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Redemption and Rebirth

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Chronicles of the Wanderer". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A rescue goes bad, and the Wanderer needs help of friends, old and new, to recover from it. A bit of backstory on a major Wandererverse character.

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Chapter One

Author: Steve711 - Steve Pantovich

Title: The Chronicles of Wanderer - Redemption and Rebirth

Copyrighted: January 1999

Category: Crossover

Rating: R - Heavy violence and sexual innuendo

Spoilers: None

Keywords: Highlander/Fantasy Island/Hercules/Bureau 13 Crossover.

Summary: A rescue goes bad and the Wanderer needs the help of friends old and new to recover from it.

Highlander: All rights and properties owned by Rysher Entertainment.
The Legendary Adventures of Hercules: All rights and properties owned by Renaissance and Flat Earth Productions.
Fantasy Island: All rights and properties owned by Sonnenfeld/Josephson in association with Columbia TriStar Television.
Bureau 13: All creative rights and ownership belong to Nick Pollotta

Any character whose names and descriptions are used are the property of their original owners, and no copy right infringement is intended or meant.

No money can be made from this story. It can be distributed freely so long as it is kept in its entirety, with all notices and copyright information intact.

The characters Wanderer/Steven St. Wolf, Frank Iverson, Brother Aaron and Robert McCallister and this story are mine. Anyone wishing to use them, please contact the Wandererverse panel at the Wandererverse Revival Yahoo Group.

Comments and Criticisms are appreciated, please post to the above referenced Yahoo Group.

Author's Notes: All right I admit it. I really liked the two episodes of Hercules where the characters were playing the production staff. One more thing, words expressed with the < > are thoughts. Words expressed between // are telepathy between several characters.


Redemption and Rebirth
(Let's Just Get the Bullshit Out of the Way)
They pass through history. . .
Living lives longer than any normal man can imagine.
Some pass through with hardly a ripple,
Others are like tidal waves, crashing on the shore.
They are the Immortals.
This is the story of the Wanderer. Warrior, Champion, Teacher, Demon Hunter.
These are his Chronicles. . .

Frank Iverson, Watcher, 2017.

The Chronicles of Wanderer - Redemption and Rebirth
Kansas City, Kansas
November 1990
2130 Hours

On a cold November night, Steve St. Wolf is getting into his car, having just finished his first week at his new job. As he turns the lock on his door, he hears a squeal of terror. He reaches for his gun and looks around. < So much for a peaceful, quiet, new life. > He thinks to himself.

As he searches the night for the source of that scream, a child runs by his car, running for his life. Following closely behind is a large ape-like animal. As the ape approaches, Steve points his Glock 21 and fires, hitting it point blank in the face. Steve continues to fire until the 15 round magazine is empty, the ape merely shrugs off the 230 grain Hydro Shock rounds as though they were snow flakes. Steve stands between the ape and boy, giving the child precious seconds to escape, the ape reaches out and throws Steve into a wall with enough force to kill him.

As Steve awakens a few moments later, he gets up, and reaches for his car keys. He angrily walks over to his car and opens the trunk, getting out several extra magazines for his gun, a grenade and a cloth wrapped bundle. He loads his gun with the silver bullets and pockets the rest of the magazines and grenade. Then, he solemnly unties the string holding the cloth in place and with care he removes the sword that lays there. He looks down on the sheathed blade and sadly mutters. "When I told Merlin I was quitting and he could go screw himself. I swore to bury you some place far away from me and forget about you. But, it looks like we're needed again." And with that he closes the trunk and follows the blood trail of the demon on the alley floor.

A few blocks away, Steve hears a muffled scream and moves to a side alley. As he draws near the alley's mouth, the ape almost runs into him. Steve jumps back and brings out his still sheathed sword. "Let the boy go and I'll give you a quick death, demon." He tells it.

The demon laughs and replies in a cracked and inhuman voice. "Foolish mortal. Your weapons are useless against me. Prepare to die!!" And with that the demon drops the struggling boy and rushes the strange mortal.

