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As Legend Tells It

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Summary: With plaguing thoughts of ‘What Ifs,’ Sirius Black needs to find out the truth of what happened to his beloved wife and daughters. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll find them again- or at least one of them. Read and Review

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Charlie WeasleyKristalFR131223,70536919,41522 Feb 087 Oct 10No

Chapter One

As Legend Tells It

Rating: PG 13 - T

Pairings: mentions of and eventually Faith/Charlie

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Buffy characters, canon storylines, etc; they belong to their respectable creators.

Summary: With plaguing thoughts of ‘What Ifs,’ Sirius Black needs to find out the truth of what happened to his beloved wife and daughters. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll find them again- or at least one of them.

Notes: Here is the first chapter of my first really long fic- at least that is what it plans to be. I currently have 70 loose-leaf pages written that equals about 7 or 8 chapters. (Although I lost a few pages, so I have to find them or rewrite them… hopefully the prior.) At 70 pages, I’m stuck with what to happen. I am trying to figure out if I want to follow the 5th book or create a separate plot. What are all your thoughts? I need inspiration! If someone is amazing with plot bunnies and that person wants to read all that I have written so far to help me figure out what to do- let me know! Or randomly shout out ideas to help inspire me!


Once Upon A Time

Midnight approached the old stone walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The night time sky was blackened, without a single ounce of light illuminating from the moon, completely covered over by layers of seemingly translucent clouds. Loud wails came from the thick brush of the Forbidden Forest and echoed over the hills of white. Together, without even mentioning the lack of awake and alert students left behind for Christmas break, the two factors easily masked the strange visit by a large, dark dog.

Complete knowledge of the castle made the task of reaching the old headmaster’s office almost too easy. The large dog sat patiently, transfixed by the gargoyle, who was continuously dropping his head to his right as if wishing for sleep. The dog simply waited undistracted until finely a chime sounded throughout the castle alerting all residents to the break of a new day.

The sound of the chime pulled the dog out of its trance and he approached the gargoyle as it awoke. The gargoyle slid to the side allowing the dog to walk briskly through and up the spiral stair case that waited just behind where the gargoyle stood. The dog reached the top of the staircase to find himself behind a large door leading to the beloved headmaster’s office.

The dog raised a paw and brought it loudly against the door as if a human knocking on the wood. As strange as this may have seemed, stranger events would only follow this day. The dog’s knock did just the trick as the door opened welcomingly by an old man. The old man wore a long night gown and a matching night cap embellished with stars and moons. On his feet, he wore very similar slippers with shooting stars flying from one side of the shoe to the other as he walked.

“Hello my dear boy, come, come. You seemed to be quite impatient when I last spoke to you.” Dumbledore stepped aside. He walked backwards to his own chair behind his much cluttered mahogany desk.

The dog stepped inside the treasure box office that the headmaster dearly adored. Kicking the door closed with one of his hind legs, the dog scanned the office as if testing to see that it was a safe environment. After nodding his large, dark head in approval, the dog began twitching and changing color and shape. Legs and arms turned first, starting from the tips to the center, the body of the said dog completely morphed into a shabby and tired looking man.

The man nodded his head at Dumbledore in a greeting gesture, “Albus.”

Dumbledore returned the nod, not letting his weariness and anticipation show through. “Lemon drop, Sirius?” He carefully slid a beautiful elfish bowl toward the disheveled man.

The man shook his head almost as if offended by the gesture. Sirius quickly covered his annoyance speaking with such hope and persistence in his voice, “Dumbledore, you told me when I first came back….”

Dumbledore held one of his hands up to silence him and obediently his old student obliged his request. “Sirius, as I said before, you will only receive answers truthfully if you yearn for such. You must want to know and need to know and must be able to accept the facts that I provide.”

Sirius waved this away knowing full well what he wanted, he needed to know. The man nodded slowly adding a whisper so soft that it was barely audible, “Yes, Dumbledore, I know.”

The elderly wizard gazed deep into the large, emotional grey eyes of the other. He searched the strength, reason, and hope. Dumbledore then closed his eyes and lowered his head. “Sirius, my boy, it will be for the best if you sit while I tell you everything.”

