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Saving Earth…again

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Summary: Buffy makes some shocking discoveries that lead to a new life.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: John SheppardDarkPhoenixFR1827129,2831238103,04429 Feb 082 Mar 08Yes


Saving Earth…again
Disclaimer: Don’t own a thing.
Summary: SG-1/SGA/Btvs/Atvs crossover. Buffy makes some shocking discoveries that lead to a new life.
Spoilers: Btvs S1 t/m S7 + hints Atvs S5, Atvs S1 t/m S5, SGA will go AU because of the crossover but still pretty much same storyline, SG-1 haven’t seen that much but read a lot of Btvs SG-1 crossover fics so it is set somewhere in S5 with doctor Frasier still there.
Note: sets of at the end of S5 Atvs, after S7 Btvs, before SGA.

Italy, Rome, Buffy’s place,
Smiling Buffy looked the Immortal in the eyes, “I don’t know what it is about you but I can’t seem to get enough of you.”

The Immortal kissed her in response to her words, and Buffy smiled. She couldn’t remember be this happy before in her life. A knock on the door pulled her away from the Immortal. ‘Who could that be, Dawn is staying with a friend, Giles is in London with the new Watchers Council, Willow and Kennedy in South America, Xander in Africa, Faith and Wood in Cleveland and Andrew was in Colorado setting up a new Watchers Council location there.’

“I’ll go see who that is.” Buffy told the Immortal smiling as she placed a kiss on his lips before standing up from the couch they were on and heading towards the door.

As Buffy opened the door Riley along with Sam, Giles and Willow stood on the other side.

“Giles, W-” Buffy started to greet them but was interrupted.

“Buffy I’m sorry to interrupt but is the Immortal here?” Riley asked her.

Buffy looked at them confused “Yeah he is in the living room…Guys what is going on?” Buffy asked confused.

Giles and the others looked at her with sympathy for a moment before Giles said “I’m afraid the Immortal isn’t the man he is claiming to be.”

With that the Immortal appeared and Sam and Riley raised their taiser guns at him “Hold it right there creep” Sam’s voice warned him.

The Immortal raised his hands “Uh Buffy what is going on?” he asked looking confused.

“That’s what I like to know, Giles why do Sam and Riley have weapons pointed at my boyfriend!?” Buffy demanded to know.

“Sam and Riley found a prophecy in South America and took it to Willow who then phoned me and we all came here because it contains you and the Immortal.” Giles began to tell her.

Willow’s eyes narrowed at the Immortal with disdain and anger as she recited
“An Immortal being not of the night nor this world or realm
A child he can not have must not have
Only the Chosen One who left this world three times yet is still here
Defeater of the First Evil and keeper of the Key she is
Darkness will consume this world when his child is created within her
At the day her soul mates fall will the child be made
Unless prevented Power of a God this Child shall have
When born good will die as he rules the world.”
Willow stopped and looked at Buffy with sympathy “I’m sorry Buffy.” She told her best friend.

Buffy looked at Willow taking in the information then turned to the Immortal her eyes hurt as she asked “why?”

“Buffy this prophecy is a fake. I’m not evil, you know me.” The Immortal told her.

Buffy looked at him then at her friends, torn. Then hard determination came and she glared back at the Immortal “I know my friends, they will have verified the prophecy before making this accusation.” She told him.

“They just don’t want you to be happy Buffy. They never have, they want you under their thumb. Not telling you about resouling Angel, treating you like crap when you came back the summer after, they even pulled you out of Heaven so you wouldn’t be happy and when you tried to heal from that wound with Spike they were disgusted with you. Willow tried to kill you, Giles worked a plan behind your back to kill Spike, they betrayed you after what happened at the vineyard and kicked you out of your own house.” The Immortal told her. “Don’t believe them Buffy, trust me. We can just leave and be happy elsewhere, away from them. Just the two of us…and Dawn, if you want to take her along.”

Buffy looked at him not believing what she was hearing, sure here friends made some mistakes; they were after all only human. She made some mistakes herself. Then something from the prophecy hit her. “Angel” she spoke softly before turning back to her watcher and friends “Is he ok? What’s happening in LA?”

“According to our sources Angel is still in charge of the evil, demonic law firm Wolfram and Heart.” Giles told her.

“Well if he’s going to die soon according to this prophecy perhaps Buffy was right when she told us he was working on destroying it from the inside.” Willow told Giles.

“Even so, we still don’t know that for sure and therefore can’t trust him while he is there.” Buffy told them her voice cold and hard. She then turned back to the Immortal.

“How do we kill him?” she asked her watcher in the same cold tone of voice.

“You don’t” the Immortal said suddenly with a strange looking device in his hand, suddenly they all flew backwards to either the ground or wall as a shockwave hit them.

Buffy immediately jumped up ready to fight and jumped towards him only to be smack backwards by another shockwave. Willow’s eyes were black as was her hair as she prevented Buffy from hitting the wall behind her and released her on the ground.

Channeling her dark side Willow held her hands out as she kept the Immortal trapped in a force field bubble.

“Disconnect his neural pathway to the rest of his body.” Giles told them as he got up.

“Got it, chop of his head.” Sam said opening the bag full of weapons as Riley stood ready with two taisers pointed at the Immortal.

The Immortal used his device and the force field vanished. Riley fired his taisers only to watch as the Immortal used the device to redirect the beams towards Willow who quickly summoned a force field to protect her self.

Buffy caught a sword Sam threw towards her and twirled it in her hand before charging the Immortal.
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