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Stargate: Experimenting Control

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Summary: A man running away from his past suddenly ends up fighting the good fight again. But the only hitch in all this is that he’s dragged into fighting the wrong war.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered(Past Donor)gunsmithFR181437,07217152101,23326 Feb 086 May 08No

Interlude..... Serenity, Montana (part 2)

By: Gunsmith

Disclaimers: I do not own anything except for the plot and certain characters I alone came up with. All characters from notable shows belong to their respective owners except some original characters, items, and mythologies/histories created solely for this story. This is VERY loosely based off the anime cannon of “Guyver”, but with everything screwed around to my tastes so expect a few (make that a LOT) of timelines to be off kilter. A large portion of it is based off of the second live action movie called GUYVER: DARK HERO. Some of you may recognize where this chapter's episode came from, i just twisted it royally to my way of thinking -- AND I fudged the timelines up something fierce... you have been warned. Any cameos and mentions of other surprise are purely for fun.

A/N: The township of Serenity, Montana is completely fictional, any resemblance to people alive or dead are entirely coincidental. Serenity is basically patterned after Star's Hollow from Gilmore Girls, but not entirely.


Interlude..... Serenity, Montana (part 2)


It was a typical bright morning that he’d come to expect from this town as he woke up from another night of rest. But unlike the peace he had started to like whenever he awoke since setting foot in Serenity, the old feeling of tension and battle-wariness pervaded his morning calm.

He looked out of his window as the bright rising sun greeted him, but none of the warmth affected him like they usually did. It’s been almost two months since he’d experienced the habitual feeling of dangerous foreboding. He shook his head clear of sleep’s cobwebs and headed down for his morning workout, taking off his shirt and setting it on the large boulder found at the backyard of the large house.

“Must’ve had a bad dream,” he reasoned, as he started to do his warm-ups which would eventually lead to his katas that the ex-marine friend of Giles had drilled into him while he stayed in Los Angeles.

As his morning ritual progressed, the calm center that he’d found using this exercise made its way back to him with agonizing slowness. And like always, he lost himself into the rhythm as the battle-art skills instilled into his subconscious from his Guyver unit as it crept into his routine when he slipped into an Alpha state, the real world disappeared as he lost himself in the complex forms of an ancient kata that was no longer used due being forgotten to the passage of time.

And as always, he didn’t know that he had garnered an audience from half of the orphanage’s occupants who also woke early. Abegail was at her customary place at the kitchen making the morning meals as she observed Sean go through his display. It never ceased to amaze the young woman and every time she watched she was always in awe at how graceful he made it look. And from what little she knew of the arts from what she had read, nothing matched the core of Sean’s workouts as he went through some sort of battle simulation that used punches, kicks, weird hand gestures, and at least over a dozen acrobatic moves.

Winding down from his kata, he made a conscious shift to tai-chi in the end to burn off the excess energy he built up, letting the cool morning air wash over him. And like always since waking up at the Haynes’ Orphanage, he could feel a few sets of eyes watching him as he worked out, one of them belonging to the object of his self-denied interest.

Turning towards the kitchen window, he quickly sketched a bow at the reddening blond angel. He waved at her, and got a shy wave back in reply from the blushing woman, then donned his shirt.

“Mornin’,” he drawled once he entered the kitchen, greeting the pretty cook as he stuck his head into the fridge and pulled out a small fresh milk carton. “Doing anything today?”

Abegail tilted her head a bit in reply as she went through her mental list of what to do for the day. “Nothing much Sean,” she said, “Just the usual trip into town we do once a month to replenish our supplies and then maybe a free afternoon off if we can finish early.”

“Sweet!” he said, taking a swig of the milk, emptying it in one gulp. “Doc Davis doesn’t have anything for me today, so I’m free to help you out. I’ll go up and take a shower then get ready.”

At her nod, he left the kitchen when he heard the door bell ring as he walked past the main hall. “I’ll get it!” he called back to the kitchen as he moved to answer the door.

As soon as he opened it, he was surprised to find Sheriff Alan Todd behind it with a worried expression on his face.


