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The Devil's Cry

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Summary: Xander, for Holloween, dresses up as the greatest demon hunter alive.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Devil May CryBeowulfBXFR18952,42884736,75524 Feb 0826 Feb 08No

Well...This is New...

Disclaimer: I knew I forgot something...well here we go...I own nothing of this story except for a few things here and there which I will tell you at the very end of this fic...enjoy ^_^


To say that Xander Harris was bored would have been an understatement. To say that he was out of his mind bored would have been better.

Whatever made him think that it would be ok for him to come along with Buffy and Willow costume shopping? It was obviously part of a much larger plan of the Hellmouth to drive him slowly out of what little mind he had left. That had to be it. Why else would he be punished like this?

With a reluctant sigh, Xander wandered aimlessly through the newest shop in town. Besides the fact the store was brand new, it was wall to wall packed. People were running around scrambling to get last minute outfits for whatever party they were going to. Unlike Xander, who was stuck with some kids, all thanks to Snyder. He toyed briefly with the idea to go as a soldier or something along those lines. The only draw back to that little plan was that the things he needed to make those ideas work were already taken.

“Why me?” Xander asked himself for the hundredth time. He looked around a little and caught sight of Willow and Buffy. Both girls were in awe of a Victorian era styled dress.
No doubt something Buffy thought Dead Boy would like. Rolling his eyes, he spotted something at the far corner of the store in a glass case. As he got closer, his suspicions were confirmed.

Standing there, on a dummy, was the VERY same outfit worn by the main character from ‘Devil May Cry’, Dante Sparda. The outfit was an exact match. It consisted of deep red pants with black boots over them that came right up to mannequin’s calf. Around the right leg were two black belt straps. There was also a red vest over a black long sleeved shirt and a pair of black gloves. On the dummy’s head, to finish off the costume, was a white wig. At its hips were Dante’s famous guns, Ebony and Ivory. The only thing that was missing was the large sword the character owned, Force Edge. Other then that, the outfit was an exact copy.

“May I help you son?” a voice asked from behind him.

Xander considered himself manly though the girlish shrike he admitted was FAR from it. After a brief flailing of his arms, Xander turned around with his eyes wide. Behind him stood a man about Giles’ age, give or take a year. He had a look about him that made the hair on the back of Xander’s neck stand on end.

“Yeah,” Xander replied slowly, “though I doubt I can afford this, Mr. . .”

Smiling, the man chuckled and replied, “Rayne. Ethan Rayne. And as for the costume, you are in luck. We’re having a sale today.”

Looking behind him, Xander glanced over the outfit then back at the older man.

“Alright, I’ll bite. How much?”

“How much do you have?”

Things were getting weirder and weirder. Then again, it was Sunnydale. Reaching into his pocket, Xander brought out what little money he had. Much to his own surprise, Ethan took the money and even tossed in a wooden Japanese bokken sword to replace the missing sword that was supposed to come with the costume. With it wrapped up, he handed it back to Xander with that smile of his.

Things were getting MUCH weirder.

Time: A few hours later
Place: Xander’s room

Xander had everything set out and ready for the night. Everything, save for one important thing. The costume was still missing a sword, and the bokken had yet to be made into a Dante worthy sword.

What most people didn’t know about him was that Xander loved working with his hands. He often made the stakes that the Scoobies used against vampires. Tonight it was time for him to make something for fun. With a deep breath, Xander looked over the wooden sword. It was three times the size of a normal katana bokken, making it, if he remembered correctly, an O No Dachi. The blade was long and with a deep curve, roughly about thirty-nine inches long.

With some black quick drying paint, he made the blade of the wooden sword seem a little more demonic. Next came the plastic guard and the part just above the sword, the habiki. Xander filled in the sides of the guard and glued two prongs to the front and back of it. He looked it over and smiled. The guard now had a Euro-Japanese look to it. He set it aside and taking some clay and a little tin foil, started to shape an open-mouthed demon head that he put were the pommel would be.

Now it was finished. A sword Dante might use if he ever had the chance. A few seconds later he took the sheath of the bokken, which he made in only a few moments, and slid the wooden blade into it.