As the demon rushes him. Steve lets out a low laugh. < Gods, how stupid can this demon be? > Then, he drops the enchanted sheath and the sword known as Demon Slayer, sings out it's challenge.

The demon suddenly feels a strangely powerful presence in the alley way. It looks up from it's rush and finally sees what it's really facing. < How can this be? It's one of the Nine Swords of Destiny. How could this mere mortal wield it? > The demon muses to itself as the strange mortal ducks to the side and cuts it's side open with the mystical blade.

Toby Green watches as the stranger fights the monster in the alleyway. < Who is this guy? > Toby wonders to himself. Then he sees the glowing blade and thinking back to his dad's favorite film. < A Jedi Knight? > He watches as the stranger ducks down and slices open the monster's side and as the monster screams out a challenge, the man calmly turns around and attacks it. < This can't be happening. > Toby thinks to himself as he watches the stranger literally run up a wall and flip over and behind the monster, cutting it again.

Steve, moves the demon away from the child, further down the alley. As the creature corners him at the end of the alley, Steve turns around and gets a running start. The demon sensing an easy victory, quickly follows. As he gets near the wall, Steve jumps up and runs up a wall and then somersaults back, landing behind the demon. He quickly stabs its back, hoping to reach its heart. The monster quickly turns around, looking for its opponent, as it turns around, Steve stabs it where it's heart should have been. The monster screams another unearthly scream and falls down, dead. Steve moves forward and stabs the monster again, making sure that it's dead. Finally, satisfied that the monster is dead, he utters a spell of destruction, destroying the demon permanently.

Steve then moves to where the boy is laying on the ground and helps him up. Steve checks the boy for any obvious wounds, finding none he asks. "Are you all right, kid?"

"Yeah, that thing wanted to bring me back to that crazy guy."

Steve looks around the alley and takes the boy's hand and leads him away from the site of the battle. As they walk away, he asks. "What's your name kid? And what is this about some guy wanting you? For what?"

The boy looks up at the stranger who rescued him and likes what he sees. A kind face and a worried expression. "My name is Toby Green. My class was on a field trip to the museum when this crazy guy and seven of those things grabbed our bus and hurt our teacher and the bus driver. The crazy guy got in and drove us to a warehouse. I just got away, when you found me."

Steve silently muses over the information given to him by Toby. < Damn, I remember reading about that bus disappearing. According to the papers, there were thirty kids on that bus. Shit, looks like I'm not retiring, yet. >

"Mister," Toby asks as he pulls on Steve's hand.

Steve looks down and asks. "Yes, Toby. What is it?"

"Are you going to save my friends?"

Steve looks up to the stars and asks himself. < Why me God? Why am I the only one who can help? Why have I been chosen to fight the world's evils? >

Toby looks on, worried, when the strange man doesn't immediately reply. < Did I say something wrong? >

Steve shakes his head and kneels down next to Toby and asks. "Toby, can you show me where your friends are?"

Toby smiles and Steve realizes that he can't escape his destiny. He'd help no matter what. His sword, meanwhile, hums a contented tune.

"Yeah, I can find my way back. Aren't you going to call in some more Jedi Knights to help?"

"More Jedi Knights?" Steve smiles. "What makes you think I'm a Jedi Knight?"

Toby points to a glowing Demon Slayer and smiles.

Steve chuckles ruefully and asks. "Can you show me where the crazy man is?"

Toby leads Steve back to the warehouse where his friends were being held and they watch as a old man calmly walks around and appraises several demons. Toby suddenly grabs Steve's arm and Steve looks to where Toby is pointing. A cage filled with children. Steve counts fourteen children. He leans down and quietly asks. "Where are the rest. There were supposed to be thirty kids on the bus?"

"The crazy guy took them into that side room." Toby points to a brown door near the cage. "and we didn't see them after that, just more monsters. He was going to take me, but as he grabbed me I bit him and ran out. He sent the monster after me.".

Steve quickly formulates a plan and tells Toby. "Toby, I'm going to free your friends. Now listen to me." Toby nods, giving his full attention to Steve. "You're going to lead them out of here. Remember that travel agency that's not far from here and it's still open?" Toby nods his head. "Take the kids there. I'll follow and make sure none of those things catch up with you."