“Alan?” Sean looked surprised as he answered the door, then silently moved to the side as the Sheriff moved in. “What brings you here? Is everything all right?”

“In a way,” the lawman said, trying to put the young man’s nervous face at ease. “We’ve got a couple of reports about wild animal attacks last night near Jefferson Point, you know, the place we’ve been telling you to take Abegail out to.”

At seeing Sean redden, the sheriff smirked. “Still can’t get the nerve to ask her out, son? Good Lord boy, and here I thought you big city slickers were smooth and all that.”

Sean shrugged as he replied, “It’s complicated”

“It always is when a woman’s involved, kid.” The sheriff shook his head in amusement. “And the way I’ve seen you look at her, I know you’re not one of them homosexuals I’ve been hearing about.”

If possible, Sean reddened even further. “About those attacks…?” the young man said to change the topic.

“Yeah,” the sheriff switched gears, becoming serious. “The alarming thing was that the last couple was almost mauled in their car; saw the claw marks myself when they came in. Bear from the looks of things, but nothing conclusive since they were kinda tightlipped about what they were doing, if you know what I mean, their folks grounded the couples six ways from Sunday.”

Sean nodded, looking worried now as well. “Do you need any help?” he offered.

“Right now?” Alan Todd asked, “Not yet. I’m making the rounds, warning everyone personally to be careful both indoors and outdoors, especially at night. The school’s my next stop. If it is a bear that’s gone rabid, then I’ll probably rustle up a quick hunt with the local ranger near the park a-ways down to make sure this bear gets put down.”

“I see.” Sean said, a thoughtful look crossing his face at the report of an animal attack, already suspicious about it. “Let me know if you need any help, I’ll do what I can.”

The sheriff tipped his hat towards the young man, “Will do son. Best keep an eye on Abegail and the kids for us. If you see something strange, try to call me first and don’t do anything stupid. In fact, if you think something weird is going down, walk or run the other way.”

“Understood, sir,” Sean replied as the lawman walked back to his cruiser and left, as he turned to close the door he found Abegail behind him.

He blinked.

“Uh, did you hear all that?” he asked, then remembered what else he and Alan were talking about. “And I do mean all of it?”

“Yes,” She said with a worried frown. “I hope whoever was attacked were ok.”

Then she made her way towards the stairs as she headed to her room to get ready before turning back to Sean and smiled shyly before disappearing into her room. “And yes, to answer your unspoken question.”

“I’m soooo dead.” Xander thought as the door to her room clicked shut. Then he straightened back up as he came to a decision.

“Bear attack huh?” he whispered, “This bears investigating.”

He winced at his unintended pun as he made his way to his own room, figuring if they would be done early, he could slip out of the house after dinner and do a patrol.


The shopping trip was a bit uneventful, but it took a little longer as some of the older folks kept teasing the poor girl as she and Sean made the rounds buying supplies for the orphanage as well as collecting some donations that would help with their upkeep. In the end, they had to make a few trips back and forth from the orphanage as they needed the truck her brother kept for hauling the heavier and bigger supplies for them.

Which was why it was already dark as they made their back home from the last trip out, Abegail was dozing in the passenger seat as Xander navigated the slick road. It couldn’t be helped, it had started raining as they were finished loading the last of the supplies they needed and headed back.

A dark shape flew across the road and Xander had to fight the aging vehicle as it threatened to fishtail when he applied the brakes to make an emergency stop. Abegail was jarred awake at the truck’s rocking motion, letting out a sound of exclamatory shock at the sudden move as the engine died.

“What happened?” She asked; her eyes wide as she looked at Sean.

“Are you all right?” Xander said to her in concern, at seeing her nod, he continued scanning the empty road and at both sides of the grassy field that lay on either side of the road before replying again. “I almost hit something as it flew across the road in front of us. I’m not sure what it was, but it looked big.”

And it was fast, he added silently.

Then something flew close to the truck’s passenger side door, causing Abegail to yell in surprise and grabbed a hold of Sean’s shirt as it hit the door then vanished. Xander’s eyes narrowed as he caught the tip of something covered in fur this time.

