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People Anya Never Shocked

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Summary: Short Drabbles In Response To Jinxy's Challenge

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Multiple Crossings > Anya-CenteredgigiFR1372,4811207,0417 Mar 0820 Mar 08Yes


"So basically, you're telling us that some crazy wizard is planning on taking over the wizarding world, and eventually the rest of the world, killing non-magicky humans in the process? And you want our help because none of your attempts to stop him have worked so far?" Buffy asked the wizards in front of her. They all nodded.

"What's so scary about him? He sounds like the average bad guy. He only uses his magic to torture people, and he needs a wand to channel his magic. Just take away his wand and problem solved." Anya stated. "Xander, take me home. I want my orgasms now." Several jaws dropped at her bluntness.

"Ahn!" Xander yelled. "Remember how we talked about oversharing?" Anya nodded.

"Well, this is one of those times." Xander said exasperated.

"What? I didn't even tell them about the time I wore a dominatrix outfit, chained you up, and began to whi---oommph" Anya tried to say, but Xander covered her mouth. His face was bright red. He looked to the people before him, several eyebrows were raised.

"Heh. Wow, look at the time." Xander looked at the nonexistent watch on his wrist. "We need to be going now." Xander quickly ushered his girlfriend out of the room. Everyone sat quiet for a moment until one bearded wizard with moon-shaped spectacles and twinkling eyes broke the silence. He reached into his robes and offered something to Willow, whose face had a slight blush.

"Lemon drop?"

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