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Summary: What if James Potter made a magical Tivo? What if Harry got his hands on it as a child?

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Chapter 29: The end....?

Disclaimer: This is a piece of fan fiction. I do not own Harry Potter or any of the other characters used within. I can't possibly begin to make a disclaimer for every single thing that is copyrighted in this work because I lost count. That being said, this is work that is not intended to be published for profit. Away we go....

Chapter 29:

Albus Dumbledore sputtered as he awoke to the sensation of cold water hitting his face.

“Good. You're awake. I know you're getting on in years, but what my birthname is the least of your worries right now.” Nicholas Flamel told the younger wizard.

“How?” Albus asked him. “How are you Neville Longbottom? It doesn't make sense.”

“Of course it does. You like most wizards don't see things for as they truly are. My people have been cleaning up after the wizarding world's mistakes for over five centuries now.” Nicholas said.

“Five centuries?” Albus asked. “Dear lord why?”

“Because wizards as a whole, are stupid.” Nicholas told him. “Just like you are Albus. You and your god complex have caused so much work for me over the past hundred and forty years it isn't funny.”

“Work?” Albus asked. “Doing what?”

“Did you really think people would sit back and let so many people die while you did nothing? Almost three quarters of the muggleborn never make it to Hogwarts because the pureblooded idiots eliminate them. Well, they think they've eliminated them anyways. That isn't even counting the number of families we took in during the last two blood wars.” Nicholas scoffed. “Even with the international statute of secrecy, you wizards just have to prove your superiority over normal individuals and first generation magic users. Morons, the lot of you.”

“You... you've been taking magical children? Where? We would have noticed.” Albus half shouted..

“No you wouldn't.” Nicholas said with a shake of his head. “Did you ever wonder why a magical school would have so many abandoned classrooms? Why would it be larger than necessary? The children are all here at Hogwarts. Well, most of the year they are.”

“Impossible.” Albus declared.

Nicholas snorted.. “Come, fool. Let me show you the real Hogwarts. One that exists just outside of the normal flow of time.” He grabbed Albus's shoulder and the office shimmered around them.

“What....” Albus said as he looked around. “Nothing has changed.”

“That's where you're wrong. Look outside.” Nicholas told him.

Albus stared out the window. “What happened to Hogsmeade?”

“It's at about three hundred times the population of the Hogsmeade you know.” Nicholas told him. “I told you we've been busy.”

“Who is the headmaster of your Hogwarts?” Albus asked him.

“Someone I trust implicitly. Her name is Ariana.” Nicholas said as they walked down the steps of Albus' office.

“No.” Albus whispered harshly. “It can't be.”

“What's the matter? Afraid to talk to your own sister?” A voice said from around a corner.

Albus paled as he turned to face her. “No....”

“It's me Albus.” Ariana Dumbledore told him. “Though you haven't aged very well have you?”

Albus stared at the woman who claimed to be his dead sister. She didn't look a day over forty. “How?”

“Good nutrition, exercise and some minor cosmetic potions.” Ariana told him. “I've watched your failings over the years Albus. Fixed your mistakes. Aberforth is right. You are a fool.”

“I've done what I could for the greater good.” Albus defended. “All of it was for the good of the wizarding world.”

“You allowed Thomas Riddle to become what he was. You let the purebloods get away with a mere slap on the wrist for muggle baiting. You let them escalate their attacks while looking the other way. You let them think it was okay to torture, rape and kill. You allow bullying in your halls. Bullies that go on to become murderers and worse.” Ariana shook her head. “Come, come see what Hogwarts should be like if it weren't for your foolishness.”

Albus Dumbledore was humbled as he saw the massive hordes of happy students playing on the grounds of Hogwarts. There were no house crests on their uniforms. There was no visible sign of bullying. The atmosphere here was so much lighter than it was in his own school.

“How?” Albus asked. “How is this possible?”

“The golden rule Albus. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Ariana said. “That is our primary way of life here. We do not encourage negative actions. What father did in trying to punish the ones who hurt me was wrong. Pain only causes more pain. The cycle can be stopped if the will to have peace is strong enough.”

“How is this all possible?” Albus asked.

“Harry and Hermione Potter.” Nicholas grinned. “Luna as well. They were the ones to discover the new magics that made them what they are today. We were sent back to preserve the timeline while at the same time to save as many people as possible. In all that time, not a single child born to us has been a squib. We've had a few sociopaths I'll admit, but that we've managed to nearly eliminate through genetic screening and accurate psychological testing.”

“Time travel on this scale is impossible!” Albus said. “The best researchers couldn't even begin to...”