Then Steve wraps Toby in his trench coat and steps back and jumps through the window. Steve lands in the main room next to the cage and lets Toby out of his coat and shoots the lock off with his Glock 21. He then orders Toby. "Toby, get your friends out of here. Now!!" And then Steve turns his attention to the sorcerer and his demons.

Steve moves to block the Demons and the Sorcerer. As Steve blocks their way, the Sorcerer pushes his way to the front and demands. "Who are you fool? Why have you come to your death?"

Steve gives the bastard a devil may care grin as he replies. "Oh I'm so sorry. I'm just playing through. Did you happen to see my golf ball?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" The Sorcerer barks out in anger, giving the children precious seconds to escape.

Toby has opened the cage and calls his friends out. "C'mon guys. Let's get out of here."

"Toby, what's going on?" A girl asks.

"Katy. C'mon help me get the rest of the guys out of here." Toby calls out.

"You heard him let's go." Katy pushes one of the boys out of the cage and the rest quickly follow. As Katy leaves the cage, she looks at the man fighting the monsters with the glowing sword. When she reaches Toby by the door, she asks. "Who is that guy?"

"A Jedi Knight. He killed the monster that was trying to catch me. Now he's here to save you."

"A *REAL* Jedi Knight? Where did he come from?"

"I don't know. But he knows what he's doing." Toby remarks as they leave. The rest of the children wait for them outside.

"Where are we going?" Katy asks.

"There's a travel agency that's still open. We're going there to wait for the Jedi Knight."

"Cool. Let's get there then. My Mom's probably worried sick about me. Maybe I can call her." Katy replies as she and Toby lead their friends away.

The Sorcerer looks behind Steve and sees the children getting away. He laughs cruelly. "Think that gun is enough to stop me? You're more of a fool than I thought you were." He then orders several of his demons to go after the children. "You six go after the brats. I still have need of them."

Steve grins evilly as he drops Demon Slayer's sheath and the sword begins to hum a tune of death. "They're not going any where. Those children are under my protection and I will kill you and all of your pets."

The Sorcerer looks on the glowing blue blade and hisses out. "Fool, no one can defeat me. I'm a Black Mage of the first circle." Then a dozen of the demons rush Steve while another half dozen go after the children.

Steve grabs out his hand grenade and throws it at the Black Mage. Several of his demons dive on top of it as Steve runs out the door, fast on the trail of the demons chasing the children. As he exits the building he hears a loud *THUMP* as the grenade explodes. < I hope that bastard got a big taste of the blast. > Steve thinks to himself as he runs down the street chasing the demons.

A few minutes later, Steve is turning a corner when he sees the demons have the children cornered. He quickly rushes forward and swings Demon Slayer, cutting two of them in half, from behind. The rest of the demons forget about the children and attack him. As the demons turn to face him, Steve yells out. "Toby, get your friends to the travel office. NOW!"

Toby immediately begins to push his friends away from the fight and leads them towards the travel office. As he's helping Freddy Meyers, Toby looks back and sees the man standing his ground, fighting the monsters, giving him and friends time to get away. Freddy looks back and comments. "God, he's fighting those things. Who is he?"

"Don't you see how his sword is glowing? He's a Jedi Knight." Toby tells his friend.

"Wow." Comes the one word reply from Freddy.

Steve looks at the four demons who are trying to surround him. As the demons slowly work their way around him, Steve suddenly attacks. He pulls out his Glock 21 and fires into two of the demons, incapacitating them temporarily. He then rushes the other two and cuts the arm off one and quickly decapitates the other. As he brings his blade back, he guts the other demon. As the demon doubles over in pain, he slices off it's head. One of the last two demons rushes Steve as he turns around. Steve side steps and swings out with Demon Slayer and the demon's body continues for three more steps before it falls to the ground, dead. The last demon tries to get up, but the enchanted silver bullets cause it too much pain. Steve calmly walks over and stabs it dead.

