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So Close

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Summary: Willow Rosenberg, U.S. Marshal, goes to New York to get a bridesmaid's dress.

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Movies > Enchanted(Recent Donor)CaptainBoulangerFR1822,0570102,35125 Feb 0825 Feb 08No

The Request

"So Close"

A Buffy / Enchanted crossover fic. Set well after both.

Disclaimer: I am not Joss, nor am I Disney.
They own 'em, I'm just drawing a little tale in yellow crayon.

A/N: to readers of my fic "Faith Manages" - this could be set in the same world as the first 3 chapters of that story. The computer I was writing that and "Continental Christmas" on is in the shop; instead of rewriting the partial chapters I've started this instead.

Chapter One: The Request

Sunnydale had been destroyed and they'd turned the Slayers and the remnants of the Watcher's Council into a road show, then a reincarnated, reinforced version of its former self. Somewhere along the line, in order to streamline the run-ins with federal and local law enforcement, most of the Slayers and Watchers in the States had gotten themselves made into a secret, autonomous unit of the U.S. Marshals - their records said they were all working for the Witness Protection Program, if anyone cared to look. The rest - mostly the newbies and foreigners, who could not pass as Marshals - had settled down with the Council's "Entertainment Division", the identity of which was only hinted at among the Marshal Slayers, and was led by Dawn and Faith and Giles.

But the Marshal Slayers rarely carried guns, and only flashed the badge to get out of messy "crime scenes". The shine on Willow's Marshal badge hadn't lasted long - a few potions with acidic steam had solved that - and it usually resided deep in the bottom of her purse. Yes, a purse. She'd finally conceded to the land of grown-ups - when she'd been introduced to the Secret Service model purse which had a gun holster inside it. The Slayers may rarely carry guns, but Willow always did.

The purse only held six things today - sunglasses, wallet, gun, badge, cellphone and extra ammo clip for the gun. Willow was travelling light, headed back to her base of operations from helping the local Slayer team in Galveston with a demon infestation.

She'd settled in Memphis, where a lone Slayer named Cherry roamed the streets, the daughter of a mid-level FedEx executive. He was always very understanding about the Marshals showing up as passengers on FedEx cargo planes, and it reminded Willow very much of the beginning of "Castaway". She'd never managed to see the end of the movie - every time she watched it a crisis was bound to crop up in the first hour.

Finding her car - a plain black Dodge Intrepid sedan with government plates, another perk of the Marshal status - in the lot outside the FedEx sorting warehouse, she headed off to her condo, wondering where the job would take her next. Thanks to the Watcher's endowment - even expanded, the new Council could never hope to do more than spend the interest every year - she got a comfortable paycheck electonically deposited every other Friday, utilities paid as well, and the condo in Memphis was actually a comfortable place to be when she wasn't off fighting evil. Although she'd been persuaded, in case of emergency, to let the Council have copies of her keys, other than Cherry and her parents she'd never had any guests in her new home, and it was very much her sanctuary.

When she got home, the porch light was on and the door unlocked. The scents of brownies and pizza were wafting from the kitchen. Cherry, she guessed. The girl's name was really Charity, but she hated being called by it, despite her vibrant red hair. The two of them got on rather well, though Cherry was engaged to an even more mid-level FedEx executive - one of her father's assistants actually - and between dating, patrolling, and her own condo (across the parking lot) she only showed up at Willow's for an hour or two a week.

Willow headed into the kitchen, and found not just Cherry, but Giles as well. "Hello, Willow. Cherry here was kind enough to meet me. We thought you'd be back this morning. How was Galveston?"

"Giles, oh my goddess!" Willow ran over to him and hugged him. "I haven't seen you in..."

"Two and a half years." Giles said.

"Still your favorite." Willow teased, letting go and spotting Cherry and the pizza. "Brownies in the oven?"

Cherry nodded. "About half an hour on those."

Willow nodded. "Galveston's fine. Hot as hell till I got done with things. Turned out they had a recurring infestation by a weather-controlling half-demon. Usually fine, but when he gets in strange moods... well, you've seen the great hurricane on the History Channel." As she spoke, she headed to the kitchen table and slid into one of the chairs, Giles taking the other. Willow had never seen the need for more than two chairs, so Cherry leaned against the fridge instead.

"I have." Giles nodded.

"Well, this time it seems that he was rather upset at a vampire trying to claim the credit for said hurricane, hence the heat wave. The odd part is that the demon rents himself out to the movie industry, but he always takes his vacations in Galveston. I ended up crafting an amulet that will block his abilities, and he's agreed to wear it whenever he's not being paid."

Giles smiled. "Good solution. No need to destroy those who are amenable to living within modern society."

"Exactly. So what brings you to Memphis?"

"Need I a reason to visit my favorite, as you so claim?"

"Yes. Because even if I'm your favorite, I know you dreadfully hate 'all those rectangular states in the middle'. Lack of creativity and all that."

"I checked. Tennessee is not rectangular." Giles smiled. "Besides, I was sent with a request."

"And who has enough pull with the Council to get their chairman sent to do their bidding?" Willow sat up straight, intrigued.

Giles glanced at Cherry, and Willow wondered if he was trying to keep things quiet when he said, "Your high school study buddy from French class, I was told to say."

Willow actually had to think a moment before she realized who he meant. "Okay...."

"Well, it seems your friend is getting married, and would like you as the maid of honor." Giles slipped a business card across the table. "I've taken the liberty of doing some research on the subject, and have been assured that this is the best seamstress in America. I've made you an appointment, three days from now at noon. The Council will cover the bill."

Willow was speechless. "Married?"

"The wedding is being held in six weeks in Orlando. It seems he's a travelling cameraman for CNN, so they wanted somewhere close to Atlanta. We're throwing a grand ball, fairy tale theme. Castle and all. Will you do it?"

"Course I will. Don't tell me, you've got the Entertainment Division closing the park?" Willow raised an eyebrow.

"Only for a night."

"Sounds like her type of thing." Willow grinned. "Carriages and princes I assume."

"Yes, very much." Giles smiled. Cherry looked between them, wondering what she was missing. "So you'll be at the seamstresses'?"


Cherry finally asked, "The park?"
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