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Down And Dirty

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Summary: Post Season 7, Willow moves to Los Angeles and turns to for some nighttime activity. Wesley had the same idea for satisfying his carnal desires.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Drama(Past Donor)CasFR18527,3154183,50423 Feb 083 Mar 08Yes

Chapter One

(Co-written with Catscorner)

(The characters are not ours, they're Joss'. We're just playing with them.)

It was late. Wesley got himself a bit of scotch, and sat down at his computer. He was edgy... he needed release... the kind you couldn't get from a "nice woman" unless you'd been dating her for some time. He didn't have the time, inclination, or heart to date. But he did have needs.

Sometimes they were under control. Other times, they drove him to the computer, to Whoever advertised it as the place that catered to every pleasure was dead right.

He'd been using the service for years. Naturally, there was his profile. His picture was taken in the shadows... it was just enough for women to be able to see his body type, but his face was in the dark. It turned out that dark and dangerous was something many of the women who turned to the site were into.

It was interesting really. All one had to do was describe what they wanted to do on their next date. The descriptions had to be graphic. And then you waited for responses... to see who took you up.

He stared at the screen, waiting to visualize what it was he was craving. And then it came to him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Alone in her studio apartment, Willow found herself surfing the net. Again. Since she'd arrived in LA, she'd tried to meet people, but it was hard. Sure she had friends on the faculty and they were all nice enough, but she missed the excitement of everyday life in Sunnydale. She never realized what an adrenaline junky she'd become until she had finally settled into the mundane life she thought she always wanted.

It wasn't the first time she'd landed on She'd browsed the ads more than a few times, sometimes giggling over the kinky fantasies people had, but more often she found herself wondering what it would be like to actually do some of the thing people asked for. She even had a profile set up -- not exactly truthful, but she assumed not many were. It was all about the fantasy... or so she told herself.

She always started with the women seeking women ads first, but nothing really grabbed her there. Maybe it was because they seemed too tame... not dangerous enough. In the end, she gravitated to the men seeking anonymous sex in public places. Just the idea of doing it in a place where someone could be watching was intoxicating. Willow closed her eyes and felt the familiar rush course through her as she imagined herself in that very scenario.

When Willow opened her eyes, she saw a new ad pop up on her screen and she clicked on it, sucking in her lower lip as she read.

::: I want you to walk into The Zone in a short coat, heels... and nothing else. Find me at the bar, come directly to me. Let me touch you, don't say a word if I push your coat open... let me fuck you there at the bar, or on the roof... wherever I say.... DarkNights ::::

An excited flush washed over Willow and she read it again, hardly able to believe that she was actually considering typing a response to it. But then she saw Hottie69 answer. And then there were two more responses. Willow started to panic, certain she was going to miss her chance. What could she possible say to make this anonymous stranger actually want her?

She started to type, then erased. Typed some more... backspace backspace backspace.... she deleted it again. "Crap!" Another response chimed and she was sure DarkNights was going to pick one of them. They were all sending pictures! She didn't have a picture in her profile and probably wouldn't have the nerve to send one even if she had something suitably sexy on her computer. This was supposed to be anonymous! How was she supposed to compete with these leggy model types. It wasn't fair!

Taking a breath she told herself just to type. It didn't matter anyway... he probably wouldn't pick her and at least she'd have something fun to fantasize about when she went to bed. Just the idea of meeting him was making her all wet and squishy between her legs. Squirming in her seat, her fingers tap danced across the keyboard.

::: I've never done anything like this before, but I saw your ad and felt like I had to answer. The idea of meeting you like this frightens me. But I like to be frightened. I like to live dangerously. I'm ready to live... MagicRose :::

Before she could change her mind, she stabbed the enter key and held her breath.

Wesley scrolled through the responses, looking for that perfect one. The first two were non-descript, and he rejected them out of hand. The third... she sounded like a bit of a man-hater, anger could work in his favor, but he wasn't sold, so he rejected that one as well.

The words 'frightened' and 'dangerous' jumped out at him. Afraid, but brave enough to overcome her fears. Ready to live. Did that mean he'd be the one to bring her alive? The thought of being her first excited him. As he pulled up her profile, he moved close to the screen... but there was no picture.