“...And I shall call thee...Dhylec, The Soul Taker.” Xander chuckled to himself. He looked over at the clock and realized he was going to be late. In a flash, he got dressed and ran out the door as quickly as his legs would carry him to the Summers homestead.

If there was one thing he had learned, it was that being late to the Summers’ was NOT a good thing.


Joyce was truly wondering if the bleach her daughter used on her hair was starting to soak into her brain. The costume Buffy had chosen was nice enough, but for some weird reason she was wearing it for that young man, Angel, a man much older then the seventeen year old. To be honest, Joyce was hoping that some day Buffy would see her friend Xander in a different light. Then again, that was as likely as Buffy admitting her real hair color.

Laughing Joyce went to answer the knock at the door. Much to her own surprise, the object of her thoughts was right there in front of her. ‘If only I was a few years younger,’ she thought to herself as she looked Xander over.

“My Lady Summers, Dante Sparda at your service,” Xander said as he winked at her, bringing a girlish blush to Joyce’s cheeks. He had to admit there something about this costume made him feel more confident.

Regaining some of her self-control, she smiled back at him. “Xander, please come in. Buffy and Willow are almost ready.”

“Actually, Mom I’m am ready.”

They both looked up to see Buffy dressed in the same Victorian styled dress that she’d been looking at in Mr. Rayne’s costume shop. Xander had to admit it did look very attractive on her. Almost as if it was made for her.

“Wow, Buff...looking VERY nice,” he said in his usual friendly way, “but where’s Willow?”

At first Buffy was a little surprised at how Xander looked. A small part of her mind was starting to wonder if she made the right choice in going with Angel. She quickly brushed the thought aside as she smiled at him.

“She should be down soon. You’re going to love this,” she said stepping aside. “I present Willow...the friendly ghost?”

The outfit Willow had on had been covered with a white sheet with ‘boo’ written on it. It wasn’t exactly what they were expecting.

“Nice outfit Wills. Really.”

Willow, oddly enough, blushed at the comment. Xander sounded like he really meant what he said. Then again, if he told her the world was flat Willow would believe it.

So, with a waving hand, Joyce saw off the three kids. She wasn’t sure, but she knew that Buffy was hiding something from her. At the same time though, she had a feeling that good people, especially Xander, were helping her daughter. She only hopped that Buffy wouldn’t do anything stupid to push him away.


His head was killing him. As he slowly opened his eyes, the throbbing pain started to wear off slowly. To be honest he felt like it was a hang over. His demonic blood made it VERY hard for him to get them though it did happen every once and awhile (well, there was that time when he got so wasted he proposed to a mop). Today was one of those days for Dante Sparda.

“Note to self: next time stay in bed…oww.”

Getting up, he looked around and corrected himself. It was night, and from the looks of things, mostly scared people running around with little things running after them, he was knee deep in it. Judging by the style of houses and neighborhood, he guessed that he was somewhere in the US, and in the suburbs of all places. Not exactly the kind of place he was known to hang out.

Then again, the little demons and things running around wasn’t all the odd to him. The size of them was just a little odd. With a sigh, he looked himself over and found his weapons in place. As usual, his two gals, Ebony and Ivory, were with him. He quickly drew them and looked them over. Smiling and twirling them around, he put them away. He reached over his shoulder and grabbed the handle of his sword. Now things were starting to get weird . . . even for him.

The sword wasn’t his. For one thing, it was in a sheath. He never kept Force Edge in one. Another thing was that it was in the shape of a large katana. Still that didn’t mean he wouldn’t take it. The katana-styled sword wasn’t what he would normally use but it still looked wicked. The open-mouthed demon at the end of the handle made it look sick, not to mention the black blade. For some odd reason the name of the sword came to him.

“Dhylec, huh?” Dante asked himself. “Not bad, not bad at all.”

He resheathed the sword and drew his guns. He smiled to himself as he turned and aimed the guns on a small group of little demons that were trying to jump him from behind.

