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SG27 Coming Home

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Summary: That night he learned about the world’s demon nightlife. Three weeks later and he was working with the new science team, Slayer, vampire and the young Colonel Jonathon O’Neill Jr. on SG27. Warning mild swearing. Mini Jack fic

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minijoFR1333,4343218,75323 Feb 0823 Feb 08Yes

Chapter 2

Home Coming

Disclaimer: I do not own Numb3rs, Stargate SG1, Buffy or any of the characters portrayed (Except Anna-Marie Sutton). I do however own the dialogue and the story.

Warning: contains, swearing and non-graphic slash. Established M/M relationship.


It was awkward, so fucking awkward. He was angry, pissed off and unbelieving. It had taken him nearly two years to forgive them and it was only with the new knowledge of just how big and bad this world got that he had been able to come back, here. And for what? To feel betrayed all over again. He rolled over in his bed and contemplated his need to vent or do something. Checking his watch he debated his next course of action. 2am 'Best to vent and do something.' he thought. He pulled on a pair of BDU trousers and holster. Checking his phone was still located in his rear pocket, he quietly left the house after retrieving his jacket, which contained the rest of his arsenal. It wouldn’t do to run around without a trusty wooden stake.

Charlie started running; he’d always been fit, however his time as part of Jon’s team had seen him change from healthy maths professor into a solider. Breathing though it and changing his erratic pace into a more comfortable one he let his mind drift back to 18 months ago.

Amita. Beautiful, perfect Amita. Lying, cheating Amita. His brother. Both of them, on his couch, in his house. Charlie breathed harshly from the remembered emotion of deep betrayal.

He’d left, so angry, so hurt.

They’d admitted it had been going on for months.

He’d left, taken an opportunity that had been offered at the time, at the NORAD, Deep Space Telemetry department in Colorado Springs.

Two weeks there and he was off world.

Three weeks later and he was captured with SG11 trying to work out a mathematical puzzle.

Four weeks after that and he was rescued by allies and returned. Battered, starved, near death.

It’s been said that the closer you’ve been to death the more you feel alive. Well he had come alive. Gone were his rose tinted glasses, his naivety torn to shreds. During his convalescence he had brooded over his life, his weaknesses and his shortcomings. And for the first time in his life he realised that although maths was in everything, it wasn’t everything.

As fire tempers steel, so his treatment at the hands of his capturers, had tempered him.

As a genius he had always traded on his brains to get him by. Two days after discharge for the infirmary he was in the base gym.

A week later he started training in basic combat with the marines and two new members of the SGC. One was a Slayer the other a souled vampire.

That night he learned about the world’s demon nightlife.

Three weeks later and he was working with the new science team, Slayer, vampire and the young Colonel Jonathon O’Neill Jr. on SG27. Fresh from university and for reasons unknown to him at the time, given the rank even he a civilian consultant, knew took years to achieve.

Four weeks after, a whacked out, unreal, nightmare experience off world experience on PX4-979 had ensured that he was bonded with Jon and the team for life.

One day back and they had all realised that life between them all would never be the same.


“Ring, ring.” Jon switched on the light next to him and reached for his phone. A quick glance at the display had him fully awake.

“What’s up Charlie?”

“They moved into my house, Jon.”

“Oh.” It wasn’t a question and it managed to convey both empathy and sympathy. He knew who they must be.

“I swear to God. I’m so angry I could kill them with my bear hands.”

“Well it’s...” Jon looked at his watch, “3am in the morning. Cover your tracks well and you’ll probably get away with it.”

“Will you give me an alibi?”

“Do you need to even ask?” Charlie laughed it had a slightly chilling sound but Jon knew that his teammate’s anger was draining away. Jon could hear background noise and traffic from Charlie’s end of the line.

“Where are you?”

“Out patrolling. I needed to run. I’m nearly back home now. I was thinking…”

Jon sighed, his friend didn’t strictly need back up but he was never pleased when Charlie hunted alone. “Why doesn’t that sound like it’s going to be good for me?”

“Fancy coming here for Thanksgiving? Me casa, Ci casa.” Jon groaned, “What was that Jon?”

“I said I’d love too.” He could practically hear, Charlie smiling. “How come you boss me around so much and it’s me that’s in command?”

“I'm bigger than you are. Also a good leader listens to advice, and I advise you to be here at 14:00hrs sharp.”

“Yes. Sir.” Jon snapped out a salute that his cohort couldn’t see. He then dropped his phone back onto the bedside cabinet and switched off the light. ‘Tomorrow will be fun.’ Was his last thought. ‘But at least he hasn’t asked Willow to hex them. Yet.’

Outside his home, Charlie shut the phone. Back up was on the way, not that he couldn’t handle his own issues. These days he could handle the end of the world stuff in his stride. No, this way he’d have more fun.


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