He liked to know who he was meeting, and almost hit the reject button... but something stopped him. He'd give it a chance.

::: I'll be there at midnight, on the stool at the end of the bar away from the band. Please don't break out of character. ::: He hit send, and waited for final confirmation.

Willow let out a startled squeak when her computer chimed the incoming message. It was him! DarkNights! "Omigodomigod..." she muttered aloud as she stared at the monitor, afraid to move her mouse over the message to open it. She had a sudden paranoia that he could actually see her sitting there in her flannel pajamas and braided hair.

"Get a grip Willow!" she scolded herself, checking her webcam to make sure it was off... just in case. Taking a deep breath, she clicked the message open and read it. He wanted to meet! Tonight! For some reason this added a new layer of panic as she hadn't considered it would actually be for tonight.

Adrenaline coursed through her as she typed her answer before she had a chance to lose her nerve.

::::I'll be there. Red hair, red shoes, short jacket. Nothing else::::

Closing her eyes she let out a high-pitched "eep!" as she tapped the enter button.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wesley worked on his second scotch. He'd managed to get the last seat at the bar by offering the guy who had the seat a free drink to swap. Now he sat, leaning against the bar, his eyes scanning the room, and more particularly the entrance to the loud bar.

Naturally he'd been stood up before, but as on edge as he'd been lately, he hoped this wasn't one of those times.

Willow pulled her red Volkswagen beetle up to the curb about a block from the club. It wasn't a trendy club in a trendy area, so she was grateful for that at least. She still couldn't believe she was doing this. If Buffy or Xander ever found out... she'd die. They just didn't understand. She'd been so repressed her whole life... this was something she wanted. Craved. Needed.

Swallowing hard, she stepped out of the bug and pulled the short trench coat around her more tightly. It barely covered her rear end! She wore blood red heels and her hair was loosely gelled and fell a bit wildly about her features. She'd put on more make up than usual and just hoped she didn't look too skanky. Then again, maybe skanky was what he wanted. Oh god! What was she doing!

Rushing in the chill of the night, her heels clicked along the pavement and she nearly stumbled in one of the cracks. There was a sign for The Zone pointing into the alley, so she blindly followed it, her cheeks already flushed with a mixture of terror and excitement. She didn't realize she was going in a side entrance until a bouncer tried to stop her, but seeing her deer-in-the-headlights look, he took pity and let her pass.

She scanned the bar and quickly found the man at the end of the counter, but his back was to her as he was watching the front entrance. He looked nice enough from the back. Average build, dark hair, nicely dressed. As far as she could tell, he was the shadowy guy in the profile.

This was it. Taking a deep breath, she strolled over to him as casually as she could, going over the instructions in her head for the thousandth time. 'Let him touch you. Don't say a word.'

Standing right behind him, she reached out a trembling hand and touched his shoulder.

She'd come in the back door. Smart woman... not that he was about to explore her mental abilities. Some things were about animal instincts. As he turned, he hoped he wouldn't be disappointed.

As he was sitting, he saw her figure first. Shapely legs, heels as red as sin, a coat that couldn't have been any shorter. His pants were definitely tighter as his gaze traveled up, lingering at the vee of her neck, and then her face.

The shock of recognition registered only after his mind and body approved of the dark red hair made for tangling, those darkened lips made for kissing. He was already reaching out for her, had his hand on her hip, when their gazes clashed.

Mortified, Willow gasped. "Wesley!" Reflexively her hand flew to her chest to pull the coat tighter and she bent at the knee in a futile attempt to make the garment cover more of her legs. "Omigod!" she squeaked, wincing shamefully, ready to die of embarrassment.

It took her a moment to register the fact that she hadn't mistakenly come across him -- he was the one she'd come for. "You?! You're..." she lowered her voice to a hiss, "DarkNights?"

He winced and stood up. "So it appears... MagicRose," he said, trying to keep his voice even, trying to beat down the surge of desire that didn't respect the fact that everything might have changed the moment they'd recognized each other.

"You look...." Naked under there, no, he wasn't about to think of that, though it was a difficult fact to forget. "... Lovely. I suppose the wisest thing would be to pretend we never saw each other?"