“Now, now, boys. You should know better then to try to get the drop on ol’ Dante like that,” he said aiming the guns at them. “Lets rock, baby!”

“Xander, no, don’t shoot them!”

He wasn’t sure why but Dante took his eyes off the little demons and looked over his shoulder. Behind him was a cute red head dressed up in a hot little number, showing off her smooth long legs. She looked like the kind of girl he usually saved who wanted to “thank” him for it later on.

“And you would be?”

“Xander, stop playing around. It’s me Willow,” she almost yelled at him. Dante raised his eyebrow at her. Something about this girl was familiar. Something deep down wanted to protect her.

“Lady,” he replied looking her over slowly, “I don’t know who this ‘Xander’ is but for you, I’ll be anyone you want.”

The light blush on her cheeks was exactly what he was expecting. The scrunched up face a few seconds later just made her look cuter.

“If you gimme a sec while I take care of our friends, I’ll be right with you,” he said to her, smiling and pointing Ebony over his shoulder, ready to pull the trigger.

“No!” the girl screamed in a panic. “They’re just kids. Don’t hurt them!”

For the second time since they’d met, this girl Willow had made him, Dante Sparda, the greatest Devil Hunter that ever existed, stop. Sighing, he looked at the little demons who hesitated to attack him. He reached out with his senses and noticed something.

She was telling the truth.

“What the . . .” he let the statement trail off as he narrowed his eyes more. Dante could see the mystical energy coming off them. It was VERY weak but there was something else. There was some kind of spell surrounding these demons and everyone who were running around too.

“Aww man. And here,” he whined, “I really wanted to shoot something.” Sighing, he aimed Ebony just above the demons’ heads and fired off a few shots. The loud noise scared most of them away. Dante turned back to the girl who was looking at him like he was the second coming and chuckled. Smiling, he moved over to the girl and was about to put his arm over her shoulder . . . and went right through it.

On instinct, he brought up both his guns at her, ready to fire. “Ok lady, what the FUCK is going on here and who the FUCK are you?”

As usual, Dante found himself in the middle of something VERY weird. The girl started to babble on with a speed that rivaled his Devil Triggered form. All he really understood was something about costumes, something called a Hellmouth, and someone called Buffy.

“Ok, ok, slow it down babe,” Dante said as he put his guns away. The action had its desired effect, calming the red head down. For someone who was supposed to be a ghost, this Willow sure got nervous a lot.

“Ok, umm . . . Willow was it?” Receiving a nod, Dante kept talking. “Now from the top, tell me what the hell is going on here.”

“Alright,” she began, “we need to find Buffy first. She can help us out.”

“Right, got ya. Now who’s Buffy?”

She looked at him like he had grown another head. He was used to that look. “Xander, you can stop kidding now,” she said nervously. “You know Buffy . . . our friend...the Slayer.”

Dante raised his eyebrow and tried to recall any and all things that were even remotely close to what a ‘Slayer’ was. The only thing he could come up with was the metal rock band by the same name. “Umm...look, lady, like I said, I ain’t this Xander. The name’s Dante . . . Dante Sparda.”

Willow’s eyes got wider as she covered her mouth. Somehow, Xander was what he was dressed as. This would explain why everyone was running around acting so weird and why she was a ghost. “We need to find Buffy,” she said nervously, “before anything else goes nuts.”

And as if by magic, they both heard a VERY loud scream, a scream that hurt Dante’s ears and made Willow’s eyes widen with fear. “Come on,” she screamed at him, “that was Buffy, she needs help!”

Before Dante could say anything, the girl took off like a bat out of hell. He looked up at the heavens for some answer or sign but none came. Sighing, he ran after her, wondering what was it about woman and him.

They soon reached a woman dressed up in some weird outfit that looked like it was out of one of the books in Dante’s father kept in his library. If he remembered correctly, that style of dress was from the Victorian age. The girl was a little on the skinny side but still pretty.

“Let me guess,” Dante said pointing to the girl, “Buffy right?”

Willow simply nodded, still looking a little shocked.

“AHHH, A DEMON,” the girl yelled with her eyes wide in terror.

