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What Once Was

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Where To Now". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy died,went to heaven, came back to a cold world. There had been warmth but only because they were there. Her protectors. That’s gone, but ever since the Hellmouth was closed she can’t but shake this slowly creeping feeling of warmth. Buffy/Dean

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterEmeralEmberFR1523,366042,6784 Mar 0815 Jun 08No

Violence and Lack Of Death

She pushed the demon to the wall for what had to be the tenth time in the past five minutes. Clearly it knew something and it was going to spill it. Even if she had to stay out there until Willow…or Sam as the case may be, tracked her down. Buffy had left, much to his displeasure, to go kill things. Faith had gotten her more into that scene saying, “If you’re gonna do it anyway, why not take out a little steam while doin’ it?” At the current moment, it was a godsend. She had left the motel, stumbled upon something to kill that she had never met before, and it knew her.

“I told you, I’m not sayin’ nothin’,” the demon yelled for what was also the tenth time in the past five minutes.

“Well, that’s two contradicting negatives. So start talking! Or I swear to God, I will back hand you with a fist!” She was yelling now, and was surely going to attract attention. But she didn’t care. She didn’t care if the people in this town were far less ‘aware’ of the going on in the land of the demons as the people had been in Sunnydale and even a little in Cleveland. All Buffy cared about was getting the information she wanted, so to stress her point, she made a fist and lifted in as if to backhand him.

It was clear that the demon had not been expecting her to be this strong. It was clear it was expecting a little girl that couldn’t protect herself from a dog. It even seemed happy to see her all alone. Then how did it know her? How did it know her name yet not know that she was the Slayer and therefore, could kick its ass! The relatively human sized demon was looking at her like any demon would have before she got chosen. Almost like a human predator. Like it was out for revenge. Not quite as animalistic as most demons, though.

When it didn’t say anything, Buffy was about to bring her fist down and up hold her promise but was cut off. If she had been any taller she was sure it would have been her and not the demon. There was no other possibility. And because of that: she was ready to kill him, and probably would have if not for the him being a human thing. Before she even had a chance to get her first close to the demon’s face there was a gun shot, and the light blue demon was hit in the head. “What. Did. You. Do. That for?!” The petite blond yelled as she let go of the now dead demon and turned to face her tall new friend.

She watched as he placed his gun back in the belt loops of his pants and started walking closer to her. He didn’t look mad, like she figured he would be. He did, however, look mildly concerned. Whether for her or for almost losing a way to get his brother back she wasn’t sure. But he looked worried. “You shouldn’t just go around a town you’re not familiar with and go into alleys with blue people that have surprisingly bright yellow horns,” Sam said as he looked between her and the demon that now lay dead on the ground behind her.

“Look,” Buffy started as she began to calm herself. After all it wasn’t his fault. He didn’t know that that demon could have been a link to what she had been dreaming about. He didn’t know that she had died, gone to Heaven and then lost it. He didn’t even seem to fully comprehend what ‘slayer’ meant. But he did seem to be looking out for her wellbeing. ‘”I know you don’t think I can handle myself. I do have a full length mirror, so know exactly how small I am. But I’m a Slayer. We used to be ‘the one girl chosen in all the world to fight the forces of darkness’, but now…there are lots of us. I just happen to be the first. The…first…one…out of the…ones we have now. Not the first ever. Basically we have superhuman strength and can sense demons and evil.”

“And you’re this….slayer?”

“As I said when we had our first conversation: yes.”

“Look, I don’t mean to be—“

“And you’re not. It’s just now I need to find something to kill and not stumble upon something. It’s annoying when I have to do that you know. This is not Sunnydale or Cleveland. The demons are not pouring out of the seams.”

With that, the short blond began to walk away, walking past Sam without looking at him again as she did so. She had learned over the years that she changed when she was out patrolling. Yes, she stayed the same Buffy. Yes, she acted the same. But she was different. Not just the simple, “I’m in Slayer mode now” Buffy. She walked different. She walked like a predator. Not the way Spike liked to stalk up to someone, with his shoulders moving drastically, his head down with long strides. More subtle, and graceful. But it was there. “And when it is demons are much more scared.”

Sam hadn’t taken long to start to follow her, and due to his inhumanly long legs, he was able to catch up and change pace quickly. He had been paying close attention to her, more so then he had when she first showed up in his room. If he didn’t know any better he’d say she was possessed the way she was acting. To be fair, he didn’t know if she was possessed. She very well could be. However, before his thoughts could take him any further, she made what seemed to be a very random comment. “What?”

“Much more scared? Is that right?”

The answer seemed to be simple. They put him under and Buffy follows suit. She’ll get all sleepy and meet back up with him in their dream world. Only problem was, they didn’t know what Buffy was doing. If she was, let’s say, sitting in his and Sam’s motel room, then nothing would be wrong. She’d fall right down, Sam would be all chivalrous and put her on the bed, and then eventually they’d both wake up knowing what they needed to know. But if she was, for some strange reason or another, flying a plane or walking on the edge of a building, she’d die. In the first case, neither of them would die.

