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Words and Touch

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Summary: A continuation of my Angel/Sam story [warning of non-graphic m/m slash]

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Supernatural > Angel-CenteredsilentfluxFR131883059101 Mar 081 Mar 08Yes
Title: Words and Touch
Author: Andrea/
Fandom: Angel/Supernatural
Pairing: Angel/Sam
Disclaimer: None of the recognizable characters or universes are mine... I'm just playing :)
Rating: FRT

A/N: This was written for my March 1st date for the LJ Winter_of_Angel challenge. It's a sequel to my fic 'Introducing the Vampire'. Also, I was feeling a little sappy and the fact that I don't think that either one would rush the sex too much... hope the schmoop's not too much and that you enjoy it! I have no doubts I will probably be adding to this little universe as I find it interesting to play with both characters :) Thanks for all the encouragement from you lovely reviewers and from Ash and Laynie - love you two!

Summary: Sam and Angel... what more can I say?

~ * ~ * ~

Sam watched the man - no, vampire next to him covertly. It had been three days of absorbing the a complex history both new and familiar, but talking with Faith and a couple of the slayers not to mention Robin helped him sort a lot of it out. There were things that he and his brother may stumble on that are way out of their league. The yellow-eyed demon had been, but they'd taken care of that bastard. He knew that he didn't have much time until Dean got really antsy and came after him, loud and brash and everything about Dean that Sam both loved and hated.

These people dealt with the occult every day, the impossible was the norm. Maybe a deal with a demon or a prophecy of demon soldiers with one to lead them could be completely averted. Maybe - his train of thought was interrupted by a soft, deliberate touch just along the inside of his wrist with smooth, cool fingers. His body shivered in reaction, still not quite used to being this close to such a formidable predator.

"What's wrong, Sam?" Angel asked quietly before going back to sipping his scotch.

"My brother will come looking for me soon," he sighed softly.

"And don't you want to go?"

"Yeah, I guess. I just..." Sam looked up, the expectant vampire watching him patiently. "I was hoping that you could help me before he does." It hurt to ask for that kind of help - admitting that he and Bobby were out of their depth with this bargain. He bit his lip and ran his hand through his hair, slouching on the couch. "My brother. Made a deal." He glanced up and back away. "For me. Bring me back from the dead and Dean's soul is forfeit in a year. I was just hoping..."

"That we might know how to break it? Or know someone who would?" Angel asked, brows furrowing as he considered his contacts in the lower demon worlds. Someone had taken a serious interest in the Winchesters and he'd like to know why. "Maybe. I can look into it. When's the contract up?"

"Couple of months," Sam muttered, face falling into his hands as he tried not to shake apart at the idea of his brother going anywhere without him. He felt empty at the thought of losing the only remaining family he had.

The air stirred next to him and the couch dipped as the vampire settled more closely to him, offering the comfort of nearness, something Sam wouldn't have expected of someone who wasn't human. Of course, Angel was proving a lot of his theories about non-humans wrong. Gratefully, he leaned into the other man's presence, barely brushing their legs together as they sat in silence.

The cool touch of long fingers resting on his arm almost made him jump, muscles twitching in reaction as that last barrier was breached with skin-to-skin contact. Sam had managed not to touch Angel since he'd felt that jolt in the bar and he'd been quite successful at it. Although maybe not as smooth as he would have liked as every once in a while he would look up and see an amused glance from the older male.

"Does it make you uncomfortable?" the vampire asked quietly, fingers stroking along the inside of his wrist lightly, following the strong pulse there and making Sam shiver.

"Not really," he managed to deny even as his body leaned further into the other man. Angel chuckled and reached up to stroke along Sam's jawline, his eyes glinting.

"Hmm... high tolerance then." The barely audible words danced across Sam's skin and something tightened inside him, low and warm. He loved this feeling, the need to fight and the imperative to run shivering along his spine until his eyes glowed slightly black. Surprising the vampire, he turned and brushed their lips together, dry skin meeting in a rasp that was more intimate than anything either had experienced in years.

Eyes wide, their gazes met and Angel listened as the younger man's heart sped up uncontrollably, breathing audible in the silent living room. "Sam, is this..."

"I don't know," he answered quietly, finally letting his long body relax against the vampire's amazingly still one. Angel savored everything about these moments - the taste of the air, the heat and vibrancy of him settled close.

"I can wait until you do," Angel told him softly, his lips against the soft skin of the younger man's temple, feeling the tremors that went through those strong muscles. "No need to rush."

"Yeah," Sam murmured, nodding lazily and letting his head turn on the vampire's shoulder so that he could look up into veiled dark eyes. "I know."

They stayed like that until Angel lost track of the beats of his heart, fingers tracing lazily over wrist and hipbone where Sam's shirt had ridden up to allow it. It was peaceful, comfortable and nothing like anything the vampire had experienced. The contentment of just lounging on the couch was incredible. He felt it the moment something changed, and the lithe body turned into him, Sam half-asleep as he wound himself around the vampire, murmuring softly and letting go of consciousness.

The End

You have reached the end of "Words and Touch". This story is complete.

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