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SG27 Coming Home

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Summary: That night he learned about the world’s demon nightlife. Three weeks later and he was working with the new science team, Slayer, vampire and the young Colonel Jonathon O’Neill Jr. on SG27. Warning mild swearing. Mini Jack fic

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Chapter 3

Home Coming

Disclaimer: I do not own Numb3rs, Stargate SG1, Buffy or any of the characters portrayed (Except Anna-Marie Sutton). I do however own the dialogue and the story.

Warning: contains, swearing and non-graphic slash. Established M/M relationship.

They were all here, Don’s team, and Larry. David had brought his girlfriend of the moment and after the enthusiastic if somewhat nervous greetings, they’d all been happy to see the return of their favourite maths consultant. They’d all taken a moment to comment on the changes to the formally missing Eppes brother. Gone were his trademark brown curly locks and somewhat messy hair and in its place was the close-cropped hair. It made him look less coltish more mature. The tight black T-shirt that he wore under an open shirt showed the molded physique of a fighter. The warm smile had put them at ease; the coolness that was evident in his minimal contact with Don and Amita did not extend to Don’s team and Larry.

Megan had cried, silent strong tears that made her radiate with a quiet warmth.

Larry had being, chaotic in his response, alternatively accepting, then scolding, before just dissolving into tears holding onto Megan. They were like two sides of the same coin.

David had smiled big enough to light the room; the stoic black man seemed to exude warmth and a welcome back. His girlfriend stayed quietly in the background, as a bit player should.

Don studied his brother. Although he had often found his brother hard to understand, it wasn’t often that he found himself at a loss for words. He had seen that Amita was uncomfortable with having Charlie here, but for once her concerns were not the principal reason for his confusion. He spent his time watching this new Charlie, who walked different, spoke different and looked at them with brown fathomless eyes. Old Charlie had expressive eyes that communicated a myriad of emotions for all to see. New Charlie’s eyes were silent, hinted of danger and kept their secrets.

They had yet to talk about anything of importance. Last night had been awkward. The most they had communicated during Charlie’s time away, were the three letters that were sent to their father. The first to tell them where he was working, the second a MIA notification from the Air Force and the third a letter saying that he was fine and the disappearance a misunderstanding.

Time and time again he had seen Amita try to draw Charlie to one side for a small confidential chat. But he had avoided all attempts so far. The unsaid issues that ran between the brothers were like a sinister soundtrack wailing in the background. But like all good movies the actors pretended to not notice it.

“So Charlie. I hear that you were doing some sort of consultancy work out in The Springs.” David began as he sat down in front of the television.

“Yeah, it’s an ongoing assignment. Deep Space Telemetry.” Unlike most people who use the cover story, Charlie knows a little of the numbers and physics behind it. And after he saw that everyone’s eyes with the exception of Larry, were glazing over he knew that they wouldn’t push him again on the subject. It also helped to let them see what they wanted to see, the math whiz they loved and used to know. “In fact one of my team mates will be coming by soon. I wanted them to meet the family so to speak.”

Megan inquired, “Do you know them well?” Charlie was aware that his father ears had pricked up. Charlie could imagine the man’s dreams for grandchildren were currently running through his mind.

“Yes I know them well.” Charlie smiled he didn’t elaborate any more. And turned his head at the polite rapping of knuckles on the door. “Speak of the devil.”

Alan was closest to the door and after letting his continuing hope for grandchildren run merrily through his head since Charlie’s smirking morning declaration that he had invited a guest, swung the door open to reveal a teenage boy. Alan’s dreams faded again, he was sure he had read his son’s smirk right, but obviously he had been mislead. The boy was between 16 and 18 with shaggy blond brown hair. An over sized weathered brown leather coat, casual jeans, and white loose shirt completed the average teen look. The teen met his measuring gaze with one of his own for a moment.

“Hi. Is Charlie home?” Alan belatedly remembered his manners.

“Yes, you must be his team mate.” Alan stepped aside and let the young man enter waving his arm in the direction of the living room where everyone sat. Charlie got up and moved to stand by his guest.

“Everyone I’d like you to meet my team leader and CO, Captain Jonathan O’Neill Jr.” Charlie savoured the incredulous expressions from the gathered friends and family, ‘Oh, he was so going to love this.’ He had originally planned to gently prepare his family for the major changes in his life, but now he wanted the shocks to come hard and fast. Like they had for him.


“You can’t be…”

“Is this…”

“Do you…”

Charlie cut them all off with his next action. Moving forward he came to attention and snapped a sharp salute to the young man. A multiple of gasps and then silence. Jon returned the salute and said, "At ease soldier."

“Oh and by special dispensation from the President, I stand before you Lt Charles Eppes.” Charlie’s grin at the astonished group was pure evil.

He’d wait a few more minutes before he informed them how he needed to sell the house to make a home in Colorado Springs. It wasn’t exactly true, but Don and Amita can go fuck each other in their own damn house. After it had been suitably hexed of course. Mustn’t tell Jon or Anna about his conversations with Willow.


He awoke from his sleep wanting…needing…something…someone.

Skin, beneath him, around him, on top of him. Warmth…touch…hold...scent.

Brown blond hair under his fingers.

That scent filling his senses. ‘Mine,’ his genius brain supplied. Other words briefly struggled to surface through the fog that filled his mind. Then they were gone.

They were running, he couldn’t remember why. But his someone was with him, urging him on.

They were joined by two others, one male and a female. His someone told him that they belonged with them.

Pack he thought but pulled his someone closer not sharing him with the others.

Running, hiding, running.

Then threat, a threat to his someone. He felt his body change as he as he dealt with the danger.

Muscles rippled, bones changed, taller, bigger he became, then tore the threat apart with his hands. Claws and teeth.

The female at his side her strength matching his own.

The male also changing his body in order to fight.

Tearing, breaking, slamming.

Pack was good help him protect his someone.

Then running and final escape.

His someone would not let him tear apart the others that met them through the standing circle. Words soft, soft in his ears calmed him and gentle hands held him as he fell under the influence of sudden sleep.

Two days later and he knew his name.

One day more and other memories resurfaced, his someone was always close and became Captain Jonathan O’Neill Jr.

The others in the pack became the Slayer Anna-Marie Sutton (Ginger) and the vampire Spike.

Two weeks and they were finding out what had changed and what they could change back.

Their minds became their own again, except that they had a strong urge to stay close.

One more week and their new talents were used to save the earth.

It was a month before they knew that the bonding between the pairs was permanent.

Many more months before they accepted it.

Much more time before the rest of Area 52 accepted it and started to see them as an asset they sorely needed.

18 months after Dr Charles Eppes had left home, he sat next to Jon his friend and bonded as he was driven back home for Thanksgiving.

I may add another chapter after I’ve finished my other story, containing Charlie’s revenge.
Please leave feedback, this is my first Numb3rs cross fic.

The End

You have reached the end of "SG27 Coming Home". This story is complete.

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