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The Future, By Way of the Past

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Summary: The past is not what it is known to be. // Cameron and company run into Dawn of the present with unfortunate results.

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Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Moderator)DemonaFR1323,3890184,75025 Feb 085 Dec 08Yes

The Future, By Way of the Past

TITLE: The Future, By Way of the Past
AUTHOR: Demona
SUMMARY: The past is not what it is known to be.
BETA: KaylaShay - Thanks for the help and for the summary. Your brain, logic and wonderfulness are so appreciated!!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, they belong to Fox, the WB/UPN, Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. The characters of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles belong to Fox, etc. The ideas and concepts in this story are mine entirely. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

Year: September 2nd, 1999
Location: 1630 Revello Street, Sunnydale, CA
Judgment Day Countdown: 11Years, 7 Months, 18 Days, 7 Hours, 20 Minutes

The seconds ticked away as Cameron stood on the sidewalk opposite the Summers’ residence. Sunnydale still existed. It would exist for another four years until a battle with the First Evil would reduce it to a crater. The news reports and historical data that Cameron had accessed mentioned nothing of an epic mystical battle to save Earth and its human inhabitants. Not for the first time, Cameron wondered what the future would have held if Buffy Summers had not won. The First Evil and its army of darkness would have walked this Earth and destroyed every last human. And Skynet would never have been born. Judgment Day never even a thought. And Cameron never formed past someone’s wildest dream. The world would have been much different, but neither future was favorable to John Connor and the rest of the human race.

Cameron watched, drifting to the shadows to avoid suspicion, as Buffy Summers exited her house and joined two others her age on the sidewalk out front. After Buffy’s departure only one heartbeat and heat signature existed within the dwelling. It was too large to be Dawn; so it had to be Joyce. And when Joyce finally left the house in her vehicle, Cameron slipped out of the shadows, and made her way across the street.

The lock on the back door twisted open with a little added force and Cameron stepped inside. The kitchen was quaint, everything in its place and a few dirty dishes in the sink. Nothing obvious stood out and Cameron moved to the right, passing through a doorway and ending up in the front room.

There were several pictures of a young blonde that Cameron recognized to be Buffy, along with several of Joyce. But as Cameron walked through the room, it was devoid of any pictures of Dawn. Cameron did a quick scan of the room but again came up with nothing useful. Her scan ended on the couch just under the front windows and there she paused. Joyce Summers would expire on that couch in one year, five months, and eighteen days, and Dawn Summers would experience the loss of her mother. The death of her mother had been horrible and sudden, but it would be nothing compared the devastation she would experience after her sister’s final demise.

She turned, not wanting to look at the couch or remember the look in Dawn’s eyes as she had described her emotional pain, and looked down at the desk near the kitchen entrance. She pulled open the drawers, one by one, leafing through the contents within. Joyce and Buffy Summers were mentioned on several documents, but again nothing was mentioned of Dawn. She slammed the bottom drawer shut in annoyance causing the desk to creak and groan as it was rocked back against the wall.

The upstairs of the Summers’ home provided no further insight into the whereabouts of Dawn Summers. Cameron laid down on Buffy Summers’ bed and stared up at the ceiling. Some of Dawn’s favorite childhood memories came from this house, this room in particular, and yet she was missing. When Cameron was first born, Dawn would sit with her, for hours on end, talking excessively about the events of her past, events that held no meaning or relevance to this world, to now. But Dawn must have felt it important for Cameron to know, so she sat patiently as Dawn brushed her hair and taught her to apply her own makeup, and Cameron remembered every detail. Dawn would sit on this bed and watch as Buffy went through her wardrobe to find the perfect outfit for a late night date with Angel, would watch as Buffy fixed her hair and makeup until she looked absolutely beautiful and oh so perfect.

The possibilities were endless and Cameron did not have the time to explore all the potential outcomes.

The pager on her hip vibrated. She unclipped it and peered at the message.

Sarah Connor alias Sarah Reese
Last Known Location: West Fork, Nebraska

She deleted the message and returned the pager to her hip. With one last glance around Buffy Summers’ bedroom, Cameron exited the Summers’ residence. Sarah Connor had finally appeared on the grid. And where Sarah went, John was right behind her.

In the future Dawn Summers will emerge from a devastated world with an army of women - girls, mothers, aunts, sisters, Slayers. They will carve a path of destruction through Skynet’s forces that will help allow John Connor’s forces to gain a substantial and crucial foothold.

In the future Dawn Summers will fight side by side with John Connor against Skynet and its robots.

And in true fashion, even while at war for the survival of the human race, some humans, those weak enough to allow it, will be corrupted and crippled by their emotions. Jealousy, pride, envy, and fear - most importantly fear - will lead to the whispered second objective while John readied the machine. Dawn Summers must be terminated.

In the future, should John Connor of 1999 succeed, Dawn Summers would not be needed. Her army would not help the Resistance. John Connor would not take her into his confidence. And most importantly Dawn Summers would not be responsible for wielding the magic that allowed John to reprogram the machines. There would be no need for Dawn Summers in the future.

The thought process is logical and linear. Dawn Summers is viewed as a threat to those in John’s innermost circle

For the first time, Cameron will make a choice – a human thing not a machine – and determine her second objective to be in direct conflict with her first.

Dawn Summers’ existence is crucial to John Connor’s survival.

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