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Summary: What if James Potter made a magical Tivo? What if Harry got his hands on it as a child?

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CrazyDanFR182942,60479376297,04725 Feb 0817 Feb 10Yes

Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I own nothing mentioned in this fic.... if I did, I'd make a lot of money in various royalties..

Chapter 2:
Harry had spent the better part of the night watching several episodes of 'Inspector Gadget'. He was entranced by the bumbling bionic detective. He found not only his own antics but the actions of his overly competent niece was also quite enjoyable.

He overslept though, waking up only after his aunt banged on his cupboard door for the third time. He rushed out of the cupboard and was marched up to the bathroom with his aunt before he made breakfast. He was in a much better mood than the night before and his aunt had noticed it and frowned slightly. He'd probably lose the grin after he worked in the garden today. Dudley had his day camp and Vernon had to be at work early for some seminars that would lower their company's insurance costs.

Harry didn't care much for the yard work, but at least he had the Tivor to look forward to. He wondered where it had come from, how it worked, and of course who had made it. It very different compared to the Dursley's large TV.

That night he found that the Tivor had made a recommendation to another program that was apparently in the same rating level. He ignored it for now and used the mirror's controls to find out all of it's features and he stumbled onto the 'about the makers' feature.

The first name on the list was James Potter.

Harry almost dropped the mirror. Taking a deep breath he pressed the button that gave him a short biography on one James Potter.

James Potter is a descendant of the well known Potter line. The family responsible for ending the Goblin Rebellion during the twelfth century by developing the magical chamberpots that we all know and use today. That one simple ended the war of The Seven Fluids.

James Potter graduated as Head Boy from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, class of 1978. He married the Head Girl and Classmate Lily Evans six months later. They are currently expecting their first child.

Harry stopped breathing as an image of man that was undoubtedly his father came on screen, waving a stick around in what could be considered a 'hip manner' if that was one's way of thinking. Harry actually thought the man looked kind of silly to be honest.

Harry read the other biographies and found them to be less interesting. Sure they were his father's friends but he'd never had any real connection to them that he knew of. He did however know a few things now. His father was a wizard, his mother a witch and the Tivor had been made by his father and two close friends.

Somehow he'd gotten a hold of his Father's legacy.

Harry had never felt happier.

The fairly weak blood wards surrounding Privet Drive slowly grew in strength. In time they would overpower all the other wards set by both Albus Dumbledore as well as the Ministry of Magic. The only ward that wouldn't be affected by this powerful and ancient ward was strangely enough the owl redirecting ward.

Some things are just meant to be I suppose.

Harry explored what he could watch some more. He found, watched and cried during an orchestral performance before switching back to more episodes of 'Inspector Gadget'. He found the pause button, the commercial skip button, fast forward, rewind and stop followed by something else called the 'HURRY UP' Button. Wondering what the difference was between the 'Fast Forward' and the 'HURRY UP' Button was, he pressed the button that was in all caps.

Harry blinked his eyes three times. The entire episode that he'd been watching was in his head now. He could remember every line and scene. It was like watching the episode but better. He grinned explored the features some more. He found a recommendation for another show that had one of the actors from Inspector Gadget in it. He'd never heard of 'Get Smart' but he'd give it a try.

He loaded the black and white pilot episode and watched entranced. It was hilarious.

Grinning to himself in a moment of inspiration he loaded all of the Inspector Gadget episodes as well as all five seasons of Get Smart into a play list and hit the 'HURRY UP' Button.

He blacked out five minutes later

The 'HURRY UP' Button never would have made it past the testing stage in the design of the TIVOR. The Ministry would have had it removed because it acted like a reverse memory charm. It not only inserted new memories, it had a fairly peculiar method of insertion, forcing the mind to become much more organized.

The last thing the Ministry needed was a bunch of formerly lazy wizards walking around with organized minds and suddenly photographic memories. No, no. That wouldn't do. They'd be asking questions and wondering why certain laws contradicted previous ones instead of repealing them before writing new ones. That was the last thing the ministry needed, Citizens who actually thought for themselves. Granted it would mostly be about what else they could watch but you get the idea.

Let us also not forget that children are very impressionable, and learn how to speak from those around them.

Harry woke up to his aunt banging on the cupboard door. He got out without a word and started his normal routine for the summers, clean up, cook breakfast and do whatever chores he's given.

His aunt rattled of a list of chores for him to do before she and Dudley went upstairs to get ready for their own respective days.

They both stopped in their tracks when they heard Harry say “Yes, Aunt Petunia.”

The two Dursley's stared at Harry. “What, have I said something wrong?” he said, cocking his head to one side

Dudley turned to his mother. “If he gets to sound like Inspector Gadget I want to sound like Doctor Claw!” Dudley whined.

“Go get ready for camp Dudley.” Petunia said to her son.

“But Mum!” Dudley protested.

“Camp!” Petunia said.

Dudley nodded and went up the stairs.

Petunia walked down the steps and stared at her nephew. “Can you tell me why you sound exactly like Don Adams?”

Harry's eyes widened. “You're right! I seem to have acquired a unique and distinct voice!” He exclaimed while rocking on the heels of his shoes.

“And some mannerisms too it seems.” Petunia said dryly. “Now how did you pick these habits up?” She asked him.

Harry shrugged. “I don't know, all I did was...oops.” Harry said.

“You and me are going to talk after I take Dudley to camp, and you'd better tell me what exactly you've gotten up to.” She said before heading upstairs to get dressed herself.

Harry harrumphed and began working on his list of chores. He'd better get some of it done before Petunia came back home.

Petunia sighed as she turned the car back into the driveway. She'd managed to convince her son to not talk about what had happened to his cousin. She needed to know why he was speaking so differently and if they could fix it before Vernon got home.

She called Harry back in the house and poured him a glass of water.

“So exactly what happened to you that made you speak like this?” Petunia asked him.

“Something found me last night. Something of my father's.” Harry told her.

Petunia took in a deep breath and looked at him. “So you know then?”

“That my parents were magical? Of course. How they died? Not really. What I found is called a Tivor. It's a magic mirror that acts like a... VCR? I guess that's close. It's recorded a lot of stuff. I watched some Inspector Gadget and Get Smart. Actually all of it.”

“All of it? Of course, magic.” She said frowning. “I guess there were a few side effects of cramming that much TV into such a short period of time.” She said with a sniff.

Harry shrugged. “It was fun though.” he told her.

“Will you show me this... Tivor was it?” she asked him.

Harry nodded and got the Mirror out of the cupboard and handed it to Petunia.

Petunia gasped as her reflection vanished and a display screen lit up.



Petunia paused for a moment before saying “Petunia Evans Dursley, age 30.” She told the mirror.




“How can you be recharged?” Petunia asked the device.


“Figures” she muttered. She looked at Harry, “How do I use this?” she asked him.

“Ask it to show programs and pick one.” he said with a grin.

“umm.. Show programs..” She said

The display started to run through an obscenely large number of programs she could watch... She felt overwhelmed by the choices. “Stop.” She said softly. “Do you have any Coronation Street?” She asked the mirror.

The mirror displayed episodes listed by air date.

“Oh my.” Petunia said softly while a grin formed on her face.
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