On pure instinct, the former Sunnydale teen turned Devil Hunter, spun around and drew his guns, ready to kill the demon. It was quite a sight, Dante’s red coat flapping around like a cape.

Unfortunately, there was no demon to kill. In fact, there was nothing there, save for a car passing by.

“Buffy, that’s a car,” Willow said trying to calm down the distraught girl.

“Who are you people? Where am I? Where is my father?”

Laughing to himself, Dante found the girl’s mouth was working just fine if her babbling was any indication. He put his guns away and picked up the girl, getting a better look at her. She was smaller then him by a few inches, give or take. The only thing this ‘Buffy’ had going for her was a set of pretty green eyes.

“Ok lady,” he said turning to Willow, “is there a safe place around here?”

“Yeah, Buffy’s house. This way.”

She lead the way with the girl, Buffy, behind her and Dante bringing up the rear. Willow seemed to know what was going on in this town. Dante was willing to follow her for now, though he could feel something, a tickle on the back of his neck. These two girls seemed so familiar and there was the feeling of protectiveness towards them.

Who was he to deny his feelings?

They reached the house a few minutes later, after a few yells of ‘demons’ that is. Much to Dante’s surprise the door was unlocked. He moved past the two girls and quickly went inside to scan the house. Everything looked normal. The house felt warm, cozy, and made him feel at peace, something, Dante didn’t feel too often.

“Anyone here?” Dante asked Willow over his shoulder.

“No, I don’t think so. I wish Giles was here though.”

Dante was about to ask something but heard another terrified scream. As usual, he reacted faster then light. He threw the door open and jumped out, his demonic abilities giving him an extra boost. Landing, he looked around and saw a girl with some kind of cat outfit on about to be mauled by some big ugly, hairy thing. Dante was there in only a few steps. He grabbed the thing by the back of the back of its neck and tossed it aside easily.

Normally he would take the thing out, but the girl, Willow, had told him something about a spell. Usually, when a spell was involved innocent people got hurt.

Brushing the thought aside, Dante picked up the fallen girl. The thing got back up, whimpered, and ran for it. “Wimp,” he said with a smirk. He grabbed the girl and dragged her to the house, despite all the bitching she did. Once inside, he shut the door and sighed.

“Well, that was boring.”

“Ok, what the hell is up with Jojo, the dog-faced boy?” the new girl half asked and half yelled at everyone.

“Hmm, not bad, not bad at all.”

Cordelia Chase, the most popular girl in school and one of the prettiest, just looked at Xander as if he had lost his mind. Then again, since finding out about the underworld of Sunnydale, things like this should have been expected. To her further surprise, Xander took off his red long coat and offered it to her. She hesitated a little but took the coat and put it on, covering her exposed flesh.

Dante chuckled at the light blush the girl got on her face. Willow turned to her and started to explain what was going on to the best of her knowledge. As Dante walked past a mirror, he stopped and noticed his reflection. This just proved that things were getting weird, even for him. He still had the white hair, a trademark of his father, but his face was younger and far different. He looked at a small table and saw a picture of the young ‘ghost’, the noble lady, and the kid whose face he now had.

“Ok,” he said walking over the girls and handing over the picture to the noble lady, “this is getting odd, and NOT in a good way.”

Lady Buffy took a few moments to look at the picture and looked up confused, pointing to the blonde in the center. “What is going on here? Who is this person?”

“From what I can tell, lady, she’s you and the boy in the picture is me. Looks like we’re under some kind of spell, and a powerful one from the looks of it.”

The young noble woman gasped and crossed herself. Unlike her, Dante knew not all magic was evil while at the same time not all was good, just unpredictable. It did explain a lot though. Like how he suddenly had someone else’s face and how he felt like he knew these girls.

“Alright then,” he said to himself and turned around, “another normal night for me. Hey, lady,” he said looking at Willow, “you know anyone who would have a clue on what’s going on here?”

“Giles,” she replied, looking at the Devil hunter.

“Go to him and tell him what’s going on here ASAP. The rest of us will stay here as long as we can.”