"Yes," her head bobbed emphatically. "Oh god if anybody ever finds out I'll die. You won't tell anybody? Like ever? I mean... not Angel or--or Giles. Oh god, not Giles!"

Her eyes were wide and her heart raced from the rush of adrenaline that charged through her body like a runaway freight train. "I mean, I wasn't kidding that I've really never done this and I don't know what I was thinking. I know it's crazy dangerous and you could have been a psycho killer and I'm so glad you're not and oh god I'm all rambly and so naked under here!" She paused long enough to consider what he must be thinking. "Ohmygod, you've done this before. I've seen your other ads... I've almost answered so many times... I've wanted to... but... oh god I can't believe I'm even telling you this!"

He held her gaze, almost laughed at her nervous blabber... so at odds with her clothing and intent upon her arrival. It only went to reinforce his belief that people were complex beings, with more sides and angles than could be counted. If you caught them at a different angle than you'd been allowed to observe before, you'd never recognize them.

"Don't worry, I can be quite forgetful. Although..." his gaze swept down her body once again, she's gotten him hard... and so far, even knowing who she was hadn't made his lust recede. What was he thinking?

He cleared his throat. "In any case, if you've been reading, you certainly know more about me than I about you." He spread his hands.

Willow swallowed and stared at the former watcher from Sunnydale who she now saw in a whole different light. "I-I guess so. I would have never thought-- I mean... that you'd..." she bit her lip and shifted her weight, realizing at that moment just how aroused she was. "Y-you'd just meet someone and... and... what exactly... what would you have done?" she found herself asking, suddenly intensely curious, as if just hearing it from him would fulfill her fantasy.

"It's not always about holding hands." It was an explanation he'd given before. "Do you really want to know? It won't offend you if I speak frankly," he asked, doubting she could handle it.

She rolled her eyes. "Hello. Standing here butt naked ready to have sex with a stranger in a public place. How offended do you think I can possibly get at this point?" She fixed her eyes on his nervously.

"I would have pulled you up hard against me, pushed the bottom of your coat up so nothing but my clothes separated us, and I would let you feel how you've affected me. I might kiss you, and touch you. And buy you a drink, in that order." His voice grew strained as he imagined everything he wanted to do, only making the situation worse as his cock pressed up against his zipper.

Willow sucked in a breath and she watched him through half-lidded eyes, each provocative word pounding against her core. When she shifted again, she moved closer, her legs parting just enough so that the slick heat was exposed to the cool air that drifted up her thighs.

"Touch me where... how?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

"Anywhere I want... How I want." Harsh... but true, it was what he'd asked for in his e-mail. "Your thighs... I'd touch you between them until you were breathless... until I couldn't stand it myself." He swallowed. "And your breasts. You have them covered but I know just how they'd feel under my hands." As if to emphasize, he ran his palm up and down his own thigh, then squeezed.

Willow swallowed hard, dropping her gaze to watch his hand as she inched closer. Her grip loosened on the edge of the jacket and her fingers brushed lightly against the wing of her collarbone, now flush with the heat of desire. Each flutter of movement was dizzying, causing a cascade of arousal to course through her. "And then...?" she looking back up at him through cinnamon lashes, urging him to go on.

His gaze followed the movements of her hand. "It would depend on the lady. She might not like me." As he stood up, he brushed against her, imagined how slick and hot she was for him... how she'd feel around him. His heart rate had certainly kicked up, he wondered if she could hear it even through the sound of the music.

When he stood, Willow had to tilt her head up to look at him, emphasizing his dominance. Instinctively she took a step back and bit her lip. "She likes you," she answered, too quickly placing her in the role. "I-I mean, how could she not? With the accent and-and the piercing eyes and the stubble and..." her gaze drifted downward, skating over the fabric that pulled taut across his groin. "...Hypothetically speaking... of course."

He ached... he hurt for her touch, wanted her... wanted to know how it would feel to be inside her... and he didn't want to imagine anymore. "Enough to forget the past and play?" He ran his hand down her arm, boldly allowing his thumb to rest on the swell of her breast. "There is a reason I didn't ask for phone sex. I like it real. Not everyone can handle that." There was a question in his voice.

