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Summary: John Connor is used to receiving help from odd sources. But not this odd. Psst! Chapter one has art now!

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Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR15711,90758525,9783 Mar 088 Mar 08No

Chapter One

IllustrationTitle: Termislayer
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: PG-13/FR15
Disclaimer: Someone who isn't me and might be Joss Whedon owns the Buffy people, but I'm not entirely sure. The Terminator franchise is a bit of a mess too, given there are several creators and companies involved. Not mine.
Summary: John Connor is used to receiving help from odd sources. But not this odd.
Joe's Note: I'm in an odd mood. Shit like this tends to happen when I'm in an odd mood. And this will, as you'll see, use the more human-esque Cameron of the pilot as opposed to the more bizarre one of the subsequent episodes.

     "Come with us if you want to live."

     When John Connor had found himself chased out of his new high school by a Terminator disguised as his substitute homeroom teacher, he had a few ideas how the situation might resolve itself. The most likely was that he would die. The next most likely would be that the cops would get involved, especially given that guns were going off on school grounds, and he could take advantage of them fighting with the Terminator to make his own escape. The least likely was his mother showing up with guns blazing and they'd ride off over the horizon to make new identities and start their little cat and mouse game all over again.

     Two girls, one a stranger and the other his new not-quite-a-friend Cameron, in a pickup truck were definitely not among any of those ideas. But when it came down to random girls or homicidal Terminators… John hurled himself into the pickup, slamming the door shut behind himself. "Go go go!"

     The truck threw itself into gear and John watched as it passed the Terminator. Already, the unstoppable machine was climbing back to its feet but they were moving too fast. They were out and gone before he could fire another shot, taking the turn out onto the street at far too high a speed before rocketing away down the narrow, dust-lightened road.

     John took a moment to look over at his two companions. Cameron had a few red spots on her white tank top, unmistakable signs that she had indeed been shot. But here she was, up and about after several bullets and she wasn't bleeding out like a stuck pig… she had to be a Terminator too. He remembered the hulking behemoth of a Terminator who had been his guardian against an even more advanced one several years ago. Maybe she was from the same people who'd sent that one?

     The other girl, sitting between himself and Cameron, was a mystery. She seemed utterly unaffected by the fact that they were fleeing from a futuristic robot who had just shot up a school, calmly using the tip of a disturbingly large knife to clean the dirt out from under her fingernails. Definitely not one of his classmates, though, or at least not one who cared to fit in. After all, nobody around here wore leather pants, and boots were cowboy and not combat. This was just getting weirder and weirder.

     Finally, John couldn't take the silence anymore. "So, Cameron… want to introduce me to your friend?"

     Cameron looked across at him before returning her attention to the road. "No. Call your mother. We'll meet up with her and I'll make introductions then. I don't like wasting time."

     "But I don't have a…" The mystery girl's fingers dipped into her cleavage, emerging with a cell phone, which she handed to him. "…cell phone. Okay then." John flipped it open and punched in a number he'd been forced to memorize for situations like this. "Mom?"

     "Are you okay?"


     Sarah Connor sat helplessly in the arm chair, watching as her son… the future of the human race… walked right into a trap. But with the Terminator's hand around her throat, ready to snap her neck at any moment, there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it. John took another step into the house and the machine behind her rose from its crouch, abandoning cover and subtlety. "John!"

     "Mom!" Sarah surged up out of the chair, only to be shoved back as the Terminator stepped forward and opened fire. She watched in horror as an entire clip of bullets was emptied into her son's chest and he collapsed to the ground like a puppet with its strings cut.

     Pushing off again, Sarah managed to get up and halfway across the room this time. The Terminator loomed over her son, blocking her access. "John! No!" It couldn't end like this. After so many years… so much sacrifice… she'd come too far for it to end because her son walked into a trap he should have known to avoid. Leaning down, the Terminator rolled John onto his back and…

     "Neat trick. You like?" Sarah wasn't sure what was going on, but snapped out of her stupor long enough to race for the far wall. Tearing away a section of paper that had no wood behind it, she reached into the weapons cache and pulled out the first gun her fingers touched. The Terminator went flying across the room and her son rose to his feet, only to pull off the hooded sweatshirt and reveal… a girl in a pink shirt?