She nodded and quickly disappeared through a wall. Of course, this just made Buffy freak out all over again. He rolled his eyes as he cracked his neck from side to side. He could tell this was going to be one of those nights.

Then the door opened up and in walked a tall man clad in black. He was pale with a slightly large forehead. His face had the appearance of someone who did way too much brooding. The girl, Cordelia, looked like she knew him but something seemed wrong.

Then it hit Dante. This ‘guy’ was some kind of demon, a very low-level demon. Hardly worth his time really. Then again, who was he to pass up kicking some ass?


Angel was worried, VERY worried.

Usually, the demonic world was quiet when Halloween came up, something about a night off for them. Yet, tonight, he could see demons and monsters of every kind, and a few he’d never even seen before, running about causing mass chaos. He was lucky enough that his stealth was able to keep him out of any fights. It was also able to get him to Buffy’s house faster. Angel opened the door and let himself in, thankful to Buffy for inviting him. He was happy to see Buffy there but she looked and felt different. Much to his own surprise, Xander and Cordelia were there as well. Cordy looked a little roughed up with parts of her clothes ripped and showing a little skin.

...And then there was Xander.

Since meeting the young man, Angel never liked him. The constant joking and teasing made him want to snap the boy’s neck but lately, he was wondering if he could honestly take the kid. When Xander forced him into doing what needed to be done Angel felt like dirt. The look in the young man’s eyes at those times promised nothing but pain.

“Xander,” he started to say, “what the hell is---ACK!!!” A hand around his neck cut of anything else he had to say. Angel was tossed up against the wall like he weighed nothing. He hit the wall hard, VERY hard, harder then anything in his undead life. The pure power behind it was unlike anything he had ever felt before. Suddenly, a leather boot pinned him to the wall, the leather clad foot of Xander Harris.

Before Angel could attempt to push Xander off, though he doubted he could, Xander drew a very large black gun and aimed it at him. Normally, a gun wouldn’t bother Angel but the odd ‘dark’ vibe he was getting off the gun, and Xander, scared him.

“Alright, who are you and why shouldn’t I waste your sorry ass?” Xander grumbled out, more than ready to pull the trigger.

Things were getting VERY weird.

“Well, I’m waiting.”

Angel had feared very few things in his long vampire life, The Master, Holtez, not being forgiven for his sins, and disco. Yet here he was, pinned to the wall by Xander of all people. He felt as if his chest was about to cave in from the sheer power behind it.

Whoever this person was, he wasn’t sure it was Xander. The boy had never been this powerful.

“Wait! Don’t hurt him, he’s a good guy!”

Both men turned to see Cordelia pulling the coat around her tighter. She may have been scared but she was mostly pissed off. As for Buffy, she was hiding behind the brunette, scared at the outburst.

“You’re kidding right?” Dante asked. “This thing, whatever he, or it is, is a demon. A weak one, yeah, but still a demon.”

“I don’t care! Put him down now!”

Sighing, Dante let the thing go, letting him slump to the ground. Angel’s chest was killing him.

“Fine, lady, but if he suddenly starts to look to your neck for a snack, don’t come crying to me. Got it?!” Dante twirled the gun in his hand and put it away with a grace that came from years of practice. He made his way over to a chair in the living room and sat down. He needed to think a few things out.

Wherever he was now, it was some kind of Nexus for demonic energy. Not as focused as some of the places he had been to, but strong nonetheless. The demons he sensed were weak compared to the ones he usually fought. Then again, there were many things in his world that wasn’t here, such as Trish, his bike, and his collection of demon heads.

He missed them.

Getting bored, which was easy for him, Dante got up and stretched, feeling his back pop a little. He looked over to where the thing and two girls were. They were all looking at him as if he was the devil himself. Maybe he was to them.

“Ok look, this is how things are going to go,” he said taking charge. “You, new guy, you and Lady Useless over here go secure the back door. Hello Kitty and I will check upstairs.”

Angel just nodded and pulled Buffy, who was whining, into the kitchen gently.