As he finishes, he hears Toby's yell. "Mister, more monsters." Steve turns around and sees a dozen more demons closing in. He quickly replaces his magazine and shoots it off, staggering the demons and giving himself a few extra seconds to get away. He quickly moves and follows Toby into the travel office.

Toby looks ahead and sees Katy pointing to a store front and she rushes inside leading the kids. The kids quickly enter the store and Toby turns around and watches as the Jedi Knight finishes off the last monster and turns to follow the kids. Toby looks behind the man and screams. "Mister, more monsters!!"

Fantasy Island Travel Office
2200 Hours

Fisher quietly hums to himself as he gets a cup of coffee. "Clia, when do you think the client is going to make it in?"

"I don't know, he was supposed to have been here about thirty minutes ago." Clia replies as Katy rushes inside the store. Clia looks to the child and asks. "Honey, isn't it a little late for you to be out?"

Katy rushes over to the desk and yells out. "Call 911. There are monsters after us." The rest of the kids rush into the office, almost causing Fisher to spill his coffee.

"See here now. You kids shouldn't be in here. This is a place of business, not play." Fisher angrily comments as Steve rushes through the door.

The demons outside try to follow, but they're stopped by some kind of shield. As Steve takes a deep breath and quickly takes in the situation. Fisher looks at the demons outside and reaches for his phone. As he picks it up, he speaks into it. "Mr. Roarke. This is Fisher. We have a problem at the travel office." His voice is suddenly cut off by the sound of the door breaking down and the demons rushing in.

As the demons rush in. A back door to the office opens and Mr. Roarke steps out. He quickly assess the situation and raises his hands. A barrier pops up and the demons are quickly ejected from the office. Steve looks back at the stranger and asks. "Are the kids safe with you?"

"They are. What are you going to do?" Roarke asks.

"I was only able to rescue half of them. I'm going back for the rest."

Roarke looks outside and watches as the demons scratch at his shield. "You're insane to go back out there."

"Since I don't have the kids to worry about, I can let loose." Steve replies as he loads a fresh magazine into in his Glock 21. He then removes his trench coat and jacket and loosens his sleeves. He looks at Roarke and tells him. "On the count of three. One, two, three." And with that he runs into the barrier and passes it. The demons stand in their places as he passes the barrier and cuts two of them open. As the two fall, Steve cries out. "Ares give me strength!"

Mount Olympus
2210 Hours

In far off Olympus, Ares feels a jolt as his name is called out. He turns to his pool of reflection and passes his hand over it. He watches as a mortal calls out his name in the heat of battle and smiles ruefully. < This mortal calls to me for help. Should I? > He watches as he slices open a demon that attempts to attack him from behind and shoots another in its face at the same time. < Damn, he's good. Too good for those demons to destroy. > Ares thinks to himself as he shoots off a bolt of energy to the lone warrior.

His thoughts are interrupted by his father, Zeus, who asks. "Why are you helping that mortal, Ares?"

"He called out my name as he slew two of those demons. Who is he? I've never seen him before." Ares asks as his brother walks up to the pool.

"His name's Steve St. Wolf." Hercules replies.

"How do you know him?" Zeus asks.

"I've been observing him for the last four years. He's fought a lot of evil in the mortal world. Helped a lot of people." Hercules replies.

"You mean I'm helping a do-gooding Hercules wanna be?" Ares comments in disgust.

"Yes, your are." Hercules replies with a grin. "Though why he called for you is beyond me."

"Simple, I'm the God of War and therefore Warriors. Which that man clearly is." Ares replies with a smile as Steve cleaves the top of a demon's head off. "Damn, that was excellent. I haven't seen a style this clean since Xena."

The three watch as the lone warrior moves in a complicated attack pattern. Zeus suddenly raises his hand and a miniature lightning bolt leaves it, destroying the demon who had attempted to blind side the warrior. Hercules and Ares look at their father and he replies with a grin. "I like his style. Besides, maybe it's time that we started to involve ourselves with the mortals again."

"Oh and how are we going to do that? Most mortals don't even know we existed and the few that do know of us, only think of us as myths." Ares mutters.

