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The Long Road Home

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Summary: Faith and Dawn fall through a portal and end up somewhere unexpected.

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Lord of the Rings > GeneralgrundyFR131840,9311715461,65524 Feb 0816 Mar 11No

One Journey Ends, Another Begins

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Joss Whedon created and owns BtVS, JRR Tolkien created Middle Earth and the Tolkien estate owns LotR. I'm just playing in their worlds for a little while.

Author's Note: This is my first attempt at anything longer than drabbles/ficlets. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated.


Dawn swung her sword in desperation. They were outnumbered, badly. There were far more demons at this ritual than they'd expected, not that they could have waited for more Slayers to arrive had they known. They had found out about the ritual with only just enough time for Buffy, Faith, Dawn, and three of the Slayers who'd been activated as Potentials several years ago to get to the remote forest in the far north of Canada where it would take place. Dawn had been pleased to see Rona again, she hadn't seen any of the Potentials from Sunnydale for several months. But now she worried that they'd brought Rona along on a suicide mission.

They had found the demons in a clearing in the middle of the forest, setting up their ritual to unleash hell on Earth. Unlike most demons, these ones had been smart enough to have perimeter guards. The fight has started instantly, almost as if they'd been expecting the Slayers. And it was vicious. Buffy and Faith were in the thick of it, fighting the fight of their lives. Both hated to see younger Slayers killed, hoping to see all of them live longer, happier lives than they'd had before the Activation. But despite the efforts of five Slayers, they were being slowly overwhelmed. As Dawn swung her sword in a deadly arc that parted one demon's head from its neck, she saw something that froze her where she stood. No.


At the sound of Dawn's scream, Faith whirled toward her sister Slayer. The look on B's face as she fell to the ground told her there was nothing she could do for the oldest Slayer on record. Faith snapped back to face Dawn, determined to see that the younger Summers survived the night. But even as Faith struggled toward the younger woman, she saw, as if in slow motion, the tip of a dagger erupt from D's shoulder as a demon struck her from behind. Please, not both of them.

Dawn barely glanced at her shoulder as blood blossomed over her shirt. Shock kept her from feeling the pain she knew would come as she pivoted to dispatch the demon responsible. Then she felt something that was not pain or shock or anything to do with the fight raging around her. Looking down, she realized with horror that the blood splashing the ground from her wound was glowing, burning, ripping open a portal to Goddess only knew where. Shit!

Faith knew what was happening as she charged towards D. She hadn't been around for Glory, but she'd heard all about it from the others. It’s always blood. There was no knowing where this one led, and Buffy couldn't go diving into it this time. D's blood had opened it, and it would take D's blood to close it. She wanted to scream, to curse the Powers for this, as she watched D's face when it hit her what she had to do. Hasn’t the poor kid had enough for one lifetime?

As Dawn stepped toward her doom, a demon came at her from the side, axe at the ready. With a strangled yell, Faith leaped forward, grabbing at Dawn to knock her clear of the weapon. She just managed to grab onto the younger woman, dragging her to the ground as the axe swished through the air above them. Momentum carried both women forward into the glowing portal. The second they passed through it, the portal sealed itself with a sudden blast of mystical energy which ripped through the clearing, incinerating every demon and knocking the remaining Slayers off their feet. In the sudden quiet, they stared in shock at the lifeless body of Buffy Summers and the scorched earth in the center of the clearing where her younger sister and the last One had vanished.
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