeling a hundred percent judging by the blood on his lower lip. But the meeting was scheduled and he wasn’t one to break an appointment, especially when money was involved. The person cloaked in shadows tossed a bag of gold at him and Ethan caught it.

“I take it you were pleased with the results.” The British man commented feeling the heft of the bag was greater then the agreed upon sum, a bonus was obviously included for a job well done. The shadowy person smiled his eyes glowing a slight red for an unknown reason.

“Indeed sorcerer. Both of our goals were accomplished tonight.” He said in an indistinguishable voice.

“Ethan Rayne always delivers; you’ll keep me in mind for any future projects of course.” Ethan hinted with a wide grin, chuckling the man in shadow nodded. “Well I’ll be off then, and thank you for the wonderful opportunity.” Ethan said with a tip of his hat, metaphorically speaking, turning the sorcerer left the mansion and his business partner behind. A second shadow detached from the others around the pillars in the room as a group of individuals joined the original.

“We got everythin’ in place; the base under UCS is ready for them Initiative blokes to set up shop whenever they decide on gettin’ here.” The red head wearing mirrored shades informed.

“Are ya sure that Mayor guy won’t mind?” The blonde asked tilting an odd portable chainsaw weapon onto his shoulder.

“Positive Buzzer, Mayor Wilkins won’t be troubling anyone any further the intelligence report from our mutual acquaintance was accurate.” The shadowed individual replied. Emerging into the light the man revealed himself to be Zartan the leader of the Dreadnoks, standing around him were his followers Ripper, Torch, Buzzer and Monkey Wrench as well as his brother Zandar still hiding in the shadows. “Those who oppose Cobra shall be removed from the playing field, now come my loyal Dreadnoks we need to report back to the Commander as to our successes this evening.” Zartan ordered his eyes shining again.

“What about that girl?” Zandar questioned softly as the others left the empty mansion. “Destro would pay handsomely to find out about her and then there are her. Unusual nighttime activities, we’ve been observing this place for weeks and she is. Definitely Cobra material.” He pointed out with a smile.

“Zarana will make sure she doesn’t slip off the radar dear brother.” Zartan replied, nodding at that the two of them left.

1630 Revello Drive; Twenty-One Oh Six Hours
Sunnydale, California…

Buffy entered her house after gathering up all the kids and helping their chaperones get them home, remarkably no one was hurt and only she seemed to have retained any knowledge or skills related to the events of that night. Jonathan’s phaser, much like Jonathan himself, was an enigma best left for the morning. Stifling a yawn she started up the stairs.
Her mom appeared at the top of the stairs looking haggard and out of breath though still capable of the motherly glare of disapproval.

“Where have you been young lady?” She demanded Buffy eyed her nervously.

“Uh, there was a. Gang out there tonight, the police got involved and I, ah, had to answer some questions.” She lied; Joyce sighed in relief and eyed Buffy with concern.

“Next time phone ok?” Buffy nodded and hugged her.

“Promise, good night mom.” She said heading for her room.

“Night pumpkin.” Joyce called back smiling. Buffy yawned exhausted and entered her room.

“Talk about close calls.” Joyce heard her mutter. She began down the stairs to lock up and prepare for bed herself as she passed the mirror she noticed a strand of pink hair was sticking out from under her blonde wig. Tucking it away she shook her head, that’s what she got for rushing into her costume.

“More then you realize Buffy.” She remarked with a smirk. “You’re goin’ to fetch the Dreadnoks a pretty penny you are.”

To Be Continued

Author's Notes: Note the Dreadnoks have been in Sunnydale for some time. Yes Cobra Commander does know he sent them there, but since I am going with total AU and have eliminated the big bads from seasons two and three and am setting up possible Initiative presence at an earlier point then season four I needed a big bad for season two and one for season three. Hence Over Kill. And of course Destro is like a Big Bad.
Everything's coming to a head it would seem, next chapter will be Halloween aftermath. Oh and yes Christine Sutherland mentioned in the first chapter actually is Zarana in disguise as revealed at the end of this chapter, like I said the Dreadnoks have been casing Sunnydale for a while.
Sadly you'll have to wait to find out who the source of mystical knowledge is since I intend to reveal them at a much later point in this possible series. Don't expect too many updates, I write all of my fanfics on paper before I type them into the computer an old habit of mine that hasn't died. It helps when it comes to the editing portion of the creative phase, since some dialogue doesn't work as well as I wanted once I start painting the entire picture. Well I'd better shut up, but how about a villain count for all you completely at a loss.

RECAP: We've got Destro and the Baroness in Scotland preparing to kidnap Buffy for her own good to keep her out of Cobra's clutches.

The Dreadnoks were sent in probably during the summer to do some reconaissance and also eliminte Mayor Wilkins, since at this point he hasn't had the Gavrox Box delectables I assume he isn't immune to being slain by someone like Zartan. Mayor Wilkins' plans for ascension have put him at odds with what Cobra has planned, thus Zartan having to kill him.

Over Kill and a squad of Battle Android Troopers are on their way to Sunnydale, can Buffy stop them without the help of G. I. Joe?

Zarana is posing as Joyce Summers, will her cover get blown? And that's all of the bad guys so far.
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