Sirius noted the strong voice coming from Dumbledore and he wisely sat in the comfy chair directly across from the headmaster. “I need to hear it from you. What happened to them? I am ready for what ever you have to tell me.”

A sad sigh escaped Dumbledore’s mouth. Sirius looked at him with sad, but encouraging eyes bracing him self for all the horrible scenarios that had come to him since he had come back. He had been nervous then of knowing. Remus had refused to tell him of his beloved wide and daughters. Now, after almost two years of not knowing and protecting his godson, he needed the truth. He needed to learn what he wished to all gods was not true. But as he sat there watching the silent Dumbledore, he almost preferred to walk away ignorant than to find out.

Dumbledore’s head slowly rose and looked at him with his clear blue eyes, the sparkle that typically resided in them gone. “You need to know that I tried, that I would have done anything for the three of them. Valencia was everything to me.” Dumbledore closed his eyes, his body shaking softly. Sirius noted Dumbledore’s use of past tense and his face was etched in sorrow and begging, he begged for what Dumbledore was starting to say was not true. “My daughter loved you oh so much. She never once believed that you turned to Voldemort, never. But too many others did.” His eyes swelled with tears, but he continued with the story, “Valencia was…,” Dumbledore took a deep breath before changing his words. “Losing you, she… she couldn’t bear it anymore. And I found out from a distressed seven-year-old that her mother was dead.”

At the single word, both grown men broke. Dumbledore shook silently with tears falling down his old face and into his long, white beard. Sirius stood abruptly shaking his head. “No, no, NO!” He brought his hands to his forehead and tilted his head back letting out a painful cry.

Dumbledore quickly scolded him, “Sirius, you must not be caught, try to be as quiet as possible… please.”

Sirius looked at him, tears forming a river down his face. “Next? What happened to them? What happened to my girls?”

Dumbledore brought his pale and bony hand up to his face and wiped away a few tears, before continuing the sorrowful tale, “Elita, oh Elita, she had the hardest of times. In only but a year did she lose her father and mother…”

“She didn’t lose me! I’m…” Sirius let out angrily.

“I know Sirius, but you were never to come back, and that little girl was never to see you again for all she knew. Through such pain, she protected her younger sister, through it all. Eli tried everything to make Reina smile. And Reina did just that… only her sister did not. It seemed impossible for Eli to smile again.” Dumbledore rose from his seat standing up weakly and approaching the large basin of silvery liquid and traced a hand gently over it. “They came to live with me here in the castle; I couldn’t bear to see them go to your mother.”

“Thank god you had enough sense to do that.” Dumbledore cocked an eyebrow and Sirius quickly muffled, “Sorry.”

“It took an entire year before I saw a single smile on your little girl’s face. Reina seemed to have erased her memories, for only a two-year-old, it wasn’t hard. And it may have been for the better,” Dumbledore voiced sadly. “Elita, however, had completely erased everything else: happiness, humor, fun.”

Sirius couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How? How could his sweet, happy child not smile for an entire year? How could his child turn cold like the rest of his family? No, he decided. His daughter could never have been like his family. No.

And then he noticed hi own word choice in his thoughts. Past tense. As if they were gone, just like their mother. “No!”

Dumbledore looked at the man, startled by his sudden outburst. “Excuse me?”

Sirius quickly offered a simple apology before nervously encouraging Dumbledore on.

“As I said, it took poor Eli a year to finally smile. And that smile…” Dumbledore smiled broadly a twinkle coming to his eye once more. He looked down into the silver liquid in pleasant memory. “That smile was the greatest smile.” He paused again, letting some soft of smile trace on Sirius’ lips. “It was Severus that actually cracked her. She was out in the corridors at night, obviously not to my knowledge. But nonetheless, Severus caught her wandering about and brought back to me this beautiful, grinning child. I never knew what happened. I still don’t in fact. It was almost as if a spell had just been completely lifted from her.”

Under his breath, Sirius couldn’t resist muffling, “It probably was, greasy git probably…” Dumbledore raised his hand to silence him, the second time that night.