Meanwhile, Dante started up the stairs with the girl trailing behind him. Cordelia was still looking at him with a little fear in her eyes, something he was used to seeing in people he saved. He got the feeling she was about to explode soon though.

“So,” Dante said as he closed a window, “you know this Xander huh? What’s he like?”

“A total dork. NO sense of style. He wears the most hideous shirts,” she replied tossing her hair over her shoulder, looking and sounding like the typical California girl.

((AN to any females from Cal: *gets on hands and knees* PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!!!))

Dante chuckled to himself as he turned to her. “Didn’t ask what he wore. I’m asking what kind of person he is.”

“He’s . . . he’s ok I guess,” she said unsure of herself. “I mean when someone picks on him he doesn’t do anything, but when someone picks on his friends, well he’s a little scary. He’s still a dork though.”

Dante looked at her closely. She was telling the truth about this Xander guy. He sounded like the kind of person Dante would like to meet. Also, from the way that guy downstairs acted when he pushed him into the wall, Xander had a little bit of a mean streak in him when it came to protecting his friends. Dante had had his suspicions and they’d been confirmed when he had the other guy to the wall, a part of him wanted to not only kill him, but to beat Angel to a bloody pulp first.

A loud scream from downstairs broke his train of thought. Dante drew his twin guns and raced pasts Cordelia, jumping from the top of the stairs down to ground level. He landed easily and raced to the kitchen, the scream’s source. On the floor, grappling another thing, was Angel. He was doing ok, though his skills left something to be desired. Sighing, Dante grabbed the demon thing by the neck and lifting it easily, tossed him out the door. He made it look easy.

Angel got up off the floor, his eyes wide. He still wasn’t use to Xander being this strong.

“Ok, what happened?” questioned the person who wore Xander’s face.

Angel noticed the guns strapped to the guy’s legs. One, the one that had been aimed at him before, was still giving off a dark aura, while the other one, made of chrome, was giving off a light aura. No doubt those twin guns could hurt him . . . if not kill him.

“Something attacked me,” he replied quickly. “Buffy ran off when she got scared.”

“Gee, wonder why?” Dante said looking at Angel, putting his guns away. “We need to go after her now.”

“But, Buffy can take care of herself,” Cordelia stated.

“Buffy could, but she isn’t Buffy anymore,” Angel said evenly.

Without a word, Dante stepped through the door looking around. The others followed behind. He had to admit, the girl had guts, while the guy . . . well he just hated his guts.

“Ok, people, we got a 17th century woman out there in a modern world with demons running around. Let’s go get her back.”


Lady Elizabeth was running for her life. She didn’t know where she was or where her father was. In one word, she was scared. The strange man with the pistols wasn’t here to protect her from that other man with the demonic face.

“Hello there, my pretty.”

The voice sent chills up her spine. Right in front of her was a large man, a pirate, holding a sword in one hand and a bottle in the other. She had seen men like these before when her father went to the docks and brought her along. Usually, she had her fathers’ men with her to protect her, now she was alone.

She let out a little whimper. Just as he was about to touch her, the drunken man was pushed away from her. She looked up to see the man in red standing in front of her, between her and the drunken sailor. From behind her, came the two others that were with her in the house, the young woman and the demon.

Again she let out a whimper as she hid behind Cordelia, holding on the other girl’s arm for dear life she screamed, “DEMON!”

“What’s your damage?” Cordelia asked looking at Buffy. To her EVERYTHING was a demon.

Meanwhile, Dante looked over the pirate with a raised eyebrow. Spell or not, this guy looked like a fool. The only thing that even made him remotely scary looking was the sword.

“She’s mine boy,” the man said.

Even from where he stood, Dante could smell his drunken breath. Dante smiled, looked behind him to his ‘friends,’ and simply shrugged. He turned back to the pirate and aimed Ivory at him. The sound of the gun firing was like a cannon in the silent night. The pirate blinked and checked himself over and found no wound. His sword on the other hand was shattered. Before he could do or say anything else, Dante walked up to him and punched him out. The punch wasn’t too hard, but not too soft either.

“Man, that felt good for some reason,” Dante said as the pirate slumped to the ground.

