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Slayer O'Neill

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Summary: (Challenge # 3234) When Kiras mother dies because of her father Kira finds out that he isn't, her father is someone called Jack O'Neill. And when she becomes one of Slayers, she goes to find him.

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Stargate > General > General: SG-1TerapsinaFR1521,5820152,78229 Feb 0829 Feb 08No

The Challenge


Some demons are harder to slay (I changed the title).

Post-Season 7 Buffy

Stargate SG-1 -sometime in the first four seasons

A Slayer that was a Potential in Sunnydale, original character, finds out when her mom dies that her real father is Colonel Jack O'Neill, not the drunken abusive father her mom married.

Must Include:

-Dawn and OC are best friends and same age., Cassie is their age. 15-17.

-OC hides both her stepfather's abuse and her slayerness from the SGC.

-OC sneaks out to patrol, but Jack catches her, demands an explanation, she refuses, and grounds her.

-Daniel realizes OC was abused.

-Dawn, Buffy, Faith, and Spike visit, not necessarily at one time.

-NID tries to kidnap Cassie, OC stops them, but exposes herself as being 'not quite human'. The SGC takes her to Cheyenne Mountain for questioning, where Riley is sent to get her released.

Must NOT Include:

-No character death.

-No SLASH, unless Willow/Tara.


-Tara survived, Willow killed Warren and tried to end the world, Tara and Xander stopped Willow.

-Willow and Kennedy never hooked up.

-OC and Tara sided with Buffy when she was kicked out of her own house in Sunnydale.

-The Scoobies and AI joined forces to create a new and improved Watcher's Council, one that was slayer friendly.

-Spike and Anya survived Sunnydale.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking