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Summary: Drabbles originally posted at tthdrabbles on LiveJournal. May or may not eventually turn into something longer.

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Lord of the Rings > Dawn-CenteredgrundyFR1381,408035,71724 Feb 082 Apr 09No

Mutual Aggravation

Haldir refused to let his exasperation show. He suspected it would please the infernal daughter of Man found on the borders of Lorien no end. He had been unable to make any sense of her tale. She spoke more rapidly than any being he had ever met, and her words were strange to elven ears. He needed no words to tell him she was in a snit even Elrond of Rivendell would find difficult to match. He mentally counted ten before addressing her again.

“Lady Dawn, let us start once more from the beginning. How came you to be here?”
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