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They must deal

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Summary: This is a Buffy/Spike poem written in my own fashion. It is story of how they must deal with all the things they went through, because of each other and those around them, and weather or not they even wanted to deal.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Buffy/Spike
BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Drama
TerapsinaFR1311,1500236928 Feb 0828 Feb 08Yes
My first poem in English and I hope it isn't too horrible, but I want to hear the truth so don't be shy.


Meets an angel

Falls in love

But one moment

And the devil is back

She stops him

She slays him

The angel comes back

But then leaves

And the girl must deal


Little mad doll kills

The poet reborn's

The fire burns

And spike kills

He loves the mad doll

Doll plays with silly poet

Silly man breaks

Doll plays with devil

But then leaves

And the poet must deal


All alone she lives

Saving the light

Killing the dark

Kissing the soldier

Not loving him

Never showing herself

And he leaves

Lets the girl deal


Tries to take back little mad doll

Tries to spell back little mad doll

The silly poet fails

But seeks for young harmony

Now he plays

He uses young harmony

No feeding for him

No killing for him

So he leaves

Lets young harmony deal


Alone she now lives

Once more that is

And while that goes on

One beneath her

Fights his non beating heart

And she sees him not

Nor cares for him

But non the less

She kills him not yet

Let silly poet deal


Rage boils in him

Hunger calls for him

But touch is not aloud

Close to girl he now lives

Thing wakes in him

So wrong it is

But dreams don't lie

And love so near by

But touch is not aloud

And the gift was denied

Girl leaves him deal


Victory was hers

The glory is no more

But the blood is spilled

World must go on

Blood must flow not

She chooses to die

So world may live on

Falling she dies

And broken poet must deal


He promised girl

He would keep bit safe

He failed

And the girl died

Now alone once more

Dreams show lost day

But now he's in time

And the girl don't die

But he wakes

So pain comes back

For hundreds of days

Poet sees the same

And the pain stays

He needs to deal


In heaven she lived

Bliss came in every moment

Pain was no more

And those she cared for

Were safe in their world

But those she called friends

Took her back

Ripped her out

And left in cold

Alone she is not

But world is hell full with pain

And no one sees truth

Well one does seek

But girl cares not

She wants to feel

The bliss of death

She is left to deal


Back she was brought

Alive she is not

Her eyes full sorrow

And silly poet sees

So broken she feels

And then she comes

As if seeking she was

And he was aloud to touch

Aloud to play

But close he was not

And girls eyes remained dead

And then she left

And he was back in cold

All alone

And the dark fought back

When the poet was weak

To the girl he went

So he could touch her again

But the girl was firm

And the thing this beast did

Woke silly poet up

Away he went

So the girl would come back

He didn't deal


She went to dead poet

She wanted to feel

The bliss she had lost

So she did

But the thing she looked for

There was not

And the one she went to

She didn't seek

So away she went

And for her came the beast

To him she fought

And beast did lose

Away he run

Some thing then stung

And the girl went to deal


He went away

To get what girl wanted

To give her what he didn't yet have

And he got wat he wanted

But it felt wrong

It didn't belong

His soul returned

And in silly poets head

The screams began

All that blood

And all that pain

He enjoyed before

Made him sick right now

The girl he still wanted

But now he new

Deserve her he did not

She wasn't his to have

He deserved to listen

To those screams he heard

So he did

But he didn't deal


No longer she felt alone

And was living again

She didn't expect

To find silly poet so scared

He had got what was missing

And it tormented him

She was sorry for that

When she watched his pain

She brought silly poet

To help him live

And now that he had

The soul that made man so lost

She felt her heart to feel

Loves place was taken

But there was corner

That poet had won

And it didn't feel wrong

She felt she could deal


Girl didn't hate him

At least it seemed that way

His heart was hers

Al tough it didn't beat

His soul was hers

Al tough it wasn't clean

He standed firm

Against the ground

For first time in years

It felt alive

And then he heard

From mouth of the others

That girls friends

Had sent her away

By her scent he tracked girl

To tell she was right

But when found she was

Girl felt lost again

He told sweet girl

The truth she couldn't see

And when he started to leave

Girl made him stay

And silly poet held her

Close to his chest

Breeding her scent

Till eyes closed firm

And when he was back

The girl was gone

With note in her place

He was left to deal


He had made her strong

She had will to get what was hers

And when she came back

The man was someplace else

The poet was hiding

From her as it seemed

And for it

A dope he truly felt

She talked to the poet

And found he was scared

But a minute later

He held her again

And strength filled her veins

For one fight again

She killed evil priest

And kissed her lost love

But went away

With locket in her hand

Meant for champion

That was to wear it

She didn't need to deal


Broken poet had seen the kiss

And it broke the heart

That was damaged before

Even now when it didn't beat

But when she came

He looked in her eyes

That were alive again

And for the first time in his undead life

He new the reason was him

And not the bloody peaches

In the battle that was to come

He wore the shiny locket

That was for him

To champion for wearing

And even when it burned

Through his souled body

He couldn't stop to smile for words

The girl had said

He new she didn't mean it

But girl had felt enough

To say the words

That made him truly laugh

For first time in this century

He felt alive again

And there wasn't time to deal

The End

You have reached the end of "They must deal". This story is complete.

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