It flashed by the driver’s side door this time, using the same tactic before vanishing again into the darkness.

Xander looked down as Abegail whimpered a bit in fear as she clung to him. He couldn’t blame her, for he felt a bit of her fear as well. But the annoyance of being toyed with was already overriding whatever fear he may have had.

“Don’t be afraid,” he told her calmly, hoping to ease her anxiety. “I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise!”

She looked into his eyes, and nodded, the natural instinct within her told her to trust Sean implicitly.

And so she did.

For a long, tense moment, nothing happened, almost forcing the frazzled duo to think that whatever it was had passed.

Xander reached for the ignition as he restarted the engine when all of the sudden the truck rocked back violently as something tore the cab roof off. Running on instinct and adrenaline alone, he exploded from the cab carrying Abegail protectively in his arms as he leaped away from the damaged vehicle.

They landed fifteen feet away from the wreck as Xander set her down and behind him as he scanned the darkness.

Abegail, saying nothing but trying to maintain a grasp on sanity, tried to look behind the protective cover Sean was providing, worrying about them both.

“What’s going on?” she managed to ask shakily. “Why is this happening?”

“I honestly don’t know.” Xander answered her. “But please listen to me. No matter what happens, no what you may think of me later on, I promise I’ll protect you.”

“What?” she asked, not even comprehending whatever it was that Sean was talking about as she noted that he seemed to ready himself for something.

The dark shape that was only a blur to them before landed in front of the headlights of the ruined truck, revealing itself to them for the first time.

The creature, for lack of a better word, did resemble an overgrown black forest bear. The difference was that it stood on what was supposed to be its hind legs, and on its head, instead of the typical ears you’d find on a bear; it had large, bat-like furred ears.

And ridiculous as it sounded, it also had a set of deadly-looking claws protruding from its forepaws that went well with its gaping maw of a mouth that had rows of very long and very sharp looking teeth.

Abegail almost passed out from fright as it gave off a deep foreboding laughter that sent a chill up their spines.

“Fresh meat.” It said.

“’Gail,” Xander said as he readied himself, “I’ll buy you some time. When I give you the word, I want you to run away from here as fast as you can.”

She nodded, struggling to keep it together as fear raced up and down her system.

“NOW!” he yelled as he charged the creature in front of him, aiming for center mass he turned himself into a flying human torpedo while Abegail ran for her life in the other direction.

Xander was swatted out of the air by the creature’s huge arms, bouncing off the incredibly tough hide as his dive was pushed backwards. He landed into a skid not far from his original position as he heard Abegail scream. The creature in front of him laughed louder.

Risking a look back, he was shocked to find another creature just like the one he was facing manhandle Abegail as she twisted her body in an effort to try escaping.

“Scream for me.” The creature holding her said.

“Abegail!” he yelled, torn as to what he should do, before finally coming to a decision.

“Guyver!” He called out to the night.

A bright corona of light engulfed Xander as his armor burst from its sub-dimensional pocket for the first time in over a month, lifting him a few feet off the ground as it wrapped around him. Once the transformation was completed, he landed back into the ground, steam issuing forth from the vents on both sides of where his mouth would be on his helmet. Then he spoke but three words.




Abegail ceased her struggles and fainted in the creature’s arms as the constant shocks to her system took its toll on her after she had seen Sean’s transformation.

“Oh shit,” The creature holding the girl said as it looked at the pissed off Guyver unit that their company had been looking for as he stood between him and his brother.

“What the hell is he doing here in the backwoods of Montana?” The creature asked to no one in particular.

Unfortunately for them, no answers would be forthcoming as the Guyver unit struck.




A/N: I had to cut it here due to pacing... (and here I talk like one of the directors people usually argue with, lol.). I just got Adobe Photoshop, hopefully I get to learn it so I can post photo manips for this fic of mine. Hope you like it so far! Until next time....

The End?

You have reached the end of "Stargate: Experimenting Control" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 May 08.

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