"How about a TV series? Get the common person interested in the old stories and give them lessons about the old Gods?" Hercules offers up.

"And who will the series be about?" Ares asks in a low voice.

"Why Hercules of course." Zeus replies. "The legends all call him a hero and he has several movies to his name. What do think Hercules? Could we get you a TV series?"

"What would we call it?" Hercules asks.

"How about 'the Adventures of Legend'?" Zeus replies.

"Yeah, but it needs a bit more." Hercules murmurs as he and Zeus walk away. Ares looks at their retreating backs and glares daggers.

After Steve cuts the first two demons, he suddenly feels a boost of strength and slices up a demon trying to sneak in behind him. As he takes care of that demon, he shoots another demon with his Glock 21. Another demon lumbers towards him and Steve promptly cuts off the top of its head. Suddenly he hears the crackle of a lightning bolt. He looks over his shoulder and sees the charred remains of one demon, falling down. < What the hell? > He thinks to himself as he quickly cuts open another demon's belly. That blow is quickly followed up with a decapitating cut to another demon's head.

Steve stands in the center of a circle of seven demons, one of whom was wounded. He waits for one of them to charge. Suddenly a demon to his left charges out at him and Steve ducks down and slices it open from head to groin. The demon stiffens as Demon Slayer's magic kills it. Steve then takes the offensive and attacks another demon. He rushes one and lands a double kick to his chest. As the demon drops down, he slams Demon Slayer into its forehead. The demon quivers and lays still. Steve then quickly slices up and cuts the demon to the left and kicks the one on the right.

Bureau 13 Headquarters
Location Unknown
2212 Hours

Dimitri the centaur quickly rushes over to his boss' desk. "Sir, the seers have noticed two level 7 magical disturbances in the Kansas City area."

"Do we know the nature of the disturbances?" Horace Gordon asks.

"Yes Sir, one was an empowerment and the other was a destructive."

"Who do we have available?"


"Send them."

"Yes Sir." Dimitri replies as he rushes over to the communications room. There he pages the team leader of Team Tunafish, Fast Eddie Alvarez. "Tunafish, this is Central. Do you read me?"

"Central, this is Tunafish. What's the problem?"

"Two Level 7 magical occurrences in Kansas City."

"Please repeat Central. Did you say, *TWO* Level 7s?" Alvarez asks in awe.

"Yes, that is confirmed, two Level 7s."

"Shit, do you know who we're facing?"

"That is unknown. Prepare for port to Kansas City. In three, two, one. Port."

Chicago Illinois
The Loop
2214 Hours

Fast Eddie watches as the port opens in front of Tunafish's RV and suddenly they were on a road leading into Kansas City. He turns to his team and tells them. "We have a possible bad one people. Two freaking Level 7s can only mean one thing."

"Do we know which of the old Gods we'll be going up against?" Raul Horta asks.

"No we don't, so be ready for anything." Eddie replies as he loads his combat pack of four anti-tank rockets and checks his 44 and 357 magnums' loads. The rest of the team also checks and prepares weapons both magical and mundane.

Archimedes flies the night skies above Kansas City and mutters to himself. "Why me always? Why do I get the scout work? Couldn't Merlin send one of his apprentices to do the scouting, once in a while?" As he lands on a building he watches the fight taking place in the lot below him. < Damn, it's Steve. I thought he quit this hero business? Better call Merlin and tell him that the Wanderer didn't retire. > //Merlin, this is Archimedes, can you hear me?//

Merlins replies instantly. //Yes Archimedes I can hear you. What's the situation in Kansas City?//

//The Wanderer is fighting demons.// Archimedes replies.

//I thought he wanted out of the fighting?//

//Looks like destiny isn't letting him go.//

//Does he need any help?// Merlin asks.