So they had to wait until it was late in the places that were brightest on the map when they did a locater spell. This of course wasn’t for a few hours, so Dean was stuck listening to Andrew tell him stupid stories that he changed probably ten times over. Andrew was saying how he and Buffy had saved the world and closed the Hellmouth together with only a little help from everyone else. He was told about this amazingly well designed board Andrew had made back when the geek started working with Buffy that had all the information that they needed; as well what everything was that needed to be killed. Then there was a video he had to watch. While Dean didn’t think it was all that bad that he finally got to see Buffy in all her Slayer glory, having to watch Xander and some blond girl talk about their feelings was not his idea of fun. Neither was hearing said blond girl say something about masturbating like everyone else.

But this didn’t stop Andrew from making him sit there and watch the video. Or tell him some stupid story about the things that went on in Sunnydale and were going on in Cleveland. It had to have been one of the most annoying days of his life. While Dean knew that Andrew didn’t really do anything with these people (or at least it wasn’t obvious), he knew the little annoying man was important. He knew that the people that worked there-including Buffy- cared about him in some twisted way.

Luckily he only had to sit there for about three hours before Willow came and told him that they were going to perform the spell. While he really didn’t want to have some spell preformed on him, or on Buffy, or at all for that matter, Buffy had told him Willow was a good witch that was excellent at what she did. She didn’t kill people or anything like that, which, of course, was a plus. He wouldn’t have to worry about going to sleep and not waking up or anything. “So you’re just going to lay there and then you’ll be asleep. Because you and Buffy seemed to have switched places, you two are connected…. Should be connected. Anyway. You’ll both fall asleep, and then all you have to do is have Buffy kick the demons head off.”

The thing that had switched them was apparently a Somnium Ingredior, or a Dream Walker demon. It had control over everything in its dream realm, and when left in one for too long could control the physical side of anyone that stumbled upon its realm. That was how it went about switching him and Buffy, and making sure they couldn’t remember where they had been before. So now they would go back to sleep, tell each other where they were and meet somewhere in the middle. All would be well because all would have ended well. Or…something along those lines. Only downfall was that Buffy wasn’t going to remember him. She had gone and because of that gotten back her slayer powers and forgotten all about the fact that she was with them. The woman Jenny hadn’t said that, but when Buffy had seen him at first in the dream she said almost the exact same thing she had when she first met him.

“So this’ll be cake, right Red?” Faith asked as Dean laid down on the bed that was in the room they had said was his for now.

“Yep. He’ll sleep, Buffy’ll sleep. They get a place to meet and we’ll meet there. Simple.”

“And there will be no dying in this, right?” The one named Xander asked in what could only be his normal sarcastic voice.

“Hey! If anyone’s dyin’ in this, I ain’t doin’ it!”

“Dean, no one is going to die. We always find ways around the sacrificing of virgins,” Willow said as she started making the final preparations to perform the spell.

They were on their way back to the motel and Sam was very happy about that. Buffy had managed to convince him to stay out with her at least until an hour past dark, and they did. He was surprised at the way she seemed to handle herself when fighting some of the things that they did. He was also quite surprised when she staked a vampire and it turned to dust. Vampires were one of the few things he thought didn’t exist. Apparently they did. And they died with a stake through the heart. He had at least figured if they were real it would take a little more then that to kill them. That they wouldn’t be so old fashion Dracula.

The walk back was relatively silent. Sam assumed it was because they both felt kind of awkward. Here she was in his brother’s place, she didn’t know him or Dean, he didn’t know her, they knew nothing about each other, and the list went on. At least what they did know about each other they seemed to like. Buffy knew about the supernatural, so did Sam. That was relatively it. But it was something. Not many people knew about the supernatural or acknowledged it. People liked to go about their daily lives and ignore the fact that there are thousands of unexplained murders and missing person reports that have explanations. The two of them knew about it, accepted it, and fought the bad things in it, which gave them something fairly big in common.

“So you…” Sam started only to stop himself before he could ask his question. It wasn’t an awkward question. It was a simple question. A simple question that he had asked many times before.

“Sam, I really don’t know your brother. If I did, don’t you think I would have said something?”

Yes, he did think that she would have said something by now. He didn’t think she was not telling him on purpose, he was just thinking that maybe this body switch thing messed up what she knew and didn’t know. Maybe she needed time to remember everything, and maybe she would randomly remember that she did, in fact, know his brother. Granted, it was just wishful thinking, but it was still some kind of thinking. It was the kind of thinking that was going to remind him that the chances of this girl being a demon were slim to none. This reminded him to get on the computer and look up what the hell a slayer was.

He looked at her occasionally, doing his best to not ask her more of the same questions he already had, and she kept trying to ignore the glances he was passing her. He swore to himself he’d help her get home. He’d also do his best to make sure something didn’t happen to her before he did actually get her home. She was young, older then him more likely, but still young. She had the look of a person that knew more then she would let people know. She even appeared to have the dumb blond routine down. In the little time that he’d known her, he could figure that she was the kind of person to do what needed to be done to get her job done. That probably didn’t include, however, losing someone that she cared about. As Sam turned his head once more to take another glance at her, he didn’t quite get what he had been expecting. Instead of a look at her once more trying to ignore his glance, he got a look at her falling into oncoming traffic.

The End?

You have reached the end of "What Once Was" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Jun 08.

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