“The best researchers weren't James Potter. He gave us the way. He gave us the world of imagination. If it weren't for him..... none of this would be.” Nicholas Flamel said with a grin. “Harry and Hermione have been traveling through time and space for much longer than I've been alive. Their children and their children's children are some of our founding leaders here. Now that the timeline has gotten to this point, it is time for us to reveal ourselves to the magical world.” Nicholas said with a laugh.

“What are you going to do?” Albus asked.

“We're going to show the wizarding world how to keep a secret. Our numbers are much higher than you might expect. We're going to bring the wizarding world out of the dark ages and show them the light.” Nicholas said.

“They won't accept it.” Albus said solemnly.

“They'll have to. We've already established ourselves with the legal governments of every nation. We've had time Albus, more than enough time.” Ariana said. “We've one last thing to show you. The Mural.”

“The Mural?” Albus asked.

“It's a chronicle of Harry and his family from the time they graduated Hogwarts onwards. You have to admit, you're curious.” Nicholas grinned. “It's quite a sight. Always growing, ever changing.”

“All right.” Albus sighed. “I suppose once I see this mural, you'll take me back to my Hogwarts?”

“That we will.” Nicholas agreed. “It's near the Forbidden Forest. Not far now.”

“It's....small.” Albus said quietly.

“Oh, it's much bigger than you think.” Ariana said softly. “The mural changes as you look at it.”

“Hmmm....” Albus said as he walked up to the mural. He watched entranced as the painting began to tell a story about a small child who discovered a magic mirror.

Ariana sighed. “It's time we go.”

“That it is.” Nicholas nodded. “You know he deserves far worse than this.”

“I know. But deep down, there is still a part of him that was my brother.” Ariana said before walking away from the mural. “How long do you think he'll last?”

“Three, maybe four days before something gives out.” Nicholas said. “Granted, we could have let him become immortal to actually live long enough to watch the mural play out....”

“But the we'd have to kill him anyways.” Ariana nodded. “Beheadings are messy business.”

“I agree.” Nicholas said. “Now if you don't mind, Hannah and Susan are waiting for me. We've got a family reunion to plan.”

“How many this time?” Ariana asked with a soft smile.

“Close to seven thousand this year. We're gonna need a bigger table.” Nicholas laughed. “Let me know when it happens. I'll bury the body.”

“Thank you for letting me see him once more.” Ariana sighed. “He had so much potential.”

“Most do.” Nicholas agreed. “He couldn't understand his limitations or how to surpass them. In the end, he will die and not be missed by most.”

“What of the other?” Ariana asked.

“Oh, Harry has designed a special hell just for him.” Nicholas grinned. “Severus Snape has a long and unhappy life ahead of him.”

Ariana nodded. “How are your parents doing?”

“They're good. Terraforming Jupiter is a bit of a bother, but they're working on it.” Nicholas grinned. “I'm thinking about retiring for a century or two once it's done.”

“You'll get bored within a decade and you know it.” Ariana teased.

“That I will. There is only so much shuffleboard one can play.” Nicholas smiled.

Severus Snape opened his eyes and stared at an unfamiliar ceiling. “This can't be good.” Severus said as he tried to find his wand. He searched the small five by five room and found only identical changes of clothes, something called 'coveralls'.

Realizing it was either wearing the clothes provided, or going naked..... Severus got dressed.

Once he was dressed, the door to the room opened. Severus followed the recessed lighting in the floor to what looked like a common area. There was a window that showed a starry night and a door with the number 10 painted on it.

“Welcome Severus Snape.” A voice said from behind the potions master.

Snape turned, sneer firmly set in place. “Potter!”

“I'm just a recording.” Harry told him with a grin. “Welcome, to the Satellite of Love. We've got plans for you Snape. You're going to live for a long time and we are going to enjoy every single day of it.”

“What do you mean?” Snape asked as the surroundings began to look more familiar to him. “This isn't.... no.”

“Oh yes.” Harry agreed. “Crow and Servo are already waiting for you.” Harry said as a red light began flashing. “If you don't go, the station will decompress and you'll die. Temporarily.” Harry grinned.

“Why are you doing this Potter?” Snape said as the space station began to rumble ominously.

“I owe you for the deaths of my parents.” Harry told him. “Have a nice eternity.”

The hologram vanished from sight.

Severus Snape decided to call the brat's bluff. There was no way he was really in space.

He sat there and waited.

He didn't have to wait long before the air left his lungs and his body began to freeze.

Severus welcomed death.

Severus Snape woke up and saw a now familiar ceiling.

“Merlin's balls! Damn you Potter!” Severus Snape screamed.

The lights began flashing red.

"I've got Movie Sign!" Severus screamed as he ran to the theater.

The end.......?

The End

You have reached the end of "Tivor". This story is complete.

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