A ragged breath caught in her throat, but with concerted effort, she held fast and didn't pull away. "What past..." she said with a teasing lilt in her voice. A half smile tugged at her lips and leaned into him, letting her hand fall away from the jacket so the collar fell open, exposing more flesh. Ohgodohgodohgod! She couldn't believe she was doing this.

His heart skipped a beat. "What past, indeed." It was already forgotten, and he slipped firmly into the game, obviously dropping his gaze down to admire the creamy expanse of her chest.

Buzzing with anticipation, Willow fell into her role and remained silent, biting her lip to keep from launching into a nervous babble.

Suddenly, he placed his hand behind her back and dragged her up against his frame, biting his lip as he felt the pressure of her hip against his arousal. The pulse at the base of her throat was jumping, crying out to be tasted. But first, he wanted to see more.

He caught the edge of her collar and pulled it to one side, staring without shame at her bare breast, nipple erect and calling for his touch. As his gaze swept up to find her face flushed with excitement, he knew she would give him what he wanted with wanton abandon.

Willow let out a sharp gasp as she felt the rigid plane of his body press against hers. But when he pulled her jacket open, she stiffened, her entire body suddenly charged with electric current. Was anybody else looking? Could they see what he was seeing? And then his head lowered and his mouth fastened on the pulse of her throat. Her head lolled back, and her hips rocked into his.

She wanted to touch him, to see if his flesh burned like hers, but she wasn't sure if it was allowed and she wanted very badly to play by the rules. Full lips parted and her gaze swept over his darkened features as his kisses dropped down the valley between her breasts with increasing intensity.

Wes could feel the glances of other men, knew at that moment they wanted what he had. In a starkly possessive move, he cupped her buttock, molding her to him as he skimmed his teeth up the satin smoothness of her throat and found her mouth. The breath slammed out of him when he felt the pull of her lips and obliged, delving his tongue inside the slick wetness of her mouth.

She tasted as sweet as apples and as tart as venom. Call her Eve or Delilah, but at this moment, she was a woman with the power to bring a man to his knees. This man would take the chance.

He took her mouth again, no gentleness in the kiss, just raw, blistering kisses, one leading to the next, tongues dancing... fighting... stroking. Hunger... desire ... need, all of it there for her, and for the world to see.

Even in the midst of the heated frenzy that gripped her, Willow was acutely aware of their environment. Succumbing to her secret desires, she cracked her eyes open to peer about the room, catching one lust filled look after another, penetrating her again and again until she thought she would burst. Gasping between frantic kisses, her thigh lifted and she ground against the rough texture of his jeans seeking release.

Tortured by thoughts of driving into her, of feeling her from the inside, of hearing her ask him... beg him for release, he dipped his hand under her coat, roaming up and down her thigh, grasping it tight each time he ground his hips into hers. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. "They want to fuck you." He waited for her nod of acknowledgment. "But I'm going to fuck you."

Breathless, she nodded, unable to utter a word even if it was allowed. Her eyes fixed on his, begging him to take her over the edge.

Swamped by the urgent desires of his flesh, he didn't offer her a drink. He turned her toward the door, then gripped her hip and brought his body flush against hers. His raging arousal pulsed against her backside as he walked behind her, one arm circled around the front of her body with his hand firmly pressed over her breast. "Kiss me," he demanded.

It was a slow faltering walk, clumsy, with bodies bumping, and mouths colliding, breaths mingling... stirring a palpable sexual energy around them. Men stared hard, others touched their girlfriends... hands fluttered, or closed around drinks until knuckles whitened. No one had a doubt as to where these two were going.

Willow's neck arched back as she met his kisses greedily. As she reached her arms up to circle the back of his neck, she knew the hem of her jacket was lifting enough to reveal the shadow of what was beneath -- and the knowledge that others were looking was intoxicating.

Drunk with erotic desire, the redhead allowed herself to be steered through the bar until they were outside. A blast of cool air whipped against her heated skin, sending a shock of pleasure through her core and she spun around so she was facing him as he continued to walk her backward.

Blood pounded in his temples, heat inched through his veins. He wanted her, and now. He ran a finger down the front of her trench coat, opening it to the point where her belt stopped him. Still walking her backward, he undid the belt, the pushed her up against the alley wall. "Don't move."

