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Choose Your Buffy Adventure

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Summary: Choose your path. An action adventure fan fiction game where you as the reader get to choose what happens next. Response to TtH Challenge 2401: Choose Your Own Adventure

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Multiple Crossings > General(Past Donor)angelaaskFR1822,413081,76323 Feb 0827 Feb 09No

Chapter 1

Choose Your Buffy Adventure!

Summary: Choose your path. An action adventure fan fiction game where you as the reader gets to choose what happens next.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. BTVS and the characters belonging to any other series belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy and their original creators.

AN: I had fun doing this. It is the first story of this type I have ever written. I’m anxious to see how it is received. Please feel free to tell me if something doesn’t or does work. Please leave a review if you have any ideas for the next chapter. I would like to thank DigiEmissary for putting forth the idea during a TTH forum discussion. To learn how to create your own adventure story you can follow the discussion here.

IMPORTANT: Please read the directions below before you begin the story.

1. Click the Whole Story option.
2. Choose a character and follow the links.

1. There has been a rash of missing person reports in small town located just a hundred miles outside of Cleveland. The circumstance surrounding their disappearance is very mysterious, and you suspect that it involves something supernatural. As the new head of the Watcher Council your first duty is to send someone to investigate. Who do you send?”

2. Buffy
3. Willow
4. Xander
5. A New Recruit
6. Andrew

2. The long months of inactivity have left you restless and eager for some action. You accept the assignment with enthusiasm and pack everything you will need for a couple of days of slayage. What do you bring?

2-1. A sword
2-2. Mr. Pointy
2-3. A hair dryer

2-1 The four foot long broad sword feels good in you hands and with a few practice sweeps you are ready for battle. But there is no where to conceal the weapon underneath your stylish-if some what tight fitted clothes. You stash the sword in you suitcase burying it under a pile of clothes. You are arrested at the airport for carrying a concealed weapon and instead of completing your mission you spend the next couple of days in jail.


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2-2. You wrap your hand around the well-worn smooth wood and a warm sense of security and familiarity wraps around your body. You shove the stake into your jacket and, after dusting a few vampires on your way, you pass through airport security with no problems. Within an hour you arrive in town.

To be continued in Chapter 2

2-3. Even though a good hair dryer comes in handy when washing demon slime out of your hair it’s still not much of a weapon. A gang of vampire ambushes you outside of the airport. You fight valiantly, but no matter how many times you hit them with the dryer they just keep on coming and you die.


The End

3. After months of meditation you are finally in control of your magic and you are eager to test your new skills. You accept the assignment with enthusiasm and pack everything you will need for a couple of days of slayage. What do you bring?

3-1. A bag full of stinky herb
3-2. Book of Shadows
3-3. A laptop

3-1 You fill your suitcase to the brim with an assortment of candles and stinky herbs. But some of the herbs are slightly illegal in the U.S. and you are arrested at the airport for possession of illegal drugs. The judge sentences you to five to ten years and you are sent to jail.


The End

3-2. You take the ancient heavy tome in your hands. You can feel the dark magic radiating underneath your palm and you are tempted to feed from its power. You black out only to wake up several days later in a seedy bar with no memory of the last few days.


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3-3. You arrive in town without incident and immediately begin to research. You hack into the police department’s computer system and find the list of missing persons. The list is long but you are not daunted and with renewed determination you begin at the top of the list.

To be continued in Chapter 2

4. After months of living under the same roof with over a dozen of teenage girls with supernatural strength you are eager for escape. You accept the assignment with enthusiasm and pack everything you will need for a couple days of slayage. What do you bring?

4-1. A cross bow
4-2. An axe
4-4. A bag of Twinkies

4-1 The cross bow feels light in your hands as you reloaded it with practice easy. The advantage of killing demons from afar is also a plus, but after using all the arrows to kill a nest of vampires last week you are force to go back and choose another weapon.

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4-2 After decapitating a demon that was hiding behind the garage you threw your trusty axe into the back seat of your black SUV. Eager to get out of town before sundown you slam your foot on the gas and pull out the driveway with your tires screeching.

To be continued in Chapter 2

4-3 Even though the Twinkies gave you the much needed sugar rush it wasn’t enough for you to out run the demon that was waiting for you behind the garage. But the demon had to admit it did sweeten the meat.


The End

5. The other Scoobies are currently scattered across the world looking for new slayers. But you have a small army of promising new recruits at your disposal. Jamie a fifteen year old girl with light brown hair and big brown doe like eyes has been pestering you to send her on a solo mission for the past week. Even though she has only two months of training, with everyone else out on assignment you are forced, against your better judgment, to send the newbie. You give her strict instructions that this will be a recon mission only and that she should report back to HQ as soon as she is apprised of the situation. You convince yourself that you have made the right decision since the old council didn’t have any problems sending teenage girls into dangerous situations, and this is by far less dangerous.

Two weeks later little Jamie’s body is found in a ravine and you are booted out of the new council in disgrace.


The End

6. After your brief bout of insanity, you quickly dismissed Andrew as a serious choice, and reconsider your options.

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