//Not at present. By my count he's taken out at least a dozen of them, but he's still facing five right now.//

//Shit, I'll be there in a few minutes. Can he hold on?//

//Yes, I think so.// Archimedes replies as his link to Merlin is cut off. < Merlin's coming here? He must be worried about Steve. >

As Steve escapes the circle of demons, he starts to run away from them. The five remaining demons, sensing victory, rush after him. Steve, being faster, ducks into an alley and quickly hides near the mouth. As the five demons rush into the alley, Steve leaves his hiding place and cuts the last demon down with a blow to its head. The demon drops dead in the alley without making a sound.

Steve rushes after the demons and kills the next slowest one with a stab through the back. That demon drops with a gurgling noise which warns the last three that their opponent was behind them. The three rush Steve and he quickly beheads the first demon in line and then moves on to the second and stabs it in its gut. As that demon falls to the wayside, hurt, Steve turns to the last standing demon and kicks it. As the demon staggers back, he slices open its throat and follows up with a heart stab. The demon drops to the ground dead.

Steve then turns to the last living demon. It's wounded but still alive. He cautiously moves to it and the demon spits out a curse and tells him. "Mortal you have destroyed us, but our master will destroy you." And with that, it attacks. Steve sidesteps the attack and stabs it in the back, reaching its heart, killing it.

Steve looks up and down the alley as he reaches for another magazine to his Glock and silently thinks to himself. < I'm definitely going to kill that bastard. He's ruined my chance for a normal life. > He then rushes back to the warehouse and his final battle.

At the warehouse, the Sorcerer stands with his three remaining demons and screams. "How could one mortal do all of this? Rescue those children and get away from you?"

"He carries the Sword of Destiny called Demon Slayer, Master." One of the demons tells him.

The Sorcerer looks at his creature and orders. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"You didn't ask." The demon lamely replies.

The Sorcerer's eye begin to glow and he unleashes a small lightning bolt at the demon who cries out at the pain. The demon looks at the sorcerer and gives off a low growl. The Sorcerer laughs. "He's only one man, what can he do but die?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe kill all of the demons you sent against me?" A voice replies from the side of the room.

The Sorcerer turns around and faces the impossible. The stranger was standing in front of him. His clothes were torn and bloody, but the man was unbowed. The Sorcerer watches as the stranger calmly walks over to the demons and cuts one in half. < How in the name of Satan was that possible? > The Sorcerer thinks to himself as the other two demons attack him. The pair circle around the man and as they prepare to attack, the stranger shoots both of them down and calmly kills them with his sword. The stranger then turns to the Sorcerer and orders. "Those missing children had better still be alive you piece of shit."

The Sorcerer looks around him and asks. "What children?"

"The fifteen I took out of here were only half of the group. Where're the other fifteen?"

"Oh, them?" The Sorcerer cackles and waves his hand. "Three of them are behind you."

Steve turns around and his mind screams. < No!! I couldn't have done that. I couldn't have murdered those kids. > Steve hears a noise and strikes the Sorcerer down as he tries to attack him from behind. He watches as the Sorcerer staggers back to his throne and he follows, cutting him to ribbons, screaming. "You piece of shit! How could you do that to children! How could make me kill them?!"

The Sorcerer looks up from where he's dying and tells Steve. "Because I wanted power and this was how I was able to get it. If you hadn't of stopped me. I would've been able to create an army of demons."

"You would have used children for this?"

"What else are the mangy things good for?" The Sorcerer replies as Steve's sword cuts his head in half.

Steve looks around at the bodies of the children and starts to cry. < God, why have you let this happen? > He bends down and picks up his scabbard, then he walks out of the warehouse and slowly makes his way back to the travel office. As he walks, he comes up to the bodies of the demons, changing back into the children they once were.

Ares watches as the Warrior deals death to the Black Sorcerer and cheers. "Now that's how it's done. Cut the bastard to pieces and leave him dying there."

Hercules and Zeus also watch in fascination as the mortal learns the fate of the children. They watch as the proud Warrior begins to cry at the loss of innocent life. Zeus turns to Hercules. "My word! I can feel his pain here. Is there anything that we can do?"

"No father, there isn't. He has to get through it. I hope he has some friends who could help him. I know how he feels." Hercules replies as he thinks back to the loss of his wife and three children. < I never would have survived if Iolaus hadn't of been there. >
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