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Star Light, Star Bright...

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Summary: While off-world SG-1 find a young woman who's a long way from home... Buffy-centric

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Chapter Seven

Okay, so it has been over a year since I last updated, but I want to assure you all that I will finish this story! It just might take a while...

Hope you enjoy!

Chapter Seven

“One or two things?” Jack asked a suddenly anxious Buffy. “Care to expand on what they might be?”

“Not overly, but I guess I’m somewhat lacking in the choice department now…” Buffy replied sarcastically, directing this statement towards the new addition in the room. The man cringed slightly and was evidently trying to avoid eye contact with her.

“General Hammond, Jack, this is Major Graham Miller from military special ops” Kinsey said somewhat smugly. “Major, if you would take a seat...”

Jack noticed that Miller took the seat furthest from Buffy’s reach. Buffy seemed to have noticed this too if her next comment was anything to go by.

“Oh I don’t think that will help,” she muttered under her breath causing Miller to squirm a little in his seat.

They all sat in silence for a moment, waiting for Kinsey to continue. Jack was convinced that Kinsey was just prolonging the moment so he could bask in his own success of shocking Buffy. As allowing this to continue went against Jack’s grain, he felt it fell on his shoulder’s to interrupt the moment.

“So, surprise witness called, I’m sure we’re all very impressed blah, blah, blah could we get on with it please?”

Kinsey stared daggers at Jack, but obliged none-the-less. He picked up two folders off the desk, passing one to Hammond, and tossing the other to Jack. Jack opened it up, barely registering the ‘TOP SECRET’ sign on the cover.

“Meet Buffy Anne Summers,” began Kinsey. “The head of an international vigilante organisation called ‘The Watcher’s Council’.”

As Kinsey started speaking Jack leafed through the folder. There were photos of Buffy laden in medieval weaponry, surrounded by hundreds of teenage-looking girls. There were also aerial images of what looked like some sort of camp or training ground around a castle.

“Founded many hundreds of years ago” continued Kinsey, “The Watcher’s Council was a fairly respectable organisation that worked to eliminate certain threats that the government of the time was unable to. As the years have passed they have become a less necessary organisation until the need for their existence became obsolete altogether with the founding of a military group that could combat these threats instead. This group was called ‘The Initiative’”

“When Miss Buffy Summers, a member of the Watche-”
“Ex!” exclaimed Buffy. All heads in the room turned towards her. “I was an ex-member at that time…” she explained. “Just clarifying. Continue. I’m enjoying it!”

“Thank you for that assessment Miss Summers,” Kinsey replied sarcastically. “As I was saying, when Miss Buffy Summers, an EX-member of the Watcher’s Council encountered The Initiative she took it upon herself to take the organisation down, first wooing an integral Agent of the establishment, using him for access and eventually overthrowing the entire complex. Major Miller here can attest to this fact. However after this she was not arrested through what can only be assumed was some form of coercion.

“A few years after this she regained communications with ‘The Watcher’s Council’. Within a few weeks of this communication, the Council’s HQ was ‘mysteriously’ bombed and nearly all members killed. Miss Summers then took over the establishment. She enlarged it, spreading cells all around the world. Their actions are day by day moving closer towards what can only be described as terrorism. They have no respect for governments, borders or laws and now it seems she has set her sights of the SCG,” Kinsey concluded.

There was silence in the room.

Jack was confused, to say the least. His instincts told him to never, ever trust Kinsey, and yet… Yep, he was really confused.

Unexpectedly someone started clapping. It was a slow, congratulatory one man applause, or one-woman, as the case turned out to be when Jack turned his head and saw that the person clapping was Buffy. She had a slight smile on her face and didn’t look overly unnerved.

“Bravo,” she said. “Bravo indeed. No, I really mean it. That was quite a performance. Although you forgot to mention that I also blew up two schools, killed a Mayor and hold the truth of the Doublemeat Medley.”

Kinsey stared at her irately. “It would seem, Miss Summers, that you do not appreciate the gravity of this situation. Back when The Initiative was under investigation I was the lone voice of reason that realised that you were behind everything.” He then turned himself towards the room’s newest arrival.

“Major Miller, could you please tell us about the running of ‘The Initiative’ before the arrival of Miss Summers here”

Jack watched Miller closely. Despite his military training to not reveal too much information Miller’s eyes were shifting nervously now that the attention was back on him. He was avoiding looking at Buffy at all.

“It ran fairly smoothly sir. Sub-terrestrial threats were successfully captured and contained in our underground facility, reducing the exposure to the local population.”

Kinsey smiled haughtily, continuing his questioning. “And then Miss Summers became involved with one of your Agents, who must remain anonymous. How did this change him?”

Miller looked down at the floor as he replied. “He became increasingly anarchic, until finally he mutinied.”

“Mutiny.” Kinsey repeated for effect. “Mutiny.” he said again, hammering it in. “Muti-”

“Yes, it’s a lovely word.” Jack interrupted. “Three syllables. Both a noun and a verb. We get it.”