     Sarah paused for a moment at the odd sight before shrugging and firing three rounds into the back of the confirmed threat. The Terminator turned to glare at her but before he could move, the girl invaded his personal space. Crossing her arms so her left hand was on his right shoulder and vice versa, she stared up into his eyes for a moment before rushing forward and slamming him into the wall so hard that the entire house rattled.

     Eyes widening, Sarah realized what she was seeing. Terminator versus Terminator combat. Again. It was all happening just like before…

     After a moment, the male Terminator got the upper hand and picked up his smaller female counterpart, turning and slamming her through the wall he'd just been pressed against. They were out of sight for a moment before the girl came flying back out into the living room, hitting the far wall with enough force to break through it. After a moment, the man tore the counter out of his way and walked back through the debris remaining where she'd formerly had a wall. Sarah checked her ammo before raising the gun again. She had no real love for Terminators, but if the girl had been sent… she was an intelligence asset, if nothing else.

     "Hey! Hands off my hottie!" Out of nowhere, a new girl with some kind of oversized hammer threw herself into the battle, clubbing the Terminator and sending him reeling back into the wall. Taking two steps backward, she held out her hand. "Hey, Cameron! Tag me in!"

     Reaching up, the female Terminator slapped the newcomer's hand. "Kick some ass, Faith. I need approximately thirteen point six seconds for my systems to stabilize."

     Three Terminators? And two of them had very human personalities and names? The entire thing felt surreal to Sarah. Terminators weren't supposed to behave like this. They were cold machines who hunted and exterminated humans. They certainly won't supposed to make wrestling references, or quote bad 90s rap music.

     "Stop! HAMMERTIME!" Twirling for added momentum, Faith slammed her hammer into the Terminator's head and Sarah watched in disbelief as one side visibly caved in. The endoskeleton of a Terminator was nigh-indestructible. And she'd just dented it with a hammer.

     Then it became clear that terminology wasn't the only thing they'd acquired from wrestling; slipping behind the Terminator, Faith wrapped both arms around his waist before throwing herself backwards and executing a perfect suplex. The move drove her opponent's head into the floor where it remained, the Terminator flailing helplessly as Faith rolled out from under him. "Cameron? You want the honors?"

     Cameron nodded and rose from the floor, her motions slightly jerky still and tiny bits of metal showing where the synthetic flesh had been scrapped off her face. "Gladly. Sarah Connor: there will be one hundred and twenty seconds before the system reboots. Prepare to run."

     "Wait. We need to destroy him." Sarah looked at the weapons cache and then sighed. She had nothing that could conceivably put even a serious dent in the prone Terminator, much less destroy it. Hell, Faith had done more with one swing than she had with three bullets. Or would have with thirty bullets. "Okay, what are you going to do?"

     Faith smirked and pulled out an oversized black and yellow, gun-shaped device that she passed to Cameron. "You heard my girl. Two minutes to get the hell out of here. Until we can get to a bigger gun and destroy it, we need to outrun it. This gives us a head start. Cameron, light it up…"

     Pointing the barrel at the Terminator's stomach, Cameron's lips quirked up. After hearing the girl imitate her son's own voice, Sarah shouldn't have been as surprised as she was to hear a deep and familiar voice emerge from her mouth. "Hasta la vista… baby!" She pulled the trigger and two thick metal spikes shot out. They hit their target and there was a sizzle of electricity, the Terminator having what looked like a seizure. After a few seconds, the noise stopped and Cameron tugged off part of the barrel before dropping it. "Let's go. Now."

     Sarah nodded and pulled three more guns out of the cache before jumping over the prone body of the machine sent to kill her and following after the two sent to save her son.
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