Stepping back slightly, he took in every inch of her pale skin, the dark triangle peaking out where her coat gaped, her long legs gleaming in the moonlight, and come fuck me red heels. His gut clenched, his breath became labored, he didn't know how long he could look and not touch.

Willow's chest heaved as his gaze raked over her exposed form, igniting each nerve until she trembled with anticipation. Still, she obeyed his command, holding stock-still, resisting the urge to touch him... to touch herself where she needed it most.

He saw her shoes moving as she shifted her weight, he noticed the way her hands clenched, and the way she licked her lips... inviting him. He was accepting the invitation to the party.

With one hand, he unzipped his pants, staring at her as he freed his swollen member, the other, he placed on the wall, next to her ear as he slowly drew closer.

Oh. God. She swallowed hard, transfixed by the intensity of his gaze. She didn't look down, but she knew what he was doing, and her body responded with an impatient thrust forward. A mewl escaped as her abdomen connected with his erection and he pressed her hard against the wall.

He surged needily against her softness, groaning as he fought the need to plunge into her, to fuck her hard and fast. That would come, but now he wanted to feel her... and feel her he did.

He ran rough calloused hands all over her body, up and down her thighs, her firm abdomen, her sides, all the while kissing her, fucking her with his tongue, the way he wanted with his body.

Willow squirmed and writhed beneath him, her breaths coming more and more ragged with each electric touch. Lifting her leg, she tried to make contact, but he was frustratingly deliberate in his movements -- refusing to yield to her desperate urges. Finally she could stand it no longer and she brazenly reached down and stroked his shaft, shimmying herself up against the wall in an attempt to mount him.

Wes involuntarily arched toward her touch, now rock hard and wanting nothing more than to quench the fire burning in his loins. "Yes," he slid his hand under her thigh, lifted her up, never losing eye contact as found her wet heat with his tip. God she was beautiful, the way she threw her hair back, the way she urged him on.

As soon as she was able, Willow clamped her legs around his waist and pulled him to her, biting her lip as she anticipated how he would feel inside her. She rocked her hips forward, gently teasing as his shaft slid over her sensitive nub. Closing her eyes, she turned her head so her cheek pressed against the cool brick wall, a delicious reminder of just where they were and what she was doing.

Abruptly, she turned back and fixed her eyes on his. "Fuck me!" she ground out in a throaty voice.

"That's what we're here for," he answered, surging forward as her body clamped around him, gripped him, squeezed him. She was so tight, so hot, so wet for him. And he was ravenous, so hungry, he would have her now.

He shifted so that her breasts would rub against his chest as he thrust into her. His breathing grew harsh and heavy as he thrust deeper and deeper, more desperate, grew wilder. The way she clung to him, the way she fought as hard as he did, the way she bucked and rode him, as he fucked her, it was impossible to maintain any semblance of control. He was lost, he was so far gone, so focused on one thing, that nothing could stop him from finding release.

Willow hissed with each thrust, desperate mewls of pleasure and pain escaping through clenched teeth. He wracked her body wildly until she was dizzy with euphoria, finally crying out in a shriek that marked her crashing orgasm. She clung to him and rode the waves, tumbling uncontrolled through her erotic fantasy as he slammed into her.

"Stay with me," he ordered, seeing her pupils dilate, "come on... that's it... that's it." Waves of pleasure crashed over him as he found his release. "Good... so good," he crooned against her ear, as his senses slowly returned to him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

A few weeks had passed since that night with Willow... MagicRose. He didn't know how Willow felt about it, but he hadn't regretted it one bit. In fact, it had been one of his most successful "dates."

Just thinking about how she'd made him lose control, how she'd brought him back, had his cock jumping to attention. He sighed. Perhaps he'd best write up a new dream date, or find one he could buy into. Otherwise... sleeping might not be an option.

Shoving the manuscript aside, he turned the computer monitor on, and found the site, and started scrolling through the date options. There were some names he definitely scrolled right past. A few interesting proposals, that had him thinking.... and then her name popped up. MagicRose's Date Proposal.

He hovered his mouse over the "open" button. What if he liked what she wanted? What if he didn't? What if he did, but she never wanted to see him again. After all, for many, that was the appeal of blind fuck dates.

(A/N: Comments very much appreciated)
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