“I’m not telling you all this for your amusement Jack. Believe it or not I have the best interests of the SGC at heart. You need to understand that this girl is not here by acci…”

Kinsey’s words faded off as something caught his eye. Buffy had her hand up like a student in class.

“Do you have something to add Miss Summers?” he asked snidely.

“Ummm…I dunno. My defence, I guess? That’s how these things work, right? I mean, I’ve watched Law and Order…”

“You’re not on trial, Miss Summers,” General Hammond reminded her.

Jack noticed anger behind Buffy’s eyes building like a volcano about to erupt. “You could have fooled me. This…Git here seems to have all the right effective words down: ‘vigilante’, ‘terrorist’, ‘mutiny’. Boy, he must have rehearsed it. Probably in front of a mirror just to make sure his nose flared at the right moments.”

Jack couldn’t help but laugh a little at this, although he must admit that Kinsey’s words had affected him. He wasn’t quite as fond of Buffy as he had been before. If what Kinsey was saying was true, well…that was fairly serious in Jack’s books. Possibly the most serious thing these days, actually.

“Do you deny this Miss Summers?” asked Kinsey. “Do you deny that The Initiative’s downfall didn’t begin until you became involved? Do you deny that the organisation you head up is powerful enough to overthrow governments by force?”

“No, I don’t deny either of those. But do you deny that I saved the lives of hundreds of people in The Initiative? Do you deny that my organisation saves people every day by killing hell-born creatures? Demons, Senator Kinsey, do you deny it?”

“You don’t fight demons. You consort with them!” yelled Kinsey, standing up from his seat. “Vampires, witches and werewolves, creatures that go against Gods will.”
The room fell silent. Jack turned towards Hammond, trying to gauge if he’d just heard what he thought he did.

“I’m sorry everyone,” Jack said with a slight nervous laugh. “I’ve never been great in these meetings. Tend to daydream a little. Could have sworn you just mentioned vampires… But gonna give you the benefit of the doubt.”

“You’re right,” said Buffy. “I mean, aliens, yeah whatever that’s one thing right? But vampires? Impossible!”

Kinsey glared at Buffy. “The correct term is ‘Sub-terrestrials’. Breeds of creatures with supernatural-like abilities that originate from other, more hellish dimensions. They are plagues upon this earth and must be destroyed.”

“And that is what I’m doing! What we’re doing! Me and my girls, we are the people who have been chosen to fight them!” stated Buffy.

“Chosen by who exactly?” cried Kinsey. “As far as I’m concerned, you and your ‘slayers’ and as much a blight to this earth as those monsters you say you destroy!”

Buffy then stood up to match Kinsey. “If you really believe that do you think it’s wise to act how you are? I usually don’t kill humans. Might make an exception.”

“Woah, woah, woah, nice shooting Tex!” exclaimed Jack as he stood up between them. “Now why are we all getting so worked up about some bedtime story you guys obviously seem to have taken way too seriously?”

Jack then watched as Buffy picked up the metal conference table with one hand and hold it above her head.

“Yep, didn’t see that coming…” Jack said as he sat back down and Buffy lowered the table.

“Permission to speak?” came the voice of Major Miller. Jack had almost forgotten that he was there.

“Permission granted,” said Hammond, who seemed just as shocked as Jack.

“It’s true,” began Miller, “that after Buffy arrived at The Initiative it all went downhill. But she was not the cause of it, it was just bad timing. Then again, it could also be called the best timing we’ve ever had because if she hadn’t been there it is possible that our problems could have ended in an apocalypse, and I don’t exaggerate. Buffy saved us. She has my trust.”

Kinsey looked quite shocked at this, which Jack was pleased to see.

“What do you have to say to this, Senator?” asked Hammond, whose face was almost impossible to read.

“Did you not just see that George?” said Kinsey, pointing towards Buffy. “That’s just a small part of her grotesque, unnatural abilities. Her and her kind, they go against God!”

“So you’re saying,” countered Hammond, “that you’re problems with this girl actually comes down to simple bigotry?”

Kinsey was lost for words. He stuttered as he tried to come back with something to disprove Hammond’s words.

“Senator Kinsey, please leave my base and only return when you can deal with this situation as a reasonable human being, like you pretend to be. Until then, Buffy stays with us. And since your witness, who you have previously vouched for, seems to believe she is of no threat, then we will treat her as such.”

Hammond then turned and stormed out of the room. After a moment the still shocked Kinsey stood and walked out dejectedly. The others in the room sat in silence for a moment until Jack turned towards Buffy.

“No but seriously, vampires? What’s it a code word for?”

And Jack watched as both Buffy and Miller rolled their eyes and smiled.


As always, I love reviews. They are the light at the end of the tunnel. Please leave a comment! It's why we write :)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Star Light, Star Bright..." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 May 09.

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