“After that, Eli became much more active and almost became the eight-year-old she should have been…. That was until 1983.” Dumbledore sighed and Sirius looked at him curiously, obviously oblivious as to what happened that year. “Professor Collins retired the year before and I desperately needed a new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. A younger woman came to me meeting plenty requirements, having completed her schooling at Hogwarts, only a few years after you, and having gone through plenty of field work using defensive tactics. I swore I researched her thoroughly as I do all my professors. But, I must admit, not well enough to know what secret that drew her and my granddaughter together.”

Sirius looked confused. With a questioning expression on his face, he asked, “What do you mean?”

Dumbledore looked at him wishing to spare the man more pain. But he knew that although each word would bring him more pain, possibly at the very end, there may still be some hope. “Professor Darby instantly formed a bond with young Eli and they often met in an old classroom that Darby occasionally used in her lessons. She told me that Elita merely wanted someone to talk to who didn’t know anything about her. How very wrong of me to have believed her. Marie Darby was sent to Hogwarts, Sirius. She was sent to train your young daughter.”

It was only then that Sirius doubted him. Training his daughter? Now what on earth would she need training for? He could answer that himself. Nothing. His nine-year-old daughter didn’t need training in anything.

Dumbledore paused waiting to see if Sirius would question him. When he stayed silent, Dumbledore continued, “I didn’t figure out what their meetings were about until finally the day came when Faith, she had picked up using her middle name when she first began classes here, turned sixteen. That night I learned something I thought to be mythological was real.” Dumbledore paused and walked slowly back to his chair. Sitting down, his voice became painful and quiet, “It was also the last time I saw my two granddaughters.”

Sirius immediately shook his head. “No! No! You can’t do that to me! You can’t take my daughters too!” A sob escaped his lips and for the second time that night, Sirius allowed tears to fall that hadn’t been shed for over a dozen years.

Dumbledore watched in sadness, remembering he had felt almost the same that night. How could his parents, his sister, his wife, his friends, his daughter, and now his granddaughters all be taken from him? How? But Dumbledore knew it did not matter how, fore they would still be gone when he stopped pondering that question.

Dumbledore looked at the worn and rugged man and sighed sadly. “At the end of her fifth year and all throughout the summer, I came to see that Faith was sneaking out at night. She would then come back to her rooms early the next morning exhausted. I thought she was perhaps sneaking off to see some boy, Charlie Weasley in fact. The two had been in quite a serious relationship, I just believed that they….”

Before Dumbledore could continue, Sirius cut him off, his tears replaced with disbelief. “You just let my little girl go out with some boy? And Charlie Weasley? Hmptf!”

Dumbledore chuckled slightly. “I do believe if I had not kept Valencia at home, you two would never have gotten to where you two were and never would have had Elita. Although it would not have been so bad if you at least waited to become further intimate until after graduating. I would have slept a lot easier at night without an infant wailing as to let her mummy and daddy rest for their next day classes.” Sirius shrank in his chair. Dumbledore gave him a knowing wink before restarting where he had been cut off. “As I was saying, I just believed Faith and Charlie to be meeting up. I was oblivious to reality. I was too ignorant to not see the truth soon after it started. But alas, I didn’t find out for a few more months, a few weeks after her sixth year on the eve of her sixteenth birthday. I found that our young Elita was destined for things even I have not faced. Our Elita was called.”

“Called for?” questioned the curious man, who listened intently at what he already knew was the last night of his daughters.

“Called to be the slayer.”

Sirius leaned forward in his seat trying to remember why the term sounded so familiar. It suddenly came to him and he blurted out, “But we were taught that slayers were simply muggle fair tales.”

“Yes, yes, but alas, no. Slayers are real. Vampire Slayers have been around since the beginning of time and the Watchers’ Council covered their tracks quite wisely. Wise enough that even us in the magical world did not know they were real.”

“But, if… if Elita was a slayer, she would have faced off against vampires, demons…” Sirius stumbled on his words not wanting to believe his daughter had been forced to live a life like that.

