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Two Weeks in Loughlin City

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Learning to Smile". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: In “She Doesn’t Smile Anymore”, Dawn mentioned that they had been in Loughlin City for two weeks. Ever wonder what happened during that time?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredFuerGrissaOstDraukaFR1532,2270114,4742 Mar 084 Jun 08No

Day One

Title: “Two Weeks In Loughlin City”
Author: Fuer Grissa Ost Drauka
Rating: PG
Category: Buffy/X-Men
Pairing: Buffy/Logan (Wolverine)
Disclaimer: Don't own any of it.
Spoilers: No spoilers. Set after “Chosen” (Buffy) and before X-Men 1.
Status: Incomplete
Summary: In “She Doesn’t Smile Anymore”, Dawn mentioned that they had been in Loughlin City for two weeks. Ever wonder what happened during that time?
Feedback: always appreciated
Author’s Notes: (sigh) “She Doesn’t Smile Anymore” was supposed to be just a simple one-shot. Due to a couple of reviews, however, it’s kinda spun out of control. The product? This, and one - possibly two - more stories. There will be a total of 14 parts/days to this story. The shorter parts/days will come out in sets.

Day One…


Buffy hated this town. She hadn’t even been here for an entire day yet, but she hated it. There was no nightlife. None. Not a single vampire or demon. What kind of town doesn’t have vamps and demons?

Loughlin City, apparently.

So, instead of getting a nice, tension-relieving slay, she was stuck either wandering the streets of a town that was actually smaller than Sunnydale had been or staying in the hotel room with Dawn. The latter was something she wanted to avoid as much as possible. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her sister. She did - hell, she’d died for her - but it was suffocating just being around her.

Guilt radiated from Dawn whenever they were together, making the atmosphere awkward and tense. It had been like that ever since she’d returned to the house with the scythe. She was under near ‘round the clock surveillance, as if Dawn believed that if she let the Slayer out of her sight for too long, she’d take off without the younger girl. In short, it was irritating the hell out of the Slayer. Hence the reason Buffy was wandering the streets in the middle of a snow storm.

Buffy grimaced slightly as the smell of alcohol and smoke assaulted her enhanced senses. There was something else that permeated the air as well. A scent she was thoroughly familiar with. Adrenaline, mixed with sweat and blood. It sent her senses into overdrive and called out to the primal nature of the Slayer in her.

A bar fight would be fun.

Not as much fun as taking on an entire nest of vampires with Faith, but it would be better than nothing. She’d have to hold back a lot of her strength, but it would still be enough to release her pent up anxiousness and frustration. The Slayer eased into the bar, taking in the scene. Instead of the bar fight she was expecting, the room off to the side held a large cage. A slow grin spread across her face. A cage fight would be even better than a bar fight.

People always underestimated her because of her size. They tended to automatically associate her petite height and build with frailty. Buffy always enjoyed showing them the error of their judgment. Besides, there was the added bonus that winning could earn her a decent amount of cash.

Buffy sat down at the bar and unzipped her jacket. She set a few bills on the bar as the bartender glanced over at her. “Just a beer.” He nodded, and Buffy turned her attention to the fight currently going on. She studied the two fighters intently, noting the skill and style of each. The first was just a simple bar-fighter. No real technique or evident training, just brute strength. The second…

The sound of glass impacting against wood startled her out of her daze. She turned to see that the bartender had set a bottle of beer down in front of her. “Thanks,” she picked up the bottle and took a long drink before turning back to the fight.

The second was a warrior. His movements were fluid and powerful, without wasting any effort with flashiness. All deadly grace and restraint - like an animal toying with it’s prey. A fighter. Her equal.

A low growl rose up in the back of Buffy’s throat, drawing curious glances from the few people around her. She paid them no attention. Her focus was on him. She wanted to fight him. That would be a real challenge.


The hairs on the back of Wolverine’s neck stood on end as his enhanced hearing picked up an animalistic growl. Before he could fully comprehend the meaning, a growl of his own rippled through him answering back to the first one. He wasted no more time with his opponent, knocking the larger man out with a quick elbow to the face. His eyes darted around, almost frantically, for the source of the growl. A small blonde caught his attention as she threw a quick glance his way - her eyes locking on his for a brief moment - before she pushed the door open and stepped outside.

His eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared as she disappeared from view. His frustrated growl was drowned out by the cheering and yelling crowd that had gathered for the fight. He knew that by the time he could get to the door, she’d be long gone. She had thrown down a challenge, and he had answered it. She would be back, he knew. He had seen his mirror in that instant, and knew for a fact that she, like himself, would not back down from a challenge - especially one that she had initiated.

to be continued...

Author's Notes: The next part of That's A Great Idea should be up within the next week or so. Now that midterms and midterm projects are out of the way, I'll have more time to focus on that.
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