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Stargate: Experimenting Control

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Summary: A man running away from his past suddenly ends up fighting the good fight again. But the only hitch in all this is that he’s dragged into fighting the wrong war.

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By: Gunsmith

Disclaimers: I do not own anything except for the plot. All characters belong to their respective owners except some original characters, items, and mythologies/histories created solely for this story. This is VERY loosely based off the anime cannon of “Guyver”, but with everything screwed around to my tastes so expect a few (make that a LOT) of timelines to be off kilter. A large portion of it is based off of the second live action movie called GUYVER: DARK HERO. As for Stargate’s timeline… well, they ain't in this story yet, campers. Also I don’t know if I will update this as often I will try to update my other series fic called GODS OF WAR. In essence, this story is very much like the title of the story itself. Its an experiment of me trying to get back into the hang of fan-fiction writing after so long due to personal issues.


Summary: A man running away from his past suddenly ends up fighting the good fight again. But the only hitch in all this is that he’s dragged into fighting the wrong war.



The Alterans realized they were slowly losing the war against the wraith. Too much time had passed trying to perfect the shifting humanoid beast genome, and all of it suffered pointless failures. Either it was the beast side that overran the human morality of its host and twisted it to its own needs or some went insane, too afraid of what it had become.

Their latest experiments in semi-sentient bio-organic armor enhancement units were going a lot more smoothly, but not without its own pitfalls. For one, they started it late in the game, hence only a few of the units were ever actually ready for field use. The good thing about the unit as a whole was that it complemented the host user, enhancing the user to a degree to its fullest possible potential – even surpassing that in some cases. And with the improvement of the subsequent models, it became even better. However, the armor had a dark fail-safe: should the host and the armor become compromised, the armor’s organic systems were composed of the raw parasite genomes that were originally culled from the failed humanoid beast experiment would then proceed to consume the host itself. The fail-safe also had a beneficial side effect, should a Wraith try to eat off of the host, they would in turn be eaten by the very thing they would consume.

The mark I were the standard flag units, capable of multi-role uses that ranged from long range to close quarters warfare, making the host a veritable one man army. The mark II were designed with fast strikes in mind, therefore speed and agility played a factor to help offset its slightly decreased armor rating – it simply killed whatever it needed to kill in a expedited manner. The mark III armor was the deadliest amongst the three in terms of close quarter combat, the mark III was specifically designed for deep cover assassination. While almost just as armored as its mark I counterpart, the mark III had a workable stealth field and an extra set of sonic blades. All three models were equipped with a standard gravity control package along with secondary and primary plasma “cannons”, and sonic vibro-frequency blades that were fully accessible to the host user. As an added feature, the units can also combine with another external “suit” which can greatly upscale its power for foothold and siege combat situations. Each unit was also capable of “learning” along with its host to better improve itself and adapt to new situations. Unfortunately, that accelerated learning curve also made the hosts realize that they were unceremoniously drafted to fight in a war not of their choosing.

For all the advancements the Alterans made, the ones that subjected the units to controlled genetically engineered hosts forgot one thing: “free will” will somehow rear its head even after years of being in controlled servitude. In the end, the hosts rebelled against their purpose. Now the Alterans were fighting a war on three fronts; on one hand was the Wraith, and on the other, their own small but very special army of soldiers. And lastly, the uncontrollable beast shifters they had all but abandoned. There were a few who understood the ramifications of extinction from the Wraith. So after a stalemate was drawn, a few of the beast shifters and armored shifters still sided with their creators in the war to win against the Wraith. But it was too late, in the end the Alterans were forced to withdraw from their chosen home for a safer world.

The scientists abandoned both of their projects, some choosing to leave last just to destroy whatever data remained so neither one of their enemies would be able to get their hands on the data. However in the mass exodus from earth, a few were left unnoticed and remained hidden to this day. Those that remained became part of human myths. They, the humanoid beast experiments, became mixed with part of the Weres; the Vampires; and Gods of ancient and modern myths made flesh.

Also, in their desperate haste to leave, they had forgotten all about their latest breakthrough in bio-organic armor units: simply code named Unit Ultimate, and to all outward appearances was molded as a standard Mark I. What was different about this new model was the fact that there was no parasite used from the other super soldier experiment, it was never even given a fail-safe as it was only a working prototype. First, it was not a parasite in any shape or form whatsoever. Second, it was genetically engineered from the ground up, with its own heavily encrypted self aware sentience, sort of a very advanced semi-biological artificial intelligence. It wouldn’t just act as an enhancement to the original host attributes, but work alongside it in complete symbiosis. Almost every single weakness the standard units they had already in use were eliminated to ensure maximum efficiency and combat ready longevity. Once bonded to a chosen particular host, it can never be removed. Though thought to have been destroyed along with the lab it was developed during the mass exodus, it survived.

Then time passed, and the beast shifters flourished and became organized. Now calling themselves “Zoanoids” under a company known as The Chronos Corporation, they secretly strove to search out their past, looking for signs of anything the Alterans may have left through archeological digs to further their foothold in the part of the underworld community that they operated. Through that, they relearned about the other experiment regarding the bio-armors dubbed “Guyver”. On one such hosted dig towards the end of the 20th century, they stumbled across a heavily damaged ancient laboratory which actually housed a few of the units intact. With one of them being no where near like the others of its kind; and none knowing the wiser as to what it really was.

And during the transport of one of the newly found artifacts to their main research facilities in the western part of the United States, an accident occurred which made them lose one such unit. The ensuing struggle to reclaim the artifact heralded the start of their undoing. In the conflict Chronos Corporation instigated to take it back, an innocent bystander found it and activated it by accident. As it seems fate would have it, a new Guyver was born for the first time in the eons since they were last seen.

And the Guyver's name was Sean Barker, a former Sunnydalian who once went by his real name: “Alexander L. Harris”.


A/N: Mmmmm, Question: What ever possessed me to start writing this one since I haven't even finished my long-delayed series opus called "GODS OF WAR: SPARTAN REBORN"? Answer: Erm, after a personal loss, I tried to start writing again but couldn't bear to take up my first series, so I tried to see if I can write something else that doesn't give me the emotional "heebeejeebees". So you folks get this; a "Maybe now, maybe later, maybe never" story. If someone has a better idea, let me know -- I might let you take over, hehehe.
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