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The First Daughter

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Summary: How was the First Slayer Chosen?

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DarkTelumielFR743,889192,34428 Feb 0818 Mar 08No

Fire Meeting

Disclaimer! This is the result of a very old plot bunny that finally had her children. Joss owns Buffy and I own a roast I need to put in the crock pot.

Notes: I have only seen the comics, etc. What little I know about them has been gleaned from other fanfic and Wikipedia. So no guarantee I will follow them (comics, etc).

Spoilers? 'Restless' and all of Season 7

Rating- The category is "Dark", but there won't be any swearing', carousin' or blood-lettin'.

Lastly. This is completely written. It is, however, unbeta-ed. That is what I get for having all non-BVtS-fanfic-reading friends. So if anyone would like to, job is open and accepting applicants. :)

Nuff yacking. On with the story...

Three elders hunched together around the fire, though not for the flaring warmth. Not that the night was not cold, for it was. But what slouched in the dark was colder and more deadly than the frigid air. Men were new in the world, and the evil that had first possessed it was still strong. The means of survival against these powers was the purpose for which the elders now gathered.

The first one, with a great staff laying beside him, spoke. “Brothers, the gods have given us the land. They have bound the greatest of the demons in the Well, but there are many that still walk the earth. There is no way we will survive while they still hunt us. We have not the strength to fight them.”

The second man shrugged. “Then we must find one that has that strength and name him our chosen champion.”

The first scorned. “Ard, who among us, though our young men are strong, have that strength? The gods have not given it to us, for they saw how that tool was used by the demons.“

“Perhaps we are meant as fodder, as the fanged ones claim.” The last man to speak, called Eko, bowed his head in grief. His youngest son had recently fallen victim in the battle of surviving.

Kod’f spoke, as though announcing fell doom. “If the gods will not give the strength to us, then we must take it.”

“Kod’f, what if they hear you?!” Ard looked around sharply.

“’They’ cannot cross the circle, Ard. Your sand signs have made sure of that.”

“Yes, I know that. One day your arrogance will kill you."

The flames obscured a slight rolling of Kod’f’s eyes.

Ard continued. "And keeping the spirits at a distance does not ensure they cannot hear. Many creatures have longer ears than we do. And besides, spying for the secrets of magiks is one matter. Taking power, raw power, is entirely another. Is it even possible?”

“That is why we are gathered. Can we do this? And how?” Kod’f directed his gaze at Eko. “What think you, Brother Eko?”

“I think you mad.” Eko shook his head, as one would when a child announced he could swallow upside down.

Had the subject of their survival not been dire, Eko’s companions might have laughed. But their numbers were dwindling day by day and night by night.

Eko sighed, remembering his son. “I also think we have no choice. Ard, Kod’f speaks true. We cannot keep dying until we are no more. I do not know why the gods would have chained the Old Ones then brought us here if only for our death, unless we are some kind of sport. If we have a purpose as the women say, we must fight to fulfill it.”

He paused and lifted up his head. This time his voice dragged no weary chain. “Besides, if we be only for sport, let’s give our Watchers a spectacle they’ll not forget for a thousand years.”

“Then we are decided, brothers.” Kod’f declared. The three men nodded to one another. “This must be planned well and with much care. Let us meet again on the night of Karnok to discuss what we may do to create our own champion, since the gods have forgotten to give us one.”

Ard threw a black powder into the fire and, like mirages that melt from a distance, the men slowly vanished as the flames died.

In the distance, a pair of dark eyes glowed. Ard’s sand signs had not kept their owner from crossing into the secret meeting.

The shrouded figure spoke to the coals, “Yes, we are decided then.”

Review? *puppy face* And no, I didn't name that elder after the Lost character. He was named long before the show even started.
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