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Yusuke's Girl

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Summary: Yusuke Urameshi and Willow Rosenberg are childhood friends. They were separated by their parents, and now years later, circumstances have brought them back together. What will Spirit World make of this? Or his friends? How will they deal with the changes?

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Chapter One Thinking of the past...

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, or any works by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Note:  Hey everyone, I’m still working on my other stories, but my muse has me heading in another direction once again.  I’ve changed a few things with the time-line of Yu Yu Hakusho…Yusuke came back from Demon World (Three years gone), but everything else has changed:  Some of his family history, and such…  The four Detectives are still working for Spirit World, and a few years have past.  Yusuke is now twenty-three, just half a year younger then Willow.  A year or so has been spent in rebuilding the Slayer Council after the fall of the First, and now everyone is just getting their breaths back…I hope you like…

Chapter one:  Thinking of the past…

Yusuke Urameshi, a former street punk, a complete tough guy, and the Leader of the Spirit Detectives for Prince Koenma of Spirit World for the last eight years, sat alone on the bench in the middle of a cemetery.  He was once a boyfriend, a full human, but now…he was a half demon, with no girl, and he was an orphan.  He leaned forward, his dark gaze fixed on the head-stone less then ten feet away, aware of those hovering some distance away, but not caring of his mother’s former friends, and the few police officers he remembered from his early teenage years, those that were closely watching every move he made.  They did not matter.

In his left hand, he held a photograph; the edges torn with age, and the glossy surface of the picture had slightly faded with the passage of time.  His head bent and he stared down at the photo, his eyes narrowing against the glare of the mid-day sun.  There were six figures in the picture; four adults and two children.  Two families; the Urameshi’s, and the Rosenberg’s…long time friends.  The Rosenberg’s had met the Urameshi’s in University, and stayed close for over twenty years, at least until the death of Yusuke’s father when he was twelve.  After that, everything changed…

Yusuke’s gaze shifted, and he raised a finger to trace the tip slowly over the face of the girl posed in the picture beside his childhood image.  The red haired girl grinned widely up at him from the middle of the photo, her deep green eyes sparkling, and her arm wrapped around the shoulders of the boy standing beside her.  Her long hair tied back, with a few loose strands blowing in the wind…he could almost hear her laughter… She had never been afraid of him; she had been his best friend, his confident…

“Willow…” he whispered softly, his eyes growing damp.  By the gods, he had missed her.  He had spent so many years trying to forget, that he hadn’t realized how much he had missed her until he had found this photograph left behind in his deceased mother’s bedroom.  The last time Yusuke had seen Willow, was the summer the photo had been taken; the summer his father had died.  Not knowing the reason why, his mother had cut all ties to the Rosenberg Family, ignoring all phone calls and letters, leaving Yusuke to fend for himself as his mother lost her sorrows to the drink.  Had she come to regret the friendship lost; was that why she had the photograph out before she died?

“Yusuke?”  The young man jerked up to attention; a frown darkening his face at the interruption.  He eyed the Police Captain standing over him, his gaze purposely blank.

“Perhaps you should go home.”  The elderly man’s face softened in sympathy.  “Is there someone you can call?”

“Hum…”  Yusuke murmured, glancing back down at the photo in his hand.  “Yes, there is.  Thank you.”  He replied as he reached in his back pocket of his slacks for his communicator.  He stood, and walked a discrete distance away.

He took a deep breath to calm himself, using his free hand to slick his hair back, before activating the communicator.

“Hello Yusuke!”  A young woman with light blue colored haired appeared on the monitor screen of the communicator, a wide, welcoming smile on her pretty face.  Yusuke sometimes wondered how this woman was a Lady of Death, a.k.a. a Grim Reaper, but instead of carrying a scythe, she rides an oar.  Her sunny disposition was such a contrast to her very nature.

“Botan…” he replied, voice stern.  “I need a few days off.  Arrange it, would you?”

“Oh.”  Her face fall at the request, and her brow puckered.  “I do not know Yusuke…Prince Koenma might…”

“My mom just died…I’m surprised you didn’t know Botan.”  Yusuke cut her off, his gaze hardening.

She paled at the news, and with her powers, knew it was true.  “Oh my,” she gasped.  “I’m so sorry Yusuke.  A few of the ferry girls have taken ill, and the matter was not been brought to my attention.  I’ll deal with it right away.  Do you have a message for your mother?”

He closed his eyes, biting back his retort.  He couldn’t say what he really wanted to say.  His mother was dead.  He would give her peace, if nothing else.  “Tell her I love her, and that I’ll be alright.”

“Oh, Yusuke…”

“No Botan.”  He cut off.  “That’s all.  Take care of it.”  He would take a few days off.  Right now, he didn’t give a shit what the toddler wanted.  The damn world could save itself for once.

“Alright.  Would you like me to inform the others?”

He let out the breath he had been holding.  “Yeah, that’ll be great.”  He replied, his hand fisted with the frustration he was fighting.  He wanted this done with so he could go on.  “Listen Botan, I need to go.  Don’t call me, alright?  I’ll talk to you in a few days.”  He told her, his voice firm, before he snapped the communicator closed.

He stared off into the distance with unfocused eyes, his whole body humming with anticipation.  Would she come?  Would she ever care that he needed her?  A low growl gathered in his chest, and he held back the feral sound with a hard-earned iron will.  His demon blood was raging…He didn’t know why he had the sudden need to have her with him, but everything within him was calling out for her…for Willow.

Cursing under his breath, he shoved the communicator back in his pocket, and reached in the other for his cell phone.  Though the two of them had not seen each other in years, it didn’t mean they had spoken to each other.  He had made it a point to at least talk to her every few months, the three years spent in Demon World being the only exception.  He pushed the speed-dial he had reserved for his old friend, and waited for the connection to establish.

Within seconds, a female voice said pleasantly, “Willow Rosenberg, how may I help you?”


There was a pause on the other end, then came her breathless, “Yusuke?”

He swallowed past his dry throat, and licked his lips before answering in English.  “Yeah Wills, it’s me…can you come…I…”

“You don’t have to ask.  Of course, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”  She was quick to assure him, though her voice was full of concern at the request.  Something must have happened.  “Yusuke, what’s wrong?”

“Mom’s dead.”

“…oh goddess, I’m sorry Yusuke.”  There was a pause, and he could just picture her face paling with worry as she bit her lip.  Willow was like that; ready and willing to help whenever possible and he needed that right now.  “Where are you?”  She asked in concern

He reached up, tugging at the tie around his neck.  “Outside, at the cemetery…  The service just ended.”

He heard papers shuffling in the background.  Willow was probably getting her stuff together so she could leave as soon as possible.  “Is there anyone with you?”

He leaned his head back, letting her voice wash over him.  It relaxed him.  He stared up at the sky above; noting it was going to rain soon, not that he cared.  “No.  I don’t think I can handle anyone around me right now, except you.”

He heard her sigh.  “Then please go home Yusuke, at least until I get there.  I’ll call you as soon as I know my flight plan, alright?  I just have to take care of some stuff, and then I’m on my way.”

“I’ll do that.” He lied to her, his face dark in shame at having to do so.  He did not intend to go back to his apartment, not until he had Willow with him.  There were too many memories, and he knew he couldn’t face them alone.  He would go directly to the Airport, and wait there.  “I’ll be waiting…I’ll talk to you soon.”

He hung up before Willow had a chance to reply.  He turned and walked away without a second glance at the tombstone.  Why bother?  His mother was in a better place now…
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