Dumbledore ignored Sirius and could only carry on. “She went out that night as always… little did I know that her little sister had followed her knowing full well what her sister was up to. They went out and never came back. We searched and searched and found no trace, no body. They were just gone. Professor Darby finally told me the truth that night. I only wished that this woman were to be pulling my leg. But no, as she spoke the more realistic it was. Oh, my poor, sweet granddaughters…” Dumbledore’s words drifted away into the heavy air.

Sirius remained silent. He did not know what to do with all of this. He had suspected. He had even come to terms with his suspicions. But now, he actually said it. His words were the truth, the fact that his wife and his daughters were dead. No, Sirius thought, he did not say that. He had said their bodies were never found. “Dumbledore,” He hopefully began, “Their bodies…”

Dumbledore nodded knowing Sirius would eventually catch on. “Yes, yes. We never found their bodies. But our Professor Darby explained of vampires and stacking them leads to them turning to dust. Our hopes diminished…. But I kept alert to any news pertaining to them. And I finally found some. Only a few months ago actually, not too long after you broke out of Azkaban.”

Sirius’s eyes tuned to him eager for the news. His daughters, they may be alive. He may get to see them again. His sweet Reina and his mischievous Elita, he would do anything to hold them in his arms.

Dumbledore had paused to watch the man react. He wanted to give him some form of hope, some form of happiness until he stripped it once more. “I told you at the beginning, I would tell you anything you truly wanted to know. I need to know if you truly want to know what comes next.” Before Sirius could answer, he continued, “I discovered disturbing news and a part of me wished to never have found it. This news may ruin all your images of your child. Sirius, you could walk away now and remember your beautiful children with my wonderful daughter. Or you can choose to stay. Choices are difficult Sirius. Think.”

Sirius made no intention of moving. Sirius seemed set to know. He needed to know. He had already learned devastating things, there was no turning back now.

Dumbledore nodded solemnly. “As you wish. A few months ago, I received the news. It was, probably much to your dislike, Severus that brought me the muggle news paper that he had stumbled upon while on an assignment.” Sirius let out a small growl at the name of Severus Snape and he could only bite his tongue as to not say anything more. Dumbledore, of course, ignored this and went on, “I read through it, saw the picture, and knew I was seeing my granddaughter, all grown up.” Dumbledore paused just letting her mere picture be remembered. He just wanted to see her lovely face and her beautiful hair, not the black lines and measurements behind her or the black slate in her hands. No. “Sirius, there is no easy way for me to say this…”

“Just say it,” Sirius told him already tense in preparation for what he caught on to be bad news yet again. Did no good come from anything in his life?

Dumbledore fumbled with a folded piece of paper in his hands. “Your daughter, Sirius…” He stopped and tried to better phrase his words, “Sirius, the paper declared this woman, who goes only by the name of Faith, is a wanted murderer.” He paused, watching the frozen Sirius. “She had served almost three years in an Untied States maximum security prison for two separate murders. And then she escaped.” Dumbledore stopped here. He could go no further into it himself knowing this already. He couldn’t imagine the overload that Sirius must be feeling.

Sirius, himself, was still frozen in the same posture as several minutes ago. “Sirius, you should go home and rest now. I believe I may have shared with you too much for one night.” Sirius did not move, even as Dumbledore rose from his chair leaving an unfolded newspaper upon on his desk. Dumbledore walked around the desk and softly placed his hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry, my son.” With that, Dumbledore excited to his own chamber through a small doorway behind his desk.

Sirius stayed there unbelieving for what seemed like hours. He couldn’t remember his thoughts but he knew that he needed to find her. He needed to know the truth from her about herself… and about her younger sister.

Little did Sirius know, at the same time Sirius was leaving the grand castle with the newspaper carried in his mouth, his daughter was on her way to London on a one-way redeye flight from Cleveland, Ohio aiding in the transport of three newbie slayers to the new Watchers’ Council.

Notes: Please review and make me happy!

Suggestions with where to go, overall plot stuff, happy ending, crazy ideas, fun quotes, etc wanted in the story- let me know and hopefully I’ll be spurred to write more! I love audience participation!

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