“There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you guys!”

They turned to see Willow running up to them, panting. Dante wondered how a ghost could be out of breath. Lady Useless was still looking at the Angel guy, with wide scared eyes. Cordelia was trying to calm her down while looking at Angel as well. The guy looked at them both a little on the sheepish side.

“So,” Dante said looking at Willow, “what happened?”

“Giles went to Ethan’s to break the spell. He told us to find a place and sit tight.”

“Not what I usually do,” Dante said with a smile, “but I guess he’s right. Yo, new guy, you take the rear. I got point.”

He didn’t wait for a response as he started walking, looking like he didn’t care if they followed or not. As he suspected, they did follow him, Willow giving him the evil eye.


Ethan often wondered if Chaos was the right way to go in life. Sure it was fun, but at this point he had second thoughts. Standing above him, looking rather calm, was his old friend Rupert Giles, a.k.a. Ripper. When he got to Sunnydale, he had thought that his old mate would be more librarianish. He was wrong.

“Now, Ethan, are you going to tell me how to break the spell?”

“You didn’t say please,” Ethan replied right before a foot connected with his ribs, making him spit up blood.

‘Ripper’ looked at him with an almost dangerous glint in his eyes. Things were getting not only weird, but dangerous, especially for Ethan.


Dante just knew they were being followed.

He couldn’t shoot at them, not wanting to risk hurting innocent people. What he did do was move everyone into an old empty warehouse. He and Angel quickly barricaded the large doors and moved back some more.

“Are you SURE I can’t shoot anyone?” Dante asked Willow for the millionth time.

“No you can’t! Look, we just have to wait for the spell to break,” she replied. She prayed it was soon.

Suddenly, the large doors were pushed open. A group of demons came in with one leading the way. Dante had to blink a few times to make sure he was seeing who he thought he was seeing. The one leading the demons . . . was Billy Idol.

“Well, this is new.”


“I’m afraid,” Giles said as he cleaned his hands, “your ribs can’t take much more of this. Now, how do I break the spell?”

“The bust of Janus,” Ethan said through bloody lips. “Break the bust!”

Giles stepped over his old friend and grabbed the bust. He lifted it up into the air and smashed it on the ground, shattering it to pieces.

The energy that was let loose nearly knocked him over.


“Him you can shoot,” Willow yelled as she spotted Spike.

That was all Dante needed to hear. He got up fast and lifted both guns, aiming them at the blond with a smirk. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, a wave of energy passed through all of them, knocking those who were affected down.

Xander opened his eyes, his head throbbing. He felt like a vampire had danced on his head. He looked up to see Buffy handing Spike his sorry ass. As usual Spike made a run for it as soon as Angel was about to step into the fight.

He got up and looked around, noticing little kids crying and looking scared. Willow had disappeared, returning to her body he hoped. Buffy was draped over Angel, and Angel was just taking it in. Cordelia looked on, jealousy written clearly all over her face.

“Come on guys,” Buffy said. “Let’s get these kids to their parents and head home. I’m beat.”

Xander kept quiet. He hung back, avoiding their gazes and questions. A few minutes later, Willow rejoined them. Xander sighed in relief but noticed she was dressed differently. The group broke up, each one heading home.

Minutes later Xander shut the door to his room. It was a good thing his parents were passed out on the sofa. He didn’t want to bother with them right now. Without warning, Xander fell to the floor clenching his head. It felt like it was on fire. He struggled to his bed and sat down, slinging the sword off him and setting it on the bed.

Taking a few deep breaths, the pain gradually started to leave. He rose slowly and walked to the mirror. He looked like his old self, having taken the white wig off as soon as he’d got home. Moments later headache was completely gone.

What wasn’t gone were the memories of Dante Sparda.

What wasn’t gone were the two guns, Ebony and Ivory, that were still VERY much real.

What wasn’t gone was the sword, Dhylec.

What wasn’t gone was the light reddish tint in his eyes.

Part of Dante was still in him.


Looking for anyone who can dreaw really well to draw some of the things from this and maybe others I write as well.
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