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Maybe he'd Choose Her...

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Summary: Buffy thinks of the past years of her life before leaving.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterLooonyMoonyFR1523,1800164,53222 Feb 0827 Feb 08Yes

Part One

Disclaimer: I don't (nor will ever pretend to) Buffy and Harry Potter. They belong to Joss Whedon and J.K Rowling


Maybe he'd Choose Her: Part One

The wizarding world was on an uproar. Two and a half months had passed since the demise of the Dark Lord and all wizards still celebrated at every chance they got. Today Hogwarts was celebrating the fact that it would be open for the next school year.

On the grounds a lone figure looked up towards the castle, remembering the man that brought her there, the adventures she lived in it and, mostly, the boy that made her stay.

More than two years ago she had felt as lost as she did now. She had just burnt down her school gym in L.A and didn’t know what to do next. At the moment she knew that she wouldn’t continue being the Slayer, she was certain that the she could return to being “Cheerleader Buffy”.

She didn’t know how she was supposed to accomplish it though, for she couldn’t cheer when there wasn’t a school to do it in. No school in L.A would take her. Her mother wanted to move to another town, even though she also hadn’t been admitted to schools outside of the city.

It was around that time that he popped into her life, literally. He said he wanted to take her to his school. He knew what she had done, yet he still wanted her. He explained about the dark times that were upon his world. He told her that he needed her help, that he knew there was a possibility of her being there not making much of a difference, but he was willing to give it a try.

She refused at first. She had quit, she was done and she told him so. She wasn’t the Slayer she was just plain old Buffy.

But he insisted, he didn’t want her to be the Slayer all the time; he didn’t want her to be the Chosen One, just another helping hand, just another student.

His offer was tempting. “I’m not a witch” She had said in a last, meek attempt to get out of the deal, but she couldn’t. To the day she still blamed those twinkling eyes.

They argued about what to tell her mother, she wanted not to say anything but the man felt that it was better to say the truth and he won. She ended telling her everything and though her mother did not want to believe it at first she agreed to let her go. So she went to England, to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

That summer she learned all that a fifth year regular witch should know, one that couldn’t do magic of course.

To prevent from arousing suspicions, the Headmaster gave her a fake wand to “use” in class while he came up with a more permanent solution.

So with some knowledge and a wand that would probably make her fail all her practical tests she boarded the train on September 1st.

It was on that train ride that she met three kids that she now considered the most important people in her life: Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter.

Ron was kindhearted, loyal and incredibly funny. She liked him immediately. Hermione was another thing; she and her couldn’t be more different. Opposites, that’s what the boys called them. Nevertheless, after a somewhat rocky start, they became best friends, friends who told each other everything or at least almost everything. Then there was Harry, who was having a terrible year but still was always gentle to her, he always cared. He took her flying, he let her teach him a little bit of self defense. He was incredible, they all were.

It took almost two months for Dumbledore and Ollivander to create a wand with a core that would take part of her “slayery” energy and transform it into a magical one. I wasn’t a very strong wand, she wouldn’t be able to cast very complex spells with it, but it helped her keep her cover and raise her school grades.

A little time after that Harry formed the D.A. She always thought that Dumbledore knew something like that was coming up, his eyes twinkled a lot when he gave her the wand and if he hadn’t she knew she would have had a lot to explain to her friends.

The D.A gave her the chance to practice all she had learned from theory and even though her spells weren’t as strong as she would have liked them to be, they were effective. That wasn’t all that the group brought though. It brought on girl into the “Golden group’s” life: Cho Chang. While Harry seemed to cherish the moments he had to spend with Cho, she couldn’t loath her more. How could her friend not see that the girl was terrible? That she wasn’t the right one for him? Sometimes she was surprised to find herself having murderous thoughts towards the Ravenclaw but she assumed she was just being overprotective towards her friend, surely she would think the same towards any boy or girl that wasn’t appropriate for Hermione and Ron.

Those unorthodox thoughts let her to realize that she absolutely loved her friends. When the time came to go to the Department of Mysteries she followed them without any second thoughts, even though she knew she probably wouldn’t be helpful at the magical aspect of the fight. Her wand didn’t stop many Death Eaters, though it did come in handy when she used it to poke the blond one in the eye with it. She tried not to use her slayer abilities during the fight, no one could know what she was, besides she had quit so it wasn’t really fair to use them. To the day she still blamed herself for not using them, if she had maybe she could have saved Sirius, Harry’s godfather. Every time she saw the pain in his eyes when they spoke about him she felt terrible.

She spent that summer at the Burrow and on September once again boarded the train to go to the school. That year seemed to be less eventful than the last, at least for the time the train ride lasted. After a while Ron started complaining that something ought to happen because Snape was the defense teacher and, on the other side, Harry was certain it would because, according to him, Malfoy was up to something.

She had her own problems to deal with though. She caught herself staring at her green eyed friend a lot. She had started to feel incredibly happy when he talked to her and at the same time really anxious about it because words failed her at the time to answer. Before the Christmas break began she realized that she really liked him. Luck didn’t seem to be on her side though, because it was at that time (or maybe earlier on the year) that Harry had started having feelings for Ginny. She was the first person he confided this to and it broke her heart.

It turned out that both Harry and Ron had been right that first day of school. At the end of that year Malfoy tried to murder Dumbledore. He didn’t succeed, but Snape finished the job for him. With Albus gone, Buffy was free to leave, to turn her back to the Wizarding World and return to her mother.

It hurt so much to be near Harry and know that he would never look at her the way he did at Ginny, so, the night before the funeral, she packed her bags and was ready to leave once the service had ended.

After it had, Ron, Hermione and she talked to Harry. She looked into his eyes and knew she couldn’t leave. She once had been tied to Dumbledore, to fight for him. With her death she thought that her ties had been broken but those green eyes made her realize that ones that were stronger had been building for a long time. It was then that she vowed to fight for her friend, the man she loved.
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