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Five People Giles Never Fathered

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Summary: Response to a challenge. Now complete.

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Multiple Crossings > Giles-CenteredgrundyFR1552,7641810,0715 Mar 0816 Mar 08Yes

Someone's having a baby... (Law&Order SVU)

Olivia started at the blue line. If she looked at it long enough, maybe it would go away. Or she’d wake up. Or something. She wasn’t some stupid teenager, for God’s sake, she was a responsible, grown woman. She was on the Pill! This was not supposed to happen to her. She wanted kids, yes, but intended, planned kids.

She decided she wouldn’t break it to him over the phone. It was too impersonal. And she wanted to see his face, to know what he really thought of it. So she’d have to wait until the weekend. They only ever saw each other at weekends. During the week, he was often travelling, and she was working.

Friday night, she was a bundle of nerves as she stepped into the elevator to his apartment. What if he wanted nothing more to do with her or the child? She’d already made up her mind she was keeping it, either way.


It was his voice that had first made her notice him. He’d been a witness to a beating. A teenage girl had been accosted by a gang of older boys in Central Park. They’d gotten her purse and stripped her naked. It wasn’t clear if they’d intended to rape and kill her, or just rape her.

Unfortunately for the gang members, Rupert and his friend Buffy had happened onto the scene. Buffy, who looked every bit as fragile as the gang’s victim, turned out to be a martial arts expert who taught self-defense. She’d been happy to give a master class. All of the men involved had been hospitalized. Several had ended up in ICU. Buffy didn’t have so much a scratch on her.

Olivia had done the interviews with both Buffy and Rupert. She’d enjoyed listening to Rupert’s voice and accent so much that she’d drawn out his interview as long as she possibly could. Afterwards, Rupert had asked her if she wanted to get a coffee. Buffy, who was standing nearby waiting, had grinned and declared coffee to be the “non-relationship” drink of choice. Rupert, with the air of one used to such treatment, had suggested Buffy go destroy someone else’s social life for a few hours.

It was just coffee that day, but it had quickly turned into more. It had turned into coffee and a movie, then dinner, and eventually into regular weekend dates. And somewhere along the line, mindblowing sex had been thrown into the mix. That was how she’d wound up in her current predicament. And she couldn’t help expecting the worst. He was somewhat older than she was, and she couldn’t see a man of his age and lifestyle being eager for diapers and spit up and plastic toys.


Giles was concerned. Normally Olivia was upbeat when she arrived Friday evenings. Even if she’d had a bad day at work, she knew he would soothe her worries away and they would spend all weekend enjoying each others’ company. But tonight she looked worried. Something serious was bothering her. He wondered if he should put off telling her...

They’d been seeing each other for long enough that he’d decided it was time to tell her about what he really did. He was hoping she wouldn’t be disturbed enough by it to end things. He was starting to feel they could have a future together. Buffy was going to be based in New York on a semi-permanent basis now, so he could stop jetting about the country during the week as she moved from trouble spot to trouble spot. He was hoping Olivia might consider moving into his apartment.

Olivia settled herself onto the couch. He looked at her expectantly, knowing if there was something on her mind, she’d bring it up sooner rather than later.

“Rupert, we need to talk.”

“Indeed. I have some good news, and something else I need to tell you as well.”

Olivia bit her lip. Once he heard what she had to say, he might well end it. She wanted to get her news out of the way first.

“Rupert, I’m pregnant.”

“I…you’re what?”

“I’m pregnant.”

To her surprise, he didn’t look horrified, appalled, shocked, or any of the other things she’d feared. A little surprised, but when she’d repeated her news, she’d seen something like happiness in his eyes.

“Olivia …I can’t say I’m not surprised, but this is wonderful news.”

“You had something to say?”

“Yes…I’m going to be in New York on a more permanent basis. We’ll be able to see each other more than just at weekends. You’re pregnant? When did you find out?”

“Wednesday morning. You said you had good news and something else.”

“The something else can wait. This is a night for celebration.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Five People Giles Never